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201: new post   IE6 and IE7 on one computer - Microsoft releases a solution
Microsoft has now give us an official way to run IE7 and still have IE6 on the same machine.
Dec 1, 2006
202: new post   IE6 SP2 and Local Security Issues
Want to run active content locally on IE6? Or do you want your customers to run a CD with web files? Read about the barriers that SP2 creates with default local security settings.
Dec 4, 2005
203: new post   IE Vulnerability: Address Bar Spoofing
"The vulnerability is caused due to a race condition in the loading of web content and Macromedia Flash Format files (".swf") in browser windows. This can be exploited to spoof the address bar in a browser window showing web content from a malicious web site."
Apr 17, 2006
204: new post   IE Updated after Patent Dispute
"Microsoft on Tuesday made broadly available an Internet Explorer update related to a high-profile patent spat with a start-up backed by the University of California."
Mar 1, 2006
205: new post   IE Service Pack 1 With Alexa?
Alexa Bundled With IE - apparently without notice.
Sept 17, 2002
206: new post   IE Rapidly Losing Market Share
" ...worldwide survey in late November. The survey shows that Internet Explorer's share dropped to less than 89 percent, 5 percentage points less than in May. FireFox now has almost 5 percent of the market, and it is growing. "
Dec 22, 2004
207: new post   IE Patch to affect ActiveX (incl Flash launching)?
"Microsoft on Tuesday made broadly available an Internet Explorer update related to a high-profile patent spat with a start-up backed by the University of California. The update changes how the browser handles Web programs known as ActiveX controls."
Mar 1, 2006
208: new post   IE Mega Annoyance - No Flash Installed
Is there a solution to: "...I don't want flash, and I'm getting tired of being asked if I want to install it"
Jan 13, 2003
209: new post   IE Developer Toolbar
"Check out the IE Developer Toolbar! It's linked on the same page as the IE7 Beta 2 download"
Feb 1, 2006
210: new post   IE 9 Can Change the Document Mode Automatically
Have you seen this browser behavior in IE9? Click on a link to an HTML5 page, and the document mode that was set to IE9 is automatically reset to IE7.[br][br]The problematic result is that the new canvas element does not work - as well as other HTML 5 goodies. And even more puzzling part is that the page has the HTML 5 DTD. [br][br]There's a lot of detail to learn about document compatibility in IE 9.
Mar 21, 2011
211: new post   How to Install Multiple Versions of IE on Your PC
Tutorial on how to install multiple versions of IE on the same computer.
Nov 18, 2003
212: new post   How is non-English alphabet created in web pages?
Solid reference for dealing with world-wide character sets on web pages.
July 6, 2004
213: new post   How do you design?
"I was wondering how other designers come up with the sites you do. I usually use photoshop and just start designing elements. I thought about sketches on a piece of paper first, but it seems to just take longer than. Any thoughts?"
May 13, 2002
214: new post   Heads Up - Putting our HTML Heads Together
The insufferable "head" tag has gone through some changes over the years. Deprecated info abounds on the web. What´s in, what´s out, what´s current?
Mar 31, 2002
215: new post   Handy, generic javascript coding
Common tasks solved with javascript - back button, change two frames, browser sniffing, assign css by screen resolution and more
Apr 30, 2001
216: new post   Hackers Hack, Firefox, Safari, IE and iPhone
"Like dominoes falling in rapid succession, the platforms were felled in the fourth year of the contest, which has come to underscore the alarming insecurity of most internet-facing software."
Mar 26, 2010
217: new post   HTTP/2 Finalised Today
HTTP/2 and HPACK specification is now formally approved and now heading to the RFC Editor.
Feb 18, 2015
218: new post   HTML 5 Draft - alt attributes not required!
The currently published specs for HTML 5 no longer require the alt attribute for an img element - and the longdesc attribute is nowhere to be seen in the current draft.
Aug 29, 2007
219: new post   Googles Prefetch Jacks Up Mozilla FireFox Numbers
As predicted one month ago, Mozilla/FF pageview numbers are up due to the Google Prefetch/caching effect.
Apr 28, 2005
220: new post   Google's Chrome Market Share Drops Back After Initial Interest
"Since then, the upstart browser has fallen to 0.77% as of last week, with the losses shared evenly between IE and Firefox."
Sept 24, 2008
221: new post   Google Unveils its Own HTML5 Site
"Google is releasing a new developer resource dedicated to all that is HTML5."
June 23, 2010
222: new post   Google To Phase Out Support for IE6 From March 1
"The firm said from 1 March some of its services, such as Google Docs, would not work 'properly' with the browser."
Jan 30, 2010
223: new post   Google Releases 'Native Client' Extension to Enable Web Applications
Google is looking for developers to test their new browser extension, which includes a runtime, a plugin, and GCC-based compilation tools. The idea is to enable web applications to run in the browser and still incorporate native code.
Dec 9, 2008
224: new post   Google Publishes Plan For Chrome Extensions
Dec 4, 2008
225: new post   Google Mulls Pre-Installing Chrome Browser
Nov 21, 2008
226: new post   Google Chrome Out of Beta
"Google takes its browser, Chrome, out of beta."
Dec 12, 2008
227: new post   Google Chrome Now Faster With Latest Version
"...a new version of Google Chrome that is faster than ever..."
May 22, 2009
228: new post   Google Chrome Extensions Now Available
Dec 8, 2009
229: new post   Google Chrome Download Vulnerability
"This vulnerability is due to a default configuration that allows files to be downloaded without prompting the user."
Sept 3, 2008
230: new post   Google Chrome 3 (Beta) Stable Release
Sept 16, 2009
231: new post   Google Chrome 2.0 (Beta) Released
Mar 18, 2009
232: new post   Google Chrome - Google's Browser Project
The Google Chrome browser is said to be based on the WebKit rendering engine - and includes a privacy feature that sounds something like the IE8 approach.
Sept 1, 2008
233: new post   Google Applies For 3rd Party in E.C. Proceedings Against Microsoft
"We are applying to become a third party in the European Commission's proceeding."
Feb 25, 2009
234: new post   Google Aims to Double Web Speed with SPDY Networking Protocol
SPDY would make SSL the underlying protocol for all browsing. To overcome the added latency from SSL, the added SPDY layer reworks the way that concurrent interleaved streams flow over a single TCP connection.
Nov 15, 2009
235: new post   Getting Iframed Content to Reconstitute With the Framing Page
We all know visitors won't always come in on the page that sets up your framed content properly. That issue become twice as difficult when using HTML 4 IFRAMES.
Oct 22, 2002
236: new post   Framing Sites And Copyright Issues
"WebmasterWorld members discuss the copyright issues relating to framing sites."
Aug 31, 2009
237: new post   Framed! Pros and Cons Thereof
"Why is there such a strong sentiment against frames?"
Apr 15, 2003
238: new post   Font Sizes
A general webmaster survey on font sizes.
Feb 28, 2002
239: new post   Flash Used to Restore Deleted Cookies
By tagging your browser with a Flash object containing a unique ID, marketers can recognize an individual PC and restore deleted cookie data.
Apr 3, 2005
240: new post   Flash Introduces a Stand Alone Flash Player
"Macromedia Central will create an environment where Flash applications can run independent of the browser."
Mar 28, 2003
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