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121: new post   New Firefox 1.0.3 Vulnerabilities
An iframe problem plus a hole in automatic update create a big Firefox 1.0.3 vulnerability. Mozilla Org has scrambled up a temporary fix for the worst case scenarios.
May 9, 2005
122: new post   Netscape SmartDownload ELU Not Applicable
The first ruling in the "Netscape Is SpyWare" suit has come down against Netscape.
Oct 2, 2002
123: new post   Netscape 8.0 Browser release
"...all-new Netscape 8.0, which automatically adjusts safety and security settings to help protect users as they explore the Web. Based on Firefox(TM) 1.0.3, Netscape 8.0 seamlessly and automatically switches between the rendering engines used by the Firefox(TM) and Internet Explorer (IE) browsers to help ensure maximum compatibility on known/trusted sites and maximum safety on unknown or potentially dangerous sites, without the user having to do anything."
May 19, 2005
124: new post   Netscape 8 Disables XML Rendering in IE
Heads Up! Netscape 8 creates a registry change that disables XML rendering in IE.
May 26, 2005
125: new post   Netscape 4.8 Released
Yes, you read that version number right.
Aug 18, 2002
126: new post   Netscape 4 - Just Die Already!
Like a bad horror flick, we keep trying to get that last nail in the coffin of Netscape 4.
May 12, 2003
127: new post   Multiple Page Forms - High Degree of Difficulty
"I am trying to develop a form that has multiple pages..."
June 11, 2002
128: new post   Mozilla to Experiment With Social Networking In The Browser
"Enter "The Coop", a Mozilla Labs project to experiment with adding social tools to the web browser."
Apr 4, 2007
129: new post   Mozilla and Firefox Flaws Exposed
SecurityFocus has released a warning about three problems that affect Mozilla on all platforms.
Jan 7, 2005
130: new post   Mozilla Seamonkey 1.0 released
"This open source application...features a state-of-the-art web browser and powerful email client, as well as a WYSIWYG web page composer and a feature-rich IRC chat client. For web developers, mozilla.org's DOM inspector and JavaScript debugger tools are included as well."
Jan 31, 2006
131: new post   Mozilla Release Security Update to Fix Domain Name Phishing
Mar 23, 2005
132: new post   Mozilla Phoenix 0.1 Alpha Build Released
Phoenix is a a trimmed down version of Mozilla that attempts to address Mozillas core problem of bloat.
Sept 26, 2002
133: new post   Mozilla 1.3 Released
Includes a few new features, fixes for performance, standards compliance and site compatibility.
Mar 14, 2003
134: new post   Mozilla 1.1Alpha out
Hot on the heals of Moz 1.0 comes version 1.1 with about 15 new changes and a full trainload of bug fixes.
June 12, 2002
135: new post   Mozilla 1.1 Released
Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.
Aug 27, 2002
136: new post   Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 1
Mozilla releases version 1.0 release candidate 1.
Apr 19, 2002
137: new post   Mozilla 0.9.7 Raises Browser Bar.
Is 2002 the year of the Big Comeback for Netscape? Mozilla.org is making strong headway with it's latest release.
Dec 23, 2001
138: new post   Mouseover Menus - dhtml dream or usability nightmare?
Yes, they've been trendy for over a year - but do those DHTML menu systems really work for website visitors?
Feb 17, 2004
139: new post   Modern Browsers Actively Patch Broken Website Code
Often a broken site is not the browser's fault, but it most definitely is the browser's problem. The Opera Core Developers have published an article that explores the under-appreciated area of "site patching".
Apr 8, 2009
140: new post   Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera and Konqueror Hold Security Summit
"...by sitting down at the same table, we have done more to enhance the security of the Internet than we could competing alone."
Nov 23, 2005
141: new post   Microsoft's Slate Magazine, Recommends FireFox: Browser Wars Heating Up Again
In one of the more bizarre footnotes of the browser wars comes this delicious little ironic entry from Microsoft's Slate Magazine: "it was enough to make me ditch Explorer in favor of the much less vulnerable Firefox browser"
July 11, 2004
142: new post   Microsoft's Research Paper on the Gazelle Web Browser
July 12, 2009
143: new post   Microsoft to Push Upgrade IE6 to IE7 on Feb 12
"Microsoft has warned corporate administrators that it will push a new version of Internet Explorer 7 their way next month, and it has posted guidelines on how to ward off the automatic update if admins want to keep the older IE6 browser on their companies' machines."
