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201: new post   AOL Axes Gecko Team, Dumps Netscape
"It has been learned through public and private sources that AOL has axed the Gecko team in a mass firing and are dismantling Netscape (they've even pulled the logos off the buildings)."
July 16, 2003
202: new post   Last Chance to Get IE6
Today is the last opportunity that Windows users will have to download IE6 before it is discontinued. That's right, today is the last day for IE as a unique standalone product.
June 30, 2003
203: new post   Stagnant IE - "Browsers Still Matter"
"Ironically, Microsoft achieved this dominance for Internet Explorer at a time when it has let its browser stagnate to the point where it is probably the least-capable browser on the market today."
June 24, 2003
204: new post   Speeding up Page Download Times
"...looking for tips on how to possibly get it to load a little faster."
June 16, 2003
205: new post   Making your Site Accessibile
"10 tips and techniques for making your site accessible"
June 12, 2003
206: new post   JavaScript Form Validation Tutorial
Useful code for an everyday task.
June 10, 2003
207: new post   Three Styles of Web Design
"As HTML and web browsers grow more sophisitcated, the styles and approaches to web page design have increased. "
May 30, 2003
208: new post   Microsoft Settles With AOL - AOL Locks in to IE for 7 Years
"In conjunction with the $750 million settlement, the two companies announced a seven-year licensing agreement that allows AOL Time Warner to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser in its flagship Internet service provider service."
May 30, 2003
209: new post   Using the HTML 4 Acronym Tag
"I deal with a large portion of industrial type web sites and there are a lot of acronyms flying around. I was looking for a way to assist accessibility users with determining what the acronym stood for."
May 24, 2003
210: new post   Big Sites Clueless in Codeville
Why is validation so neglected?
May 12, 2003
211: new post   Framed! Pros and Cons Thereof
"Why is there such a strong sentiment against frames?"
Apr 15, 2003
212: new post   Flash Introduces a Stand Alone Flash Player
"Macromedia Central will create an environment where Flash applications can run independent of the browser."
Mar 28, 2003
213: new post   Mozilla 1.3 Released
Includes a few new features, fixes for performance, standards compliance and site compatibility.
Mar 14, 2003
214: new post   Above the Fold vs Scrolling
Wichita State University studies are showing, that above-the-fold aint what it used to be.
Feb 11, 2003
215: new post   Usability - Redundancy is a Big Factor
Old school advertisers know that the audience has to see the message three times to remember it - same is true on the web. Old school advertisers know that the audience has to see the message three times to remember it - same is true on the web. Old school advertisers know that the audience has to see the message three times to remember it - same is true on the web.
Feb 6, 2003
216: new post   White Backgrounds Everywhere
Love 'em or hate 'em white backgrounds rule the day.
Feb 3, 2003
217: new post   Opera 7 Final Released
After only 2 betas, Opera 7 final has been released - expectations are not running high.
Jan 28, 2003
218: new post   What To Do With Essential Large Images?
What to do when images are huge and also essential for the site?
Jan 15, 2003
219: new post   The Choice Between Design and Functionality
Webmasters continue to look for the common ground between design and page roi production.
Jan 13, 2003
220: new post   IE Mega Annoyance - No Flash Installed
Is there a solution to: "...I don't want flash, and I'm getting tired of being asked if I want to install it"
Jan 13, 2003
221: new post   Prevent the Saving of HTML Pages?
Everybody repeat after me: "There is no way to prevent a person from viewing the html code of a webpage."
Jan 13, 2003
222: new post   Colored Scrollbars - Love em or hate em - No Middle Ground to be Found
Opinions on colored scroll bars run the full spectrum from "I love them" to "I press the back button when I see them." Those that don't care for them are rather passionate about them. Enough to suggest they aren't ready for prime time yet.
Jan 9, 2003
223: new post   Opera Software Doubles Revenue
Opera Software (makers of the famous Opera Browser) have announced that revenue doubled in 2002 over 2001 and that they expect to go public in late 2003.
Jan 8, 2003
224: new post   The Mega Page Phenom
Most of us have run into those monster pages that throw everything but the kitchen sink on to the page. What's it all about?
Jan 8, 2003
225: new post   Nielsens Top 10 Design Mistakes of 2002
" The number one mistake, however, was lack of pricing information, followed by overly literal search engines."
Dec 30, 2002
226: new post   Preloading Images
Tips and questions on preloading of images with js.
Dec 7, 2002
227: new post   Cutting Bandwidth Needs
"...suggestions for cutting bandwidth, particularly in a mostly text-based environment?"
Dec 7, 2002
228: new post   Size Matters When Most of Your Visitors are at 56k
"Graphic heavy, flash based sites, mutli-layered sites seem to be ignoring the reality: most surfers are still using modems. 56k with a subpar connection at that."
Dec 2, 2002
229: new post   Design is Only Skin Deep
Real world Webmasters continue to assert that the majority of what is taught in web design and web graphics classes is wrong. It is the low key, no graphic, easy to read, white space strong, low impact pages that are producing long term results in the real world.
Dec 1, 2002
230: new post   Top Back Button Offenses?
"What causes you to press the back button out of a site on your first visit?"
Nov 29, 2002
231: new post   Easiest and Best Way to Stop mailto: spam?
"We have published our email addresses on our web sites for almost 10 years using simple mailto: or forms. In the past year, the amount of spam has become intolerable. "
Nov 18, 2002
232: new post   Opera 7 Beta 1 Released
Opera 7 beta 1 for Windows was released.
Nov 14, 2002
233: new post   Precedent: AllTheWeb Validates to W3C Standards.
Following the precedent set by the ODP, AllTheWeb has become the first major crawler based search engine to validate their home page to support W3C HTML and accessiblity standards.
Nov 11, 2002
234: new post   Tools for Testing Browser Compatibility
What tools are out there for checking compatibility across netscape, AOL, windows and Mac browsers.
Oct 22, 2002
235: new post   Getting Iframed Content to Reconstitute With the Framing Page
We all know visitors won't always come in on the page that sets up your framed content properly. That issue become twice as difficult when using HTML 4 IFRAMES.
Oct 22, 2002
236: new post   Liquid Layout vs Fixed Layout
Do users tend to use the back button more on fixed layouts?
Oct 4, 2002
237: new post   Netscape SmartDownload ELU Not Applicable
The first ruling in the "Netscape Is SpyWare" suit has come down against Netscape.
Oct 2, 2002
238: new post   Mozilla Phoenix 0.1 Alpha Build Released
Phoenix is a a trimmed down version of Mozilla that attempts to address Mozillas core problem of bloat.
Sept 26, 2002
239: new post   Printer Friendly Layout Theory
Designing pages with the printer in mind.
Sept 22, 2002
240: new post   IE Service Pack 1 With Alexa?
Alexa Bundled With IE - apparently without notice.
Sept 17, 2002
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