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Forum: Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs Projects
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41: new post   Google Strengthens Two-Step Verification Of Google Accounts With Secure USB Key
Help protect your Google Accounts to a greater extent with "Security Key."
Oct 21, 2014
42: new post   Google Stealth Launching Latitude Leaderboards
Now check check-ins earn you points which are tallied and used to rank Google+ users on a global leaderboard, just like on Foursquare.
Feb 20, 2012
43: new post   Google Releases Desktop Search
"... rolled out a preliminary version of its new desktop search tool, making the first move against its major competitors in the race to provide tools for finding information buried in computer hard drives."
Oct 14, 2004
44: new post   Google Puffin - Desktop Search Application
"Google is reportedly working on a downloadable file and text software search tool, code-named Puffin..."
May 21, 2004
45: new post   Google Public DNS Serves 70 Billion Requests Per Day
Today, we're no longer an experimental service. We're the largest public DNS service in the world, handling an average of more than 70 billion requests a day.
Feb 14, 2012
46: new post   Google Partners With Flipboard and Soon To Launch G Streams In The App
Google+ integration comes as part of Google's new Google+ APIs, which have been extended to provide additional content from Google's social network in Flipboard users' streams, allowing them to access posts, photos, video and other data without visiting the social network directly.
June 20, 2012
47: new post   Google OS Android to Run on Netbooks by 2010
"Imagine the billion dollar market at stake here if Google can make good on this vision. Netbooks are basically small-scale PCs."
Jan 2, 2009
48: new post   Google Maps Now Incompat with Opera and Safari?
Google introduces new code on Google Maps and no longer works in Opera or Safari. Loads on IE and Firefox.
Oct 15, 2008
49: new post   Google Makes Moves Towards OpenID With an API
"Websites can now allow Google Account users to login to their website by using the OpenID protocol."
Oct 30, 2008
50: new post   Google Launches Hotel Finder
we're introducing Hotel Finder, a new experimental search tool specifically designed to help you find that perfect hotel. Google Hotel Finder makes it easy to narrow down the options: [br]Figure out where to stay: To help you figure out where the action is, Hotel Finder shines a "tourist spotlight" on the most visited areas of U.S. cities.
July 28, 2011
51: new post   Google Launches Enhanced Desktop Software
"Google Inc. unveils a computer and Web search tool on Monday using self-updating navigation and personal information software that puts it in more direct competition with Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL."
Aug 22, 2005
52: new post   Google LatLong: Rain or shine, see the weather in Google Maps
Today, we're adding a weather layer on Google Maps that displays current temps and conditions around the globe...
Aug 18, 2011
53: new post   Google Introduces Key Name Search into Toolbar
Google puts Realnames like functionality into tool bar.
July 15, 2004
54: new post   Google Hires Top Windows OS Programmer
"Okay, we don't know for a fact that Google is working on an operating system, but the tea leaves are pretty damned clear. Why else would they have hired Microsoft's operating system architect, Mark Lucovsky? Surely not to write a spreadsheet or word processor."
Mar 2, 2005
55: new post   Google Goes Open Source With Web Toolkit
"Hoping to attract more developers to its technologies and spur new Web 2.0 applications, Google has released the source code for its Web Toolkit."
Dec 13, 2006
56: new post   Google Geo Search API Opened Up
"That means other sites incorporating Google Maps will be able to find geographic features that are in Google's database but that previously were visible only through Google's own map site."
May 15, 2008
57: new post   Google Gears Geolocation API For Laptop WiFi
"...developers can now securely locate users to within 200m accuracy in major desktop browsers in hundreds of cities around the world."
Oct 22, 2008
58: new post   Google Gadgets Could Be Misused by Phishers
"The domain used to host small Google Gadget applications written by Web developers could be misused by phishers, a Web security researcher said Friday."
Aug 18, 2007
59: new post   Google Flirts With Scumware - Toolbar Version Installs Without Notice
The Google toolbar will auto install any new copies, versions, or patches Google wishes without asking or informing the user.
