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121: new post   Putting Information Architecture into Practice
"I am planning to reorganise one of my sites with major growth in mind... How do I determine which topics are more important and/or how to combine them?"
Oct 17, 2004
122: new post   Creating HTML for languages you don't know
Creating multi-lingual sites can be an effective way to increase your market reach. But how do you create mark-up when the text is in a language that is foreign to you? What are the pitfalls?
Oct 31, 2004
123: new post   IE Rapidly Losing Market Share
" ...worldwide survey in late November. The survey shows that Internet Explorer's share dropped to less than 89 percent, 5 percentage points less than in May. FireFox now has almost 5 percent of the market, and it is growing. "
Dec 22, 2004
124: new post   Opera 8 Beta is Available for Download
Some interesting changes in one of the nets favorite 3rd party browsers.
Jan 5, 2005
125: new post   Mozilla and Firefox Flaws Exposed
SecurityFocus has released a warning about three problems that affect Mozilla on all platforms.
Jan 7, 2005
126: new post   New IE security flaw called 'Extremely Critical'
This flaw allows malicious code to be loaded onto Windows XP machines, even with Service Pack 2 installed.
Jan 11, 2005
127: new post   USAToday: FireFox Burning Brightly
"People can replace nearly all the major programs on a Windows PC with "safer, less expensive open-source alternatives..."
Feb 4, 2005
128: new post   Making FireFox a Whole Lot Faster
With many people trying FireFox, some are finding it pretty slow in its default configuration. Here are some easy tips for supercharging the FireFox browser with small changes that make a really big difference.
Feb 5, 2005
129: new post   Internet Explorer 7 Beta This Summer
"Microsoft will be launching a beta version of Internet Explorer 7 this summer. The new release will only work with Windows XP SP2 ..."
Feb 17, 2005
130: new post   Internet Explorer Usage Drops Below 90%
" For the first time since IE's trouncing of Netscape, its browser usage numbers have fallen to 89.85%."
Feb 25, 2005
131: new post   Spyware That Uses Firefox to Infect IE
What a nasty thing. This spyware uses java (not javascript) to jump from FF over to IE, even if IE is not open.
Mar 12, 2005
132: new post   IE7 Leaks Talk of Tabbed Browsing and RSS Aggregator
"... tabbed browsing, an integrated news aggregator, full PNG transparency support..."
Mar 18, 2005
133: new post   Mozilla Release Security Update to Fix Domain Name Phishing
Mar 23, 2005
134: new post   Flash Used to Restore Deleted Cookies
By tagging your browser with a Flash object containing a unique ID, marketers can recognize an individual PC and restore deleted cookie data.
Apr 3, 2005
135: new post   Internet Explorer Security Patch - cumulative
"Microsoft has released a whole fleet of security patches in the past 24 hours - including IE 5 and IE 6 patches for the various flavors of Windows."
Apr 13, 2005
136: new post   Opera 8 Released
Apr 19, 2005
137: new post   Googles Prefetch Jacks Up Mozilla FireFox Numbers
As predicted one month ago, Mozilla/FF pageview numbers are up due to the Google Prefetch/caching effect.
Apr 28, 2005
138: new post   New Firefox 1.0.3 Vulnerabilities
An iframe problem plus a hole in automatic update create a big Firefox 1.0.3 vulnerability. Mozilla Org has scrambled up a temporary fix for the worst case scenarios.
May 9, 2005
139: new post   Netscape 8.0 Browser release
"...all-new Netscape 8.0, which automatically adjusts safety and security settings to help protect users as they explore the Web. Based on Firefox(TM) 1.0.3, Netscape 8.0 seamlessly and automatically switches between the rendering engines used by the Firefox(TM) and Internet Explorer (IE) browsers to help ensure maximum compatibility on known/trusted sites and maximum safety on unknown or potentially dangerous sites, without the user having to do anything."
