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41: new post   Top sites don't validate
We expose a group of red faced top html developers. Why won't they take the time to validate their code?
Oct 24, 2001
42: new post   Top Back Button Offenses?
"What causes you to press the back button out of a site on your first visit?"
Nov 29, 2002
43: new post   Tools for Testing Browser Compatibility
What tools are out there for checking compatibility across netscape, AOL, windows and Mac browsers.
Oct 22, 2002
44: new post   To HTML 5 or not to HTML 5, that is the question
Starting a new site? Members discuss whether to stay with HTML 4.1 or start fresh with HTML 5.
May 31, 2010
45: new post   Three Styles of Web Design
"As HTML and web browsers grow more sophisitcated, the styles and approaches to web page design have increased. "
May 30, 2003
46: new post   The W3C HTML Validator is Broken
"What really irks me about this is that even if the validator says that the code is syntactically valid, in real life it is not. XHTML sent as text/html is the exact same thing as invalid HTML."
July 18, 2007
47: new post   The Second Browser War
"By wrenching control of the standards for building [web-based] applications away from Microsoft today, rivals hope they can prevent another near decade of Windows domination. Microsoft, for its part, is not going to go down without a fight."
July 24, 2004
48: new post   The Pro´s and Con´s of PDF Content Delivery
On another thread some side comments were made about not liking PDF files. On the other hand, there are some definite advantages. At tax time those IRS forms in PDF sure are handy compared to schlepping to the nearest physical supply.
Feb 16, 2002
49: new post   The Need For Speed - Google shares help and research
Google Code is sharing a lot of information and resources with all web publishers about the importance of website speed and how to improve it.
June 25, 2009
50: new post   The Mega Page Phenom
Most of us have run into those monster pages that throw everything but the kitchen sink on to the page. What's it all about?
Jan 8, 2003
51: new post   The Clash of XHTML 2 vs HTML 5
"...within the W3C there is work in progress in two separate successors for HTML4.x / XHTML1.x: Whatever happens there it will surely affect us, the webmasters. And what a better place to discuss the topic that at WebmasterWorld?"
Nov 3, 2008
52: new post   The Choice Between Design and Functionality
Webmasters continue to look for the common ground between design and page roi production.
Jan 13, 2003
53: new post   The Challenges of HTML Email
So you want to send a spiffy HTML/CSS laden email to your list, but you've heard that different email applications treat HTML in their own quirky ways.
Oct 7, 2005
54: new post   The Challenges of HTML Email
Proper coding for HTML Email Newsletter
Oct 3, 2005
55: new post   The Challenges of HTML Email
A solid summary of some of the rendering quirks found in common email clients.
Oct 3, 2005
56: new post   The <base> Element & How To Use It Effectively
Aug 6, 2007
57: new post   Testing a website in many browsers
We want to create sites that almost anyone can view - but the many variations of browser and OS make it a challenge. What are the options?
Apr 28, 2004
58: new post   Tackling Spambots Coming Through Webmail Forms
"WebmasterWorld members discuss solutions to tackle the spambot webmail form filler."
Aug 19, 2008
59: new post   Tables: Why Use Them Instead of CSS
"WebmasterWorld Members continue the debate of tables vs CSS. Tables still have their supporters."
Aug 24, 2008
60: new post   Stagnant IE - "Browsers Still Matter"
"Ironically, Microsoft achieved this dominance for Internet Explorer at a time when it has let its browser stagnate to the point where it is probably the least-capable browser on the market today."
June 24, 2003
61: new post   Spyware That Uses Firefox to Infect IE
What a nasty thing. This spyware uses java (not javascript) to jump from FF over to IE, even if IE is not open.
Mar 12, 2005
62: new post   Speeding up Page Download Times
"...looking for tips on how to possibly get it to load a little faster."
June 16, 2003
63: new post   Speeding Up Your Site - best practices for the front end
In this Google Tech Talk video, Steve Souders of Yahoo! focuses on the front end, the user experience within the browser. His research shows that the front end, rather than the back end, is the main area where significant website speed gains can be had.
Jan 13, 2008
64: new post   Speeding Up FireFox
A few tweaks to squeeze some more speed out of FireFox.
June 6, 2004
65: new post   Size Matters When Most of Your Visitors are at 56k
"Graphic heavy, flash based sites, mutli-layered sites seem to be ignoring the reality: most surfers are still using modems. 56k with a subpar connection at that."
Dec 2, 2002
66: new post   Site Validation Reports: Don't Be Fearful
"Okay, what is it that deters you from validating your documents? Is it the fear of running that first validation routine and finding hundreds of errors?"
Jan 27, 2009
67: new post   Site Search - how to make it a total asset
"For many people having a Site Search box on the page seems like a given, but there are pitfalls that have caused me to remove it in several past cases."
Feb 28, 2002
68: new post   Serious Unpatched Bug: Allows Remote Code Execution
"This document serves as a reclassification advisory for the Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript Window() DoS vulnerability, originally reported on 31/05/2005."
Nov 22, 2005
69: new post   Semantic HTML: Does mark-up provide enough meaning in web documents?
"You've got a div which contains a single peice of data: the serial number of a product, for example. Options for mark-up include placing the data in a paragraph tag, or leaving it as just the raw text with the div acting as it's element. Which is, in your opinion, semantically correct?"
Nov 9, 2005
70: new post   Search Engine Validation Results
The Open Directory Project at Dmoz.org has become the first major search site to come into compliance with HTML web standards since 1996.
July 17, 2002
71: new post   Search Engine Validation Results
A review of current validation results of the major search engines.
June 29, 2002
72: new post   Screen Res Going Up Again? 800x600 vs 1024x768
"...safe bet to design a site for 1024x768 resolution?"
Aug 15, 2002
73: new post   Right-Hand Navigation
There has been a growing number of sites, putting navigation on the right side of the page.
Mar 19, 2002
74: new post   Report: Google's Chrome Browser Usage Overtakes IE, Briefly
"At weekends, when people are free to choose what browser to use, many of them are selecting Chrome in preference to IE."
Mar 21, 2012
75: new post   Reinventing HTML - W3C to restart HTML development
"It is necessary to evolve HTML incrementally. The attempt to get the world to switch to XML, including quotes around attribute values and slashes in empty tags and namespaces all at once didn't work."
Oct 28, 2006
76: new post   Redux: Search Engine Validation Results
The Open Directory Project at Dmoz.org has become the first major search site to come into compliance with HTML web standards since 1996.
July 19, 2002
77: new post   Quirks mode - what it is!
This is one of the most important "new" factors that a web page creator needs to understand - at least a little bit. Solid references to major browser autorities are included.
May 28, 2004
78: new post   Quirks Mode and Standards Mode
Web designers are testing their work in more recent browsers and seeing shocking results. If you want to know about Quirks Mode vs. Standards Mode yet, here's a thread that helps you get up to speed
May 28, 2004
79: new post   Quirks Mode - what it is and how to deal with it
Web designers are testing their work in more recent browsers and seeing shocking results. If you don't know about Quirks Mode vs. Standards Mode yet, it's probably time to get up to speed.
May 30, 2004
80: new post   Putting Information Architecture into Practice
"I am planning to reorganise one of my sites with major growth in mind... How do I determine which topics are more important and/or how to combine them?"
Oct 17, 2004
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