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Forum: Link Development Topics
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Founded: Feb, 2000
Description: Topics dealing with acquiring links.

It is no secret that todays search engines are link happy. Many search engines count the number and quality of links to a site. Exchanging and acquiring links can be a tricky but rewarding process.

Posting Topics:
This forum covers topics about building more links:

  • Learn how to increase your traffic through the power of inbound links
  • Discover new strategies for acquiring link partners
  • Discuss how others are using software to automate the process
  • Get new ideas on how to manage a link development team
  • Find innovative strategies for acquiring backlinks
  • Discuss how search engines treat links and how this impacts your link campaign

Off Topic

  • Actual requests for links of any type are not within the scope of this forum.
  • We discourage all commercial solicitations, whether it's polling our members about a tool or service you are building, finding or offering links, link services, or offers for buying or selling links.
  • The focus is on how to find links, directories or other resources and not for the actual listing of them.
  • The link development forum is not for complaining about email spam.

Some reasons for moderator edits

  • Excessive posts by one member that dampen or stop the discussion, or is gratuitously argumentative -this includes posts that lose focus on the topic.

Abbreviations and terms you may see in this forum:

  • IBL: Inbound Links
  • Directory: The Open Directory Project and Yahoo are directories of sites. Directories, especially paid inclusion directories, are convenient sources of one-way inbound links. Expert directories, because entries are subject to editorial scrutiny, are considered good sources of inbound links.
  • Linkage: A generic term referring to the how well linked throughout the net a site is.
  • FFA Link Farm: A link farm FFA or (Free For All) are websites where anyone can add a link. Many of these FFA/Link Farms have been banned.
  • Link Monkey: A person whose sole job is to acquire links
  • Links Program: Users get together to exchange links. You put up a page full of their links, and they put up a page full of your links.
  • Link Matchmaker: A website that facilitates the exchange of links between members. They often allow editorial judgement.
  • Link Flux: Attempting to manipulate a search engine by feeding it with strategic links.
  • One-way Inbound Links:Links for which one does not reciprocate with a link back from one's own website.
  • Reciprocal LinksTwo websites link to each other.
  • Three-Way Links: A variation of a reciprocal link exchange where a third website is involved. Site C links to A. Site C receives a link from X in exchange. Site D links to A. Site D receives a link from X in exchange. And so on...
  • ROS: Run of Site links. A link from every page of another website.