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Forum: Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NET
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This forum encompasses all Microsoft technologies from classic ASP/IIS to the new .NET and related technologies, as well as questions relating to Microsoft IIS web server.

In an evolving world new technologies will come and go but a few will stand the test of time. .NET is a framework rather than a language and is poised to stand up to the test of time. Our hope is to foster communication and understanding about these great technologies.

Internet Information Server: [iis.net...]
ASP.Net: [asp.net...]

W3Schools tutorials:
ASP: [w3schools.com...]
ASP.Net: [w3schools.com...]

Visual Studio and SQL Server Express editions: [microsoft.com...]

Posting Topics:
Topics surrounding the Microsoft .NET and related technologies: .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Web Services, VB.NET, SOAP, C#, IIS, ASP, Visual Studio, MVC

Posting Guidelines:

  • Fix my code/Do My Homework posts are not all that welcome. This is a discussion board, if you have a problem, try to phrase your post in a manner conducive to discussion of the issue. We want to teach people to help themselves. (Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a life time.)
  • Excessive code dumps will be removed. We appreciate that it's often necessary to post code but it is not appropriate to expect other members to debug your whole script. A short snippet that is focused on the problem area is all that is required.

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The site must

  • Adhere to the rules set forth in our Terms of Service, especially in regard to promotion (this does not just apply to self promotion). Sites with advertisements and products for sale are looked down upon, as well, and may be removed if needed.
  • Have acknowledged accuracy and excellence (be accepted by most authorities that specialize in that topic, or be an authority itself)
  • Be highly reliable. We do not want any broken links in the future.
  • Contain english content

Allowable site examples:

  • any site from References above
  • Microsoft Tutorials and bulletins.
  • If a link to an open-source repository is needed, sourceforge.net, Codeplex.com, freshmeat.net are acceptable.

Unacceptable site examples:

  • john-doe-homemade-scripts.net
  • someoneďż˝s-personal-site.com
  • we-will-host-your-website.com

Note: In the end, whether a link stays is up to the moderators of this forum. These are just general guidelines to help you decide before posting and are subject to change. If you have any questions as to whether a link is acceptable please feel free to contact one of the moderators and we will be glad to assist you.

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