Jan 22, 2008
144: new post   Microsoft opens a public bug database for IE
"Microsoft is for the first time encouraging people to give public feedback on Internet Explorer, with the creation of a bug database for the next version of its browser, IE 7 beta."
Mar 27, 2006
145: new post   Microsoft and Eolas settle patent dispute
"Microsoft Corp. and Eolas Technologies Inc. have settled their long-running legal battle, according to a letter sent to Eolas shareholders. The suit charged Microsoft with infringing on Eolas patents in its Internet Explorer browser."
Aug 31, 2007
146: new post   Microsoft Urges Windows Users To Avoid Safari
"Windows users who visit a booby-trapped site with Safari could be forced to download and execute malicious files with no prompting, Microsoft says."
June 1, 2008
147: new post   Microsoft Shows Developers IE9 Platform Preview
"Coming in the new version is support for new Web standards including plug-in-free video; better performance with graphics, text, and JavaSript by taking advantage of modern computing hardware; and a new effort at gathering and responding to feedback from those using the prototype software,"
Mar 16, 2010
148: new post   Microsoft Settles With AOL - AOL Locks in to IE for 7 Years
"In conjunction with the $750 million settlement, the two companies announced a seven-year licensing agreement that allows AOL Time Warner to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser in its flagship Internet service provider service."
May 30, 2003
149: new post   Microsoft Proposes Opt-In Standards Compliance for IE8
"We realized that the model for web development was really 'write to the standard, then test against and fix problems in the most popular browsers.' (...) we ended up with a <meta>-based 'opt-in to the browser version I tested with' strategy."
Jan 23, 2008
150: new post   Microsoft Prepares "Out of Band" Patch for Internet Explorer
Jan 20, 2010
151: new post   Microsoft Paid Opera $12million To Head Off Law Suit On Access Denial
"Microsoft agreed to pay Norway's Opera Software $12.75m to head off a threatened lawsuit over code that made some Web pages on MSN look bad in certain versions of Opera's Web browser, ZDNet UK sister site CNET News.com has learned."
May 24, 2004
152: new post   Microsoft Loses $520 million over IE
"A federal judge on Wednesday upheld a jury ruling that Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser infringed on a patent owned by Eolas Technologies Inc. and the University of California, and ordered the company to pay $520.6 million in damages."
Jan 15, 2004
153: new post   Microsoft Keeps IE6 Life-Support Machine Switched On Until 2014
"The software giant said it would support IE6 until 2014 - four years beyond the original deadline."
Aug 14, 2009
154: new post   Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Released
The English Language version of IE 7 has been released.
Oct 19, 2006
155: new post   Microsoft IE7 - How Wide Is/Will The Distribution Be?
"...the new beta is out and so far it looks promising. They even seem to be interested in mindshare, and it seems they want to get things right this time. So let's step back a moment and have a look at the consequences for web developers."
Feb 15, 2006
156: new post   Microsoft Build a "code zapper" for IE
"If a patch isn't available, a BrowserShield-enabled tool bar can be used to clean pages hosting malicious content."
Sept 5, 2006
157: new post   Meta tags and more - from <head> to </head>
One of the topics that keeps coming up is the head section of an html document - meta tags and all that. This thread offers a solid reference.
Sept 3, 2005
158: new post   Meta Tags & How to Use Them
"After reading online about a lot of changes in how important/not-important certain meta tags are now-a-days, I'm now wondering which ones on the above list should stay, which should go, which should be added."
Aug 1, 2007
159: new post   Mastery, Mystery and Misery of the User Interface
Jakob serves up a classic analogy to describe the current state of UI design.
Sept 1, 2004
160: new post   Making your Site Accessibile
"10 tips and techniques for making your site accessible"
June 12, 2003
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