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41: new post   Local Canada Search
Google debuts local search for Canada.
Sept 25, 2004
42: new post   Google Bot Running Hard
Wide ranging reports that Gbot is crawling the web as fast as we have seen it this year.
Sept 25, 2004
43: new post   OJR Looks at Google News and a Possible Bias
The widely regarded and respected Online Journalism Review, takes a look at Google News vs Yahoo News. A must read for news junkies.
Sept 24, 2004
44: new post   Google Amassing Tech to Build a Web Browser?
Sept 22, 2004
45: new post   What to Tell Clients About The Time it Takes to Rank in Google?
"I could once easily predict how long it would take for their new site to start ranking in Google. There was a predictable cycle. Generally, within 2-3 months they could count on having their site indexed and even ranking for things like their company name or unique product."
Sept 16, 2004
46: new post   Bug Found in Google
It appears that page jackers have found a major bug.
Sept 14, 2004
47: new post   PageRank Without Backlinks
"I went to the site today to see PR5. Pretty good for a site that I have never promoted, that logs dont any refers from. And that Google or Yahoo show any backlinks to."
Aug 31, 2004
48: new post   Homepage Dropped From Index
"PR7 site, competitive industry, site has been up for 5 years. Woke up this morning to find that Google has DROPPED the homepage from the index. I put in the URL, and Google returns a "Sorry, no information is available for the URL" message."
Aug 28, 2004
49: new post   Google's New Picasa Leaves an Interesting INI Behind
After uninstalling the Picsca software, it leaves behind the programs configuration INI. Now with a Google search, you can find these files laying around on servers all over the web.
Aug 13, 2004
50: new post   On The Page Criteria Still Working Like a Champ
H1, Bold, Underline and Italics are working well among the SEO faithful: "So the ultimate optimizing may be file name, H1, bold, underline, and italics, then meta tags. The more the better. Who cares about a PR and back-links!"
Aug 13, 2004
51: new post   Google Asked To Hand Over Database Archives
Another net archive wants Google to hand over its database of sites.
Aug 12, 2004
52: new post   Google Me Not - Staying off The Radar
"Somebody at work might post a file on a server to download at home, a wrongly configured server might make too much of a hard drive searchable or a Web site's password-protection might be flimsy enough to be accessible to search engines."
Aug 8, 2004
53: new post   Google Image Engine Updated
Google's image engine was updated last night.
Aug 1, 2004
54: new post   Google Including New Back Links
Freshly updated in the last few days.
Aug 1, 2004
55: new post   MyDoom that Hit SEs on Tuesday Was Actually a Setup Attack Against Microsoft
"The Mydoom-M virus which was responsible for the on again off again problems for Google, Yahoo, Lycos and Altavista by using them to find email and domain addresses, was aparently the first part of a staged attack against Microsoft."
July 28, 2004
56: new post   Selling Text Ads/PageRank - Just Semantics?
"What exactly determines who can sell PR and who gets nailed for selling it? Does it really just come down to the sales presentation?"
July 27, 2004
57: new post   Please Stand By : Google and Other SE's Appear to Be Having Some Server Issues
"The service you requested is not available at this time."
July 26, 2004
58: new post   Google SERPS Position Changes for Different 'num=nnn'
"...if you specify a larger number for "&num=" then the odds go up that we'll see two pages from the same site and group them together."
July 26, 2004
59: new post   Google Bonus Points - hello.com Came Quietly Bundled with Picasa
Some times the best place to hide something is right out in the open. That's why it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that quietly bundled with the Google Picasa deal, is a little domain called hello.com.
July 25, 2004
60: new post   Hilltop algo: PROVED? ...or just our best guess for now?
"There's been a lot of conjecture and best guessing about the Hilltop algorithm from George A. Mihaila and Krishna Bharat, and whether Google incorporated some version of this in their major hiccup last November. At that time Google was talking about semantics, not Hilltop."
July 24, 2004
61: new post   Opera Browser - A Different Type of AdWare
There are some very interesting issues that come up from the usage of the free version of Opera. It is a version that includes ads by Google. Those ads are contextual. Hence, there is very little real world difference between Opera and a AdWare/Scumware/Malware laced version of IE.