May 19, 2005
140: new post   Netscape 8 Disables XML Rendering in IE
Heads Up! Netscape 8 creates a registry change that disables XML rendering in IE.
May 26, 2005
141: new post   New MSN toolbar with tabbed browsing
"Want to keep more than one website open at a time, but tired of managing multiple Internet Explorer windows? Tabbed browsing lets you have multiple pages open in a single Internet Explorer window."
June 9, 2005
142: new post   IE7 Beta Release - for developers
Changes to the IE browser fall into four categories, according to the technical document: dynamic security protection, interface redesign, new tools, and platform enhancements.
July 28, 2005
143: new post   US Copyright Office Website Considers Requiring Internet Explorer
The US Copyright Office is considering whether to require IE for online pre-registration of a work.
Aug 9, 2005
144: new post   New IE Attack Expected - Pre-Patch Workaround Issued
Looks like a big storm is aiming straight for Internet Explorer, and Microsoft is scrambling to help users protect their systems.
Aug 19, 2005
145: new post   Best Practices of Browser Tags and Information Structure
"I'm interested in seeing what would be considered good structure, including what search engines would consider good structure too!"
Aug 21, 2005
146: new post   Opera Gives Away Free Browsers - Celebrating 10th Birthday
"For one day only, you can get an ad-free version of Opera."
Aug 30, 2005
147: new post   Meta tags and more - from <head> to </head>
One of the topics that keeps coming up is the head section of an html document - meta tags and all that. This thread offers a solid reference.
Sept 3, 2005
148: new post   Firefox 1.5 Beta
"Users will find significant enhancements in usability, performance, extensibility, security, and privacy in the upcoming test version of Firefox 1.5, the first major upgrade of the popular open-source browser since the launch of Firefox 1.0 in November of last year."
Sept 15, 2005
149: new post   Opera 8.5 browser is now FREE!
Opera has removed both the banner ads and the licensing fee. This change puts another top quality browser within everyone's reach.
Sept 20, 2005
150: new post   Opera v8.5 is now FREE!
"Opera has removed the banners, found within our browser, and the licensing fee."
Sept 20, 2005
151: new post   The Challenges of HTML Email
A solid summary of some of the rendering quirks found in common email clients.
Oct 3, 2005
152: new post   The Challenges of HTML Email
So you want to send a spiffy HTML/CSS laden email to your list, but you've heard that different email applications treat HTML in their own quirky ways.
Oct 7, 2005
153: new post   Character Encoding, Entity References and UTF-8
If you are serious about standards, character encoding matters - even if you are just producing content in English.
Oct 11, 2005
154: new post   Semantic HTML: Does mark-up provide enough meaning in web documents?
"You've got a div which contains a single peice of data: the serial number of a product, for example. Options for mark-up include placing the data in a paragraph tag, or leaving it as just the raw text with the div acting as it's element. Which is, in your opinion, semantically correct?"
Nov 9, 2005
155: new post   Serious Unpatched Bug: Allows Remote Code Execution
"This document serves as a reclassification advisory for the Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript Window() DoS vulnerability, originally reported on 31/05/2005."
Nov 22, 2005
156: new post   Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera and Konqueror Hold Security Summit
"...by sitting down at the same table, we have done more to enhance the security of the Internet than we could competing alone."
Nov 23, 2005
157: new post   Firefox 1.5 is out
Dec 1, 2005
158: new post   IE6 SP2 and Local Security Issues
Want to run active content locally on IE6? Or do you want your customers to run a CD with web files? Read about the barriers that SP2 creates with default local security settings.
Dec 4, 2005
159: new post   Firefox extensions: Blogger Web Comments & Safe Browsing
"Firefox extensions: Blogger Web Comments & Safe Browsing (anti phishing/spoofing)"
Dec 15, 2005
160: new post   Understanding Fundamental HTML References
Elements, Attributes, Values, and other goodies - knowing exactly what these terms mean helps us in mastering the markup language.
Dec 25, 2005
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