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Local Search is growing in importance and spreading out from just being associated with traditional Yellow Pages providers. Newer technologies such as personalised search, accurate geo-location and mobile applications mean Local Search will affect most businesses in one way or another.

Posting Topics:
Local Search topics that would interest most business owners include:

  • Google Plus Local
  • Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) operators
  • Local & Vertical Directory operators
  • Small & Medium Businesses serving a Local/Regional audience
  • Multi-Branch Businesses such as Franchise operators
  • Nationwide Businesses wishing to target locally
  • Search Engine Marketing companies
  • Business & Geo Data Providers

The diversity of topics related to Local Search is quite wide, often touching on areas that may be better served by a different forum on WebmasterWorld. Please try to start a thread in the most appropriate forum and give time for responses before starting a similar thread elsewhere on WebmasterWorld.

The topics that are likely to fit into Local Search include:

  • Building Local Search sites
  • Sourcing accurate Business/Geo data
  • Keeping data fresh
  • Collecting deeper data
  • Engaging businesses so they contribute additional data

  • Google Plus Local pages
  • How to promote Yellow Pages / Local Search sites
  • Local Search specific SEO & PPC issues
  • The social media aspects of Local Search
  • Monetizing Local Search sites
  • Selling adverts to Local & Regional advertisers
  • Which types of advertising work best in Local Search

  • Promoting a Business through Google+, Yellow Pages / Local Search sites
  • How to tell which sites get visitors you should be targeting
  • Comparing the quality of Local Search traffic to other sources

  • Discussion of significant Local Search news (not Press Releases)
  • Acquisitions and their impact on the market
  • Developments at major online & offline Local Search providers
  • How the major Search Engines are attacking the market

Thread titles are subject to editing by the moderator, for reasons including improving clarity or to bring the thread's focus into conformity with this Charter and the Local Search Forum educational mission.


The posting of your specific information that may be interpreted as promotional, whether intended or not, is not allowed in the Local Search Forum. Limited Exceptions to the Rule: 1) Non-promotional posts about significant developments mentioned in the mainstream media; 2) Threads initiated by the Moderators that specifically invite the posting of experiences with services or sites for a specific educational purpose.


Discussions about data providers should address general criteria for decision making, not whether you like or dislike a company.

Please post your issues in general terms, avoiding mention of specific data/service providers. For example: "My data provider won't allow this" is acceptable. "XYZDataCo won't allow this" is NOT acceptable. The latter statement will usually be deleted or edited.

Posts that either ask for reviews or that make endorsements of tools, products or services will very likely be edited or deleted. For example: "Is X Product or X Company good or bad?" will usually be edited or deleted. Why? Because such posts are often thinly disguised promotional spam OR set ups for company bashing, that then leads to flame wars or promo wars since many companies have employees who are members here.

On rare occasion the moderator may initiate an industry review thread that will call for detailed, factual analysis by members of products and services, not simplistic yea or nay vote posts.


If you are dissatisfied with a service provider, or have other issues about which you are annoyed, please file your grievance with the Better Business Bureau, the local government Consumer Advocate or other similar agency. Posts that consist of or contain complaints, grievances, allegations of shoddy customer service or business practices are subject to removal, deletion or editing.

Please first attempt to resolve all transactional issues with your service provider before posting about your issue here. Help Desk or customer support type issues should be brought, in the first instance, to the attention of your service provider. Posts should detail all efforts taken - without naming names or inserting email contents - to save responding members from advising you to do what has already been done.


Please do not attempt to do business or promote your business or personal profit-making interests anywhere on WebmasterWorld.

Periodically, the forum moderator may initiate a thread for the purpose of taking a limited market survey that would otherwise violate the terms of this section. However, such surveys will be subject to specific rules so please do not attempt to initiate a survey on your own.

From time to time the forum moderator may initiate threads that invite members to post information about sites or services that would otherwise violate the terms of the Charter. Such threads are meant to have a primarily educational, non-promotional purpose.


For many reasons public forums are not the place to disclose details of your personal legal issues, so don't.

Webmasters ought not be confused with lawyers. The only place to seek opinions concerning specific legal matters, such as the ability to assert copyright rights, is a law office. Please do not attempt to use the forum to vet your legal issues.

Generalized discussions about legal issues not specific to a member's circumstances, discussions about finding or using authoritative government sources (USPTO.gov, Patent.gov.uk, WIPO, etc.), or discussions concerning significant WIPO or court decision are proper material for discussion.

If someone posts a legal issue thread, wherein they state that they have been contacted by legal counsel for "the other side" the only advice that should be given is to strongly encourage the person to stop posting details in public forums and to immediately seek a private consultation with a lawyer.

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Thank you for your participation in the Local Search forum and for your contribution to the education of your fellow webmasters.