July 24, 2004
62: new post   Google works in Google Glossary to Results
Google starts to display actual content in SERPs.
July 15, 2004
63: new post   Google Getting Harder to Optimize For?
"I've been working with some sites and placement on Google for the past 3 years. I've seen it get gradually harder to get placed on Google anymore. "
July 8, 2004
64: new post   Affinity Engines Files Suit Against Google Over Orkut Code
"A small social networking software company filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming that much of the source code behind Orkut.com...was stolen by a former engineer. "
June 30, 2004
65: new post   Google Indexing Stop Words
This goes back to changes made when Google introduced stemming. Google is now indexing stop words - even though the message says it does not.
June 27, 2004
66: new post   Google Pulls Plug on "onmouseover" Pages
"... several sites that used the increasingly popular tactic of creating keyword stuffed entry pages that forward to the true home page via the onmouseover javascript command are no longer found at all in the index."
June 23, 2004
67: new post   Google Runs A Bit of Code Up the Flag Pole
As far back as 1999 Google engineers talked about open sourcing some of its tool set.
June 22, 2004
68: new post   Google Back in Game Shape?
"Even though I really dislike the fact that Google seems to have taken a different approach with seo's and webmasters lately, I must say the results are finally starting to come around and be pretty relevant."
June 21, 2004
69: new post   Site Flavored Google Web Search - New from the labs...
"...you can customize search results based on the content of your website. Users who search from this search box will have the option to "flavor" their results based on the profile you've created.
June 18, 2004
70: new post   Google Updates Click Tracking Script
Googles Javascript click tracker updated.
June 12, 2004
71: new post   Google Mulls RSS Support
"In April, Google seemingly chose sides, bypassing RSS support for most subscribers of its Blogger publishing tool in favor of rival Atom. But now, there are signs that Google may be poised for a change of heart, as support has grown inside the company to restore equal footing to both formats."
June 9, 2004
72: new post   Google Security Bug Found : Microsoft.com Removed From Index
Various discussions on WebmasterWorld over the last few weeks alleged the possibility of a security bug in the Google removal URL feature. A Google user submitted microsoft.com for removal. We are stunned to report - not only did it work, but Microsoft.com just went PR0.
June 9, 2004
73: new post   60% Of Google's Users Would Leave in a Heartbeat
New survey finds that "60% of Google users said they would switch search engines if a better service were introduced."
June 8, 2004
74: new post   Yahoo Turn Around Time about Six Weeks
"Have 2 sites that went live with inbound links to each six weeks ago. They are now well ranked on Yahoo,..."
May 13, 2004
75: new post   Google Security Bug Found : Microsoft.com Removed From Index
Various discussions on WebmasterWorld over the last few weeks alleged the possibility of a security bug in the Google removal URL feature. A Google user submitted microsoft.com for removal. We are stunned to report - not only did it work, but Microsoft.com just went PR0.
May 13, 2004
76: new post   Google Groups Updates Usenet Reader Features
"...a variety of new features, including the ability to create, search, and browse email mailing lists, subscribe to and track favorite groups."
May 13, 2004
77: new post   Sites Being Removed From Google Without Request But With Standard Notice
Sporadic reports coming in of a brewing problem. Various sites are being removed without webmaster action from Google. They all are getting the standard "your site has been removed" email from Google. We have never seen this particular situation before. We don't know if it is an isolated incident, or if someone has indeed figured out a way to get people removed from the index (such as a competitor).
May 5, 2004
78: new post   Google Sandbox?
New sites are listed but seem unable to rank well. Many members suspect a quarantine period.
May 2, 2004
79: new post   Google Upgrades Image and News Search
"Google Image Search now displays current news images and links to news headlines related to a user's query. For example, a query on Google Image Search for "earth" will likely show relevant news images and links to related news stories at the top of the results pages if "earth" is in the news at the time of the query. "
Apr 29, 2004
80: new post   Google Now Listing Flash Files
SWF were recently added to the SERPs. While PDFs have long been a favorite "link stuffer" of the pros, it is uncertain what importance links inside Flash files will hold.
Apr 28, 2004
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