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161: new post   Making a site more printer-friendly
...One of the sites I'm working on can't be printed without a chunk of the right side getting lopped off...
Oct 31, 2001
162: new post   Making FireFox a Whole Lot Faster
With many people trying FireFox, some are finding it pretty slow in its default configuration. Here are some easy tips for supercharging the FireFox browser with small changes that make a really big difference.
Feb 5, 2005
163: new post   Make intelligent use of META tags
Refresher course in the venerable meta tags.
May 28, 2002
164: new post   Mac OS X flaw affects Safari surfers
The "open safe files on download" vulnerability affects the most recent version of Apple's OS X operating system (10.4.8) and, possibly, previous versions as well.
Mar 3, 2007
165: new post   MS Backtracks on IE8 Standards Compatibility
"In light of the Interoperability Principles, as well as feedback from the community, we're choosing differently. Now, IE8 will show pages requesting "Standards" mode in IE8's Standards mode. Developers who want their pages shown using IE8's "IE7 Standards mode" will need to request that explicitly."
Mar 4, 2008
166: new post   MAMA: What is the Web made of?
MAMA (Metadata Analysis and Mining Application) is Opera's new analysis of the structure of the web. It includes information on the most widely used tags, doctypes, validation data, average page size and much more.
Oct 16, 2008
167: new post   Looking For Studies on Web Pages
The quest for free or resonably priced studies on web pages continues. In a world where we run on precision computers and have date on everything, the lack of real world page performace data is troubling.
June 11, 2002
168: new post   Long-in-Tooth IE6 May Get Makeover Before Longhorn
"Some analysts believe the appointment means that the much criticised browser will get a polish before Longhorn is released and IE's importance begins to fade."
June 22, 2004
169: new post   Liquid Layout vs Fixed Layout
Do users tend to use the back button more on fixed layouts?
Oct 4, 2002
170: new post   Lets get ready to Rumble! Jakob Nielson vs. Joshua Davis
It´s the classic face off of style vs substance. Usability vs style.
Feb 18, 2002
171: new post   Last Chance to Get IE6
Today is the last opportunity that Windows users will have to download IE6 before it is discontinued. That's right, today is the last day for IE as a unique standalone product.
June 30, 2003
172: new post   Keep Your Site Validated Using RSS
A simple site validation monitor system via simple rss.
July 14, 2004
173: new post   JavaScript Form Validation Tutorial
Useful code for an everyday task.
June 10, 2003
174: new post   It's < /p> not < br>< br>
Esoteric - Yes. Required webmaster reading - Yes.
Feb 12, 2006
175: new post   Is it OK to copy somebody's HTML?
"Here is the scenario: I find a website whose general layout and design is appealing to me and I notice that the HTML is nice and clean. I copy all the source HTML, as well as the CSS file. I change ALL the content to my own content, text, images, etc."
Dec 4, 2007
176: new post   Is GET/POST totally interchangeable?
An age old question comes up for air: "If I change the GET to POST will I have to change the implementation of the rest of the form?"
Nov 30, 2001
177: new post   Internet Explorer Usage Drops Below 90%
" For the first time since IE's trouncing of Netscape, its browser usage numbers have fallen to 89.85%."
Feb 25, 2005
178: new post   Internet Explorer Unsafe for 284 Days in 2006
"284 days vulnerable...[and] there were at least 98 days last year in which no software fixes from Microsoft were available to fix IE flaws that criminals were actively using to steal personal and financial data from users."
Jan 17, 2007
179: new post   Internet Explorer Security Patch - cumulative
"Microsoft has released a whole fleet of security patches in the past 24 hours - including IE 5 and IE 6 patches for the various flavors of Windows."
Apr 13, 2005
180: new post   Internet Explorer Security - Time for a change?
The number of security problems with Internet Explorer is becoming overwhelming for many. Is it time for a browser change, or just time to fume?
