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Forum: Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating Systems
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1: new post   "Stack Clash" Privilege Escalation Bug in Unix Operating Systems
Linux, OpenBSD and FreeBSD are all vulnerable.
June 21, 2017
2: new post   *nix New User Intros
The number of converts continues to grow and so does the need for basic information about *nix.
Jan 30, 2002
3: new post   A Week Without Microsoft Windows
"...running nothing but Linux for a week. The aim being that as I discovered problems I would try and find solutions, in the hope that these ideas may be of use to other members."
Mar 8, 2010
4: new post   AOL to buy Redhat
Washington Post is reporting that AOL is in negotiations to purchase Red Hat.
Jan 23, 2002
5: new post   Adobe to Join Linux Foundation
"Adobe's decision to join the Linux Foundation is a natural extension of its commitment to open standards and open source, which demonstrates its leadership and foresight in the software industry," said Jim Zemlin, executive director at the Linux Foundation.
Apr 2, 2008
6: new post   After Being Hacked, Canonical Warns Ubuntu Forum Users To Change Passwords Immediately
The Ubuntu Forums were closed Saturday evening, following the discovery that the site's homepage was defaced by someone who managed to gain privileged access to its underlying servers.
July 22, 2013
7: new post   Chmod and Setting Permissions
"When implementing scripts on *nix hosts the question that invariably comes up is how the numerical designation often given in instructions matches permissions."
Feb 7, 2002
8: new post   Coasterless CD Burning
It seems that the well stocked CDRW home is never without enough drink coasters. Tips to prevent blown CD burning.
Nov 18, 2002
9: new post   Critical Crypto GnuTLS Bug Leaves Linux, Many Apps Open to Eavesdropping
For the time being, users should assume this is a critical bug.
Mar 5, 2014
10: new post   Critical glibc GHOST Bug Leaves All Linux Machines Vulnerable
"The nature of the flaw, its discovery, its potential for widespread vulnerability remind me in many ways of the Heartbleed bug."
Feb 17, 2016
11: new post   Debian Distro Ubuntu is Shipping for Free
Ubuntu has been shipping free cd's of its distro for some time now - actually, sets containing a live (Knoppix-like - just boot, no install) CD and a 'regular' CD, for Intel, Apple, and AMD64 architectures. They're in fact shipping *loads* of such cd's - for free - if you go to their shipping page, the default number to order is 10. Probably not a bad way to introduce acquaintances to Linux.
Dec 4, 2004
12: new post   Favorite Command Line Tools?
Long live the CLI!
Aug 14, 2003
13: new post   How to secure UNIX server from hackers?
A detailed starting-point list of UNIX security tips.
Feb 11, 2004
14: new post   Is Linux Really Going To Rule the Desktop?
Are the best days of Linux over or yet to come?
Oct 23, 2002
15: new post   Jury Finds Against Google in Linux Patent Case
A jury in the Eastern District of Texas handed a verdict in favor of Bedrock Computer Technologies LLC, determining that Google infringes a Linux-related patent, that the patent is valid, and that Google should pay $5 million for past infringement (through the trial date).[br][br]At least indirectly, if not directly, this also has ramifications for Google's Linux-based Android mobile operating system...
Apr 22, 2011
16: new post   Linux "Dirty Cow" Exploit: Patch Your Systems Now
This bug has been around for nine years.
Oct 21, 2016
17: new post   Linux 3.11 Released
Linus Torvalds has just announced the release of Linux 3.11 as anticipated.
Sept 3, 2013
18: new post   Linux Continues to Pick up Steam
It seems the rate of Linux converts is increasing. This is leading to more and more requests for basic new user information.
Jan 7, 2002
19: new post   Linux Foundation Formed
"Two main Linux groups, Open Source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group are merging to form the Linux Foundation."
Jan 22, 2007
20: new post   Linux Getting More User Friendly
The old line on Linux that it was hard to install and harder to maintain is finally starting to give way: "...a fresh Redhat 8.0 install its amazing how far its come. The Font's, icon crispness and overall look is light years from where it was."
