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Forum: Professional Webmaster Business Issues
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1: new post   Welcome to the Era of the Euro
"..for the independent European webmaster/ecom retailer the next few years could set the foundations for international success."
Dec 31, 2001
2: new post   What to charge for services
Like most of you, I have a niche practice and much of what I do is something I've done many times before.
Feb 25, 2002
3: new post   CSS Hot Linking
"Another site is linking directly to our CSS file from their site..."
Mar 1, 2002
4: new post   What if the 9 States Win the Antitrust Case?
"What are the implications to the desktop if Microsoft must strip out the middleware or really stops selling Windows?"
Apr 24, 2002
5: new post   Calculation of Alexa Rankings
"..how these rankings are calculated, which visitors they include, how often they are updated..."
May 8, 2002
6: new post   The search for a safe and functional email client
My kingdom for a safe, full featured, usable email client.
May 8, 2002
7: new post   Offline : Creating a CD Based Site
"I have a client that wants basic HTML pages presented on CD business cards. Did you build your site like normal and just transfer the pages onto CD..."
May 15, 2002
8: new post   Who owns a web page design?
"If someone hires you to design their site, and you bring to it your unique graphic/coding skills, do you own rights to the interface/layout design?"
June 3, 2002
9: new post   SEO Salaries
It is either a great deal less than you would expect, or a great deal more than you would expect. Either way - nobody is talking.
June 12, 2002
10: new post   The Euro, 8 Months After Introduction
A recap and open call to discuss how the Euro is working out for you.
Aug 28, 2002
11: new post   Text, PDF or Doc Files
Which do you prefer to send for Quotes and other business related documents?
Oct 22, 2002
12: new post   First Client Jitters
The content-is-king pitch: "How do I convince the client that successful sites are built out of content and not eye candy"?
Oct 23, 2002
13: new post   29 States to Vote On Consolidated Ecommerce Taxes
29 states vote next month on consolidated taxes for online ecommerce. If passed, sites would have to collect taxes even without a presence in the state. Many are calling it a classic case of taxation without representation.
Oct 29, 2002
14: new post   Do I Need a Business License?
Sole proprietor, an LLC, Limited Partnership, or just a DBA. What's the right choice for a successful independent?
Dec 23, 2002
15: new post   Pushing Along the Bogged Down Project
The consultant is always at the mercy of someone elses time table. When a project is bogged down, how can we push water up hill and speed up the process to bring it in on time?
Dec 24, 2002
16: new post   Doing the Deed - Dealing with Web Hosting Companies
There is a never ending river of horror stories that flow from webmasters based upon their dealings with incompetent or over zealous web hosting support staff.
Dec 25, 2002
17: new post   What Do You Call Yourself?
Here we go yet again - SEO vs SEM vs SEP vs WebMaster vs Designer vs etal.
Jan 7, 2003
18: new post   Optimizers Becoming Webmasters
We have quietly watched the trend take place for over two years - Search Engine Promotion and Optimizers are dumping clients and setting up shop for themselves. This has mostly been a response to the decreased importance of SEO and the increased importance of checkbook promotion via PPCs and paid inclusion programs.
Jan 13, 2003
19: new post   Business Plan Ideas
Never done a business plan? 90% of the small business that fail in the first five years never bother to write a simple business plan. There is no better time spent in those critical early years than writing a strategic business plan.
Jan 13, 2003
20: new post   How to go About Charging by the Hour
"I usually charge my customers a one time fee and they can purchase an additional management package for website updates, but I am curious as to how you go about charging a customer by the hour for web site creation and management..."
Jan 14, 2003
21: new post   Three Inseparable Friends Want to Start a Business
Old schoolers know that money and friendship go together like oil and water. So how do you write it up when three good friends want to go into business?
Jan 14, 2003
22: new post   Hanging Up A Shingle
How did you get started?
Jan 15, 2003
23: new post   Working for Your ISP
Interesting conflict-of-interest questions when you get hired by the local ISP for web work.
Jan 27, 2003
24: new post   Sun Sounds Java Extinction Warning
"..the impact of being excluded from Windows is so great that Java is facing extinction unless it gets immediate relief..."
Feb 4, 2003
25: new post   Sales Tax Pact Between Several States and Ecom Firms
"Some of the nation's largest retailers this week started voluntarily collecting taxes on all of their online sales."
Feb 7, 2003
26: new post   What do I Charge My Clients For?
"I am now being approched by businesses who would like me to work on their websites as an independent worker. So where do I start to count how much I charge."
Feb 8, 2003
27: new post   The "Bold, Yet Ethereal" Client
Clients from Hell - What makes a bad client? Can they be reformed?
Feb 15, 2003
28: new post   Alexa Site Review Issues
The Alexa site open review system has led to more than one webmaster waking up to a negative review left by their competition.
Feb 20, 2003
29: new post   What is The Best Way to Leave My Day Job?
Jan 12, 2004
30: new post   When it comes to quoting prices and billing
Considerations for creating a billing model.
Apr 8, 2004
31: new post   Corporate Email Address Formats
"While there is no standard for the formatting of email addresses, there are suggested e-mail name formats that are more professional in presentation. I'm going to list a few of those here along with the pros and cons of each one."
June 13, 2004
32: new post   SEO and Web Design Sales
"A good sales pitch is a foundation of a successful business. No matter how good your marketing is, if you can't seal the deal, you are in trouble. As with Ecom...conversion is king!"
June 29, 2004
33: new post   The Mighty and Neglected Change Order
" A Change Order - (CO) is a written document signed by authorised persons, directing a contractor to make a change under the Changes clause of a valid contract."
Jan 20, 2005
34: new post   Billable Hous vs Hours Worked
"...how many billable hours do you get out of your staff?"
Feb 28, 2005
35: new post   A Guide to Basic Variables That Add To Site Value
Nice checklist of items to cover before buying or selling a site.
Mar 17, 2005
36: new post   Internet Archive Named in Suit
"Last week Healthcare Advocates sued both the Harding Earley firm and the Internet Archive, saying the access to its old Web pages, stored in the Internet Archive's database, was unauthorized and illegal"
July 13, 2005
37: new post   Amazon Pays $40 Million for Ecommerce Patent Settlement
"We entered the settlement for the purposes of ending the litigation and avoiding the expenses of continuing the litigation," said Patricia Smith, a spokeswoman for Amazon.com. "We continue to deny any wrongdoing."
Aug 12, 2005
38: new post   Proposed US Patent Reform Favors Microsoft, Says Robert Cringely
Robert Cringely of PBS tackles recently proposed patent reform in the US. His take is that the bill tilts toward Microsoft and other giant corporations, and puts the screws to the little guy.
Aug 19, 2005
39: new post   FCC Approves Net-Wiretapping Taxes
"Broadband providers and Internet phone companies will have to pick up the tab for the cost of building in mandatory wiretap access for police surveillance..."
May 8, 2006
40: new post   WebmasterWorld Classic: The Mighty (Neglected) Change Order
"My definition: A Change Order - (CO) is a written document signed by authorised persons, directing a contractor to make a change under the Changes clause of a valid contract."
June 2, 2006
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