Aug 23, 2003
60: new post   Google Fixes Security Hole
"...Bugtraq Security Focus list on Wednesday, Google's new Desktop Search tool did not prevent a hacker from inserting JavaScript...into the Web address of its page image..."
Oct 21, 2004
61: new post   Google Faces Lawsuit Over News Copyright
"Agence France Presse has sued Google Inc., alleging the Web search leader includes AFP's photos, news headlines and stories on its news site without permission."
Mar 19, 2005
62: new post   Google Experiments With Hotel Prices On Maps
"With this feature, when you search for hotels on Google Maps you'll be able to enter the dates you plan to stay and see real prices on selected listings."
Mar 24, 2010
63: new post   Google Engineer Calls Google+ a Pathetic Afterthought
a Google engineer, accidentally posted a rant about Google to his public Google+ profile. It's revealing and absolutely rips Google+.
Oct 12, 2011
64: new post   Google Drive, Cloud-Based Store Starts With 5GB Free
Drive is built to work seamlessly with your overall Google experience. You can attach photos from Drive to posts in Google+, and soon you'll be able to attach stuff from Drive directly to emails in Gmail. Drive is also an open platform, so we're working with many third-party developers so you can do things like send faxes, edit videos and create website mockups directly from Drive.
Apr 24, 2012
65: new post   Google Desktop Search for Enterprise
"Google Desktop Search for Enterprise. This free downloadable application enables companies to provide employees with the ability to search for information on their computers..."
May 19, 2005
66: new post   Google Desktop Search Goes Final
"Google has produced an updated version of its desktop search. It will now be able to search the full text of pdf files and the metadata of multi-media files."
Mar 7, 2005
67: new post   Google Desktop 4.2 Released
Some minor and some important improvements in the latest Google Desktop search release.
Aug 30, 2006
68: new post   Google Desktop - yet another security frightener
"Why weren't the security implications considered? This is a security problem for us, and we have to uninstall it as soon as possible..."
Dec 28, 2006
69: new post   Google DeskBar API Released
Nov 20, 2004
70: new post   Google Deprecates SOAP Search API
"...stopped issuing new keys and have pulled the documentation from their website."
Dec 23, 2006
71: new post   Google Coupon Service Offers Is Live
It appears that Google's coupon service Offers, is live, starting in in Portland, Oregon. You also have the ability to subscribe to deals in areas within New York City, Oakland and San Francisco. [br][br]On the landing page of the Offers site, you are greeted with this 'Google Offers BETA is starting in Portland, Oregon. Get 50% off or more at places you'll love.' You can then subscribe to the offers with your email.
Apr 21, 2011
72: new post   Google Correlate (Labs): Upload Your Own Data
Using Correlate, you can upload your own data series and see a list of search terms whose popularity best corresponds with that real world trend.
May 26, 2011
73: new post   Google Changes Gmail Video Chat To Google+ Hangouts
"..with Hangouts you'll now be able to reach them not only when they are using Gmail but also if they are on Google+ in the browser or on their Android or iOS devices."
July 30, 2012
74: new post   Google Boost Beta
"Boost enables business owners to easily create online search ads from directly within their Google Places account."
Oct 26, 2010
75: new post   Google Autocomplete API To Become Restricted From 10 August, 2015
In effect, for most developers, this is closing it down, unless you're using the CSE from that time.
July 27, 2015
76: new post   Google Apps Account Gets More Secure Sign-In
"In the coming months, we'll also be offering this same security to our hundreds of millions of individual Google users."
Sept 21, 2010
77: new post   Google App Inventor for Android
"To use App Inventor, you do not need to be a developer. App Inventor requires NO programming knowledge."
July 12, 2010
78: new post   Google Announces Material Design Lite (MDL): A Specification For UI
A UI specification and templates for all form factors across the web using vanilla CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
July 7, 2015
79: new post   Google Announces Google+ Communities Rolling Out
With Google+ Communities there's now a gathering place for your passions...
Dec 6, 2012
80: new post   Google Analytics API Launched
"Developers can integrate Google Analytics into their existing products and create standalone applications that they sell."
Apr 23, 2009
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