Apr 5, 2002
181: new post   Internet Explorer Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-045 - Critical
"This security update resolves five privately reported vulnerabilities and one publicly disclosed vulnerability."
Aug 12, 2008
182: new post   Internet Explorer 8 Released Today
"Users will be able to download IE8 in 25 languages at 12:00 noon Eastern Daylight Time on Thursday from Microsoft's IE Web site and its online download center."
Mar 19, 2009
183: new post   Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 Available
"Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Release Candidate 1 (RC1) has been designed to make everyday tasks easier, provide dynamic security protection and improve the development platform and manageability. End user improvements include a streamlined interface, tabbed browsing, printing advances, improved search functionality, instant feeds (RSS), dynamic security protection, and more. For Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 only.
Aug 25, 2006
184: new post   Internet Explorer 7 Beta This Summer
"Microsoft will be launching a beta version of Internet Explorer 7 this summer. The new release will only work with Windows XP SP2 ..."
Feb 17, 2005
185: new post   Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 Available to download
June 30, 2006
186: new post   Information Architecture for the Small Site
Information Architecture is an extremely under valued tool. A well crafted IA makes a huge difference in the success of even a small website, and any webmaster can work the magic by knowing just a few basics.
Apr 7, 2004
187: new post   Information Architecture for the Small Site - part 2
A well crafted IA makes a huge difference in the success of even a small website. Part Two of this article takes us into the land of menu labels and a new kind of card sort.
Apr 29, 2004
188: new post   Info leaks out about New IE due in early 2004
Oct 22, 2003
189: new post   IE8 Update Blocker - now available from Microsoft
The official IE Blog reports: "To help prevent users from installing IE8 through Automatic Update before compatibility testing has been completed, we are providing the IE8 Blocker Toolkit."
Jan 7, 2009
190: new post   IE8 Beta Available for Download
Mar 6, 2008
191: new post   IE8 Beta 2 Released: Introduces Private Browsing Mode
"In the newest "beta" test version of Microsoft's forthcoming Internet Explorer 8, which was made available Wednesday, a mode called InPrivateBrowsing lets users surf without having a list of sites they visit get stored on their computers."
Sept 2, 2008
192: new post   IE8 Automatic Rollout Aug 25 - via Windows Server Update Services
If you work in a corporate IT Department you may need to prepare for Aug 25. IE8 will automatically roll out to your system via WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) unless you take steps to ensure that it won't happen until your company's environment is ready.
June 30, 2009
193: new post   IE8 - RC 1 Available for Download
Jan 26, 2009
194: new post   IE7 beta2 preview
What is a beta preview? Microsoft says it's a release for everyone involved in making the Internet work.
Jan 31, 2006
195: new post   IE7 Suffers First Major Security Failure - or Does It?
"The vulnerability is caused due to an error in the handling of redirections for URLs with the "mhtml:" URI handler. This can be exploited to access documents served from another web site." However, MS blames Outlook Express and not IE7
Oct 23, 2006
196: new post   IE7 Leaks Talk of Tabbed Browsing and RSS Aggregator
"... tabbed browsing, an integrated news aggregator, full PNG transparency support..."
Mar 18, 2005
197: new post   IE7 Final To Be Distributed By Windows Update
"...we will distribute IE7 as a high-priority update via Automatic Updates (AU) shortly after the final version is released for Windows XP, planned for the fourth quarter of this year."
July 26, 2006
198: new post   IE7 Beta Release - for developers
Changes to the IE browser fall into four categories, according to the technical document: dynamic security protection, interface redesign, new tools, and platform enhancements.
July 28, 2005
199: new post   IE7 Added to Automatic Update
Early report indicates Internet Explorer 7 is being added to Microsoft's Automatic Update, which could increase its market share quickly.
Nov 2, 2006
200: new post   IE7 - Beta 2 now available
Microsoft made the beta 2 version of their new IE7 browser available today, for Windows XP Service Pack 2
Mar 21, 2006
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