Feb 3, 2003
21: new post   Linux/Unix Critical Security Hole Discovered
The Linux and Unix shell has a serious security issue and it may affect many web servers. Fixes and updates are recommended as soon as possible.
Sept 25, 2014
22: new post   Making Easy Graph XML Output From Log Files
"Remember, you can download Windows versions all the Linux command line tools so anyone can use these simple but powerful commands to process mass quantities of data without buying all sorts of fancy expensive software."
June 24, 2009
23: new post   Managing a Dedicated Server: Learning Linux Basics
"I want to upgrade to a dedicated Linux server. However, I have NO idea how to manage a sever and wouldn't know where to start."
May 11, 2007
24: new post   Mandrake and Suse to Distribute Opera for Linux
Opera Software bags its two largest distribution deals ever for Linux.
July 5, 2002
25: new post   Michael Dell puts $99.5M in Red Hat Linux
A fairly significant event in operating system history.
May 16, 2005
26: new post   Microsoft Loses Major Contract to Linux
"The switch will be the biggest PC defection to Linux ever..."
June 18, 2004
27: new post   Microsoft Releases Linux Drivers Under GNU GPL V2
July 20, 2009
28: new post   Microsoft Waging AstroTurf Campaign Against Linux?
"Could Microsoft be behind a smear campaign aimed at Linux? ... the continued attacks against Linux. The media is peppered with them. When one starts to die down, another one crops up...every single one of these assertions is laughable..."
July 12, 2004
29: new post   Microsoft pledges to support "select" Linux virtual machines
"Microsoft made a big splash at LinuxWorld on Monday, announcing the availability of Virtual Server 2005 R2 as a free download and making a pledge to support "select" Linux virtual machines on its platform."
Apr 4, 2006
30: new post   Microsoft to Allow Native Bash and Linux Command Line on Windows 10
Microsoft announces it is to allow native bash and Linux command line on Windows 10.
Mar 31, 2016
31: new post   My Week Running Linux (Summary)
"I set myself with a the challenge of using nothing but Linux for a week to see if modern versions of the Linux operating system really are mature and stable enough for an average user."
Mar 18, 2010
32: new post   Open Invention Network (OIN) organisation to Acquire Linux Patents
"Five large technology companies are joining forces to acquire patents related to open source operating system Linux, in an effort to sustain demand amid the threat of licensing charges."
Nov 10, 2005
33: new post   Open Source will *eventually* rule the desktop.
"Five years ago *nix was in the realm of the (excuse the phrase) "ultra geeks". Today, webmasters and SEOs commonly chose linux as their operating system of choice. What will it be five years from now? I think it is wide open. "
Nov 18, 2002
34: new post   Real World Linux - The Big Move From Windows to Linux
"I have recently jumped over to Linux from Windows, after putting it off for far too long, and thought it might be worth sharing my experience in order to encourage others in the same boat."
June 26, 2002
35: new post   Running Win98 From Inside Linux
"...how tough is it to run Win from inside Linux...?"
Dec 30, 2002
36: new post   Securing A Linux Web Server
"If you self-manage or co-lo a Linux server, you absolutely need to know how to secure it. If you don't know, you need managed hosting. Full stop. No questions."
Mar 18, 2007
37: new post   Six Year Old Critical Bug In Linux Silently Patched
"The Linux kernel folks 'silently' pushed out a patch for a critical privilege escalation bug this week."
Aug 20, 2010
38: new post   SpamAssassin - What do you Think?
Open Source anti Spam program starts to make some waves as a viable spam killer.
Aug 7, 2003
39: new post   Turla Malware Now Affects Linux Systems
Turla virus/malware not only affects Windows systems, but also Linux.
Dec 9, 2014
40: new post   Ubuntu 12.10 Unity Dash Update To Incorporate Search Results From Amazon
Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company, has added Amazon search results to the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 Unity Dash search function.
Sept 24, 2012
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