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41: new post   Google Chrome 2.0 (Beta) Released
Mar 18, 2009
42: new post   Google Applies For 3rd Party in E.C. Proceedings Against Microsoft
"We are applying to become a third party in the European Commission's proceeding."
Feb 25, 2009
43: new post   Site Validation Reports: Don't Be Fearful
"Okay, what is it that deters you from validating your documents? Is it the fear of running that first validation routine and finding hundreds of errors?"
Jan 27, 2009
44: new post   IE8 - RC 1 Available for Download
Jan 26, 2009
45: new post   IE8 Update Blocker - now available from Microsoft
The official IE Blog reports: "To help prevent users from installing IE8 through Automatic Update before compatibility testing has been completed, we are providing the IE8 Blocker Toolkit."
Jan 7, 2009
46: new post   Browser Wars Heat Up
"But by offering links only to Firefox and Chrome for its upgrade, Google is doing something that helped to make Microsoft the 8,000-ton gorilla on the desktop: playing favorites."
Jan 3, 2009
47: new post   Google Chrome Out of Beta
"Google takes its browser, Chrome, out of beta."
Dec 12, 2008
48: new post   Google Releases 'Native Client' Extension to Enable Web Applications
Google is looking for developers to test their new browser extension, which includes a runtime, a plugin, and GCC-based compilation tools. The idea is to enable web applications to run in the browser and still incorporate native code.
Dec 9, 2008
49: new post   Google Publishes Plan For Chrome Extensions
Dec 4, 2008
50: new post   Visitor Complaints About Pop-ups. Really?
"We use a few different methods to open new windows to display dynamically generated PDF's - target="_blank" and window.open - and got a message from a user that stated he refuses to 'cripple' his computer to allow popups from our site."
Dec 2, 2008
51: new post   Google Mulls Pre-Installing Chrome Browser
Nov 21, 2008
52: new post   The Clash of XHTML 2 vs HTML 5
"...within the W3C there is work in progress in two separate successors for HTML4.x / XHTML1.x: Whatever happens there it will surely affect us, the webmasters. And what a better place to discuss the topic that at WebmasterWorld?"
Nov 3, 2008
53: new post   MAMA: What is the Web made of?
MAMA (Metadata Analysis and Mining Application) is Opera's new analysis of the structure of the web. It includes information on the most widely used tags, doctypes, validation data, average page size and much more.
Oct 16, 2008
54: new post   Google's Chrome Market Share Drops Back After Initial Interest
"Since then, the upstart browser has fallen to 0.77% as of last week, with the losses shared evenly between IE and Firefox."
Sept 24, 2008
55: new post   Google Chrome Download Vulnerability
"This vulnerability is due to a default configuration that allows files to be downloaded without prompting the user."
Sept 3, 2008
56: new post   IE8 Beta 2 Released: Introduces Private Browsing Mode
"In the newest "beta" test version of Microsoft's forthcoming Internet Explorer 8, which was made available Wednesday, a mode called InPrivateBrowsing lets users surf without having a list of sites they visit get stored on their computers."
Sept 2, 2008
57: new post   Google Chrome - Google's Browser Project
The Google Chrome browser is said to be based on the WebKit rendering engine - and includes a privacy feature that sounds something like the IE8 approach.
Sept 1, 2008
58: new post   Tables: Why Use Them Instead of CSS
"WebmasterWorld Members continue the debate of tables vs CSS. Tables still have their supporters."
Aug 24, 2008
59: new post   Tackling Spambots Coming Through Webmail Forms
"WebmasterWorld members discuss solutions to tackle the spambot webmail form filler."
Aug 19, 2008
60: new post   Why Use H5 Tags Before The H1
"WebmasterWorld Members discuss the acceptability and alternatives."
Aug 13, 2008
61: new post   Internet Explorer Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-045 - Critical
"This security update resolves five privately reported vulnerabilities and one publicly disclosed vulnerability."
Aug 12, 2008
62: new post   Microsoft Urges Windows Users To Avoid Safari
"Windows users who visit a booby-trapped site with Safari could be forced to download and execute malicious files with no prompting, Microsoft says."
June 1, 2008
63: new post   PayPal Thinking About Blocking Some Web Browsers
"Most controversial is the idea of blocking "unsafe" browsers, or browsers that do not currently include antiphishing tools. PayPal says it would first notify users when they log in if they are using an unsafe browser. Later, PayPal would simply block the use of the browser entirely."
Apr 19, 2008
64: new post   IE8 Beta Available for Download
Mar 6, 2008
65: new post   Acid3 Test Released
Now that many browsers can pass the Acid2 test, Acid3 brings standards-testing to a new level. No browser passes Acid3 for the moment.
Mar 4, 2008
66: new post   MS Backtracks on IE8 Standards Compatibility
"In light of the Interoperability Principles, as well as feedback from the community, we're choosing differently. Now, IE8 will show pages requesting "Standards" mode in IE8's Standards mode. Developers who want their pages shown using IE8's "IE7 Standards mode" will need to request that explicitly."
Mar 4, 2008
67: new post   Apple Touch Icon - like a favicon for the iPhone
Remember when you were the first on the block with the favicon.ico? Well now you can be first to support something similar for the iPhone.
Jan 29, 2008
68: new post   First Draft of HTML 5 Specification Released
"The W3C has released the draft specification for the next version of HTML."
Jan 23, 2008
69: new post   Microsoft Proposes Opt-In Standards Compliance for IE8
"We realized that the model for web development was really 'write to the standard, then test against and fix problems in the most popular browsers.' (...) we ended up with a <meta>-based 'opt-in to the browser version I tested with' strategy."
Jan 23, 2008
70: new post   Microsoft to Push Upgrade IE6 to IE7 on Feb 12
"Microsoft has warned corporate administrators that it will push a new version of Internet Explorer 7 their way next month, and it has posted guidelines on how to ward off the automatic update if admins want to keep the older IE6 browser on their companies' machines."
Jan 22, 2008
71: new post   iPhone Browser - Google and others see a surge
Apparently the iPhone is so much easier than other mobile web devices it is the number one mobile browser querying Google, yet only has 2% share of the smartphone market.
Jan 14, 2008
72: new post   Speeding Up Your Site - best practices for the front end
In this Google Tech Talk video, Steve Souders of Yahoo! focuses on the front end, the user experience within the browser. His research shows that the front end, rather than the back end, is the main area where significant website speed gains can be had.
Jan 13, 2008
73: new post   End of an Era: AOL Terminates Netscape Browser
Dec 30, 2007
74: new post   Is it OK to copy somebody's HTML?
"Here is the scenario: I find a website whose general layout and design is appealing to me and I notice that the HTML is nice and clean. I copy all the source HTML, as well as the CSS file. I change ALL the content to my own content, text, images, etc."
Dec 4, 2007
75: new post   Creating HTML Based E-Mail News Letters
"I need to put together a newsletter with a banner and links, etc."
Sept 16, 2007
76: new post   Browser Viewport Statistics
The "viewport" is the usable space inside the user's browser window - much more informative than mere screen resolution. What can this statistic tell us about our visitors and scrolling below the fold?
Sept 8, 2007
77: new post   Microsoft and Eolas settle patent dispute
"Microsoft Corp. and Eolas Technologies Inc. have settled their long-running legal battle, according to a letter sent to Eolas shareholders. The suit charged Microsoft with infringing on Eolas patents in its Internet Explorer browser."
Aug 31, 2007
78: new post   HTML 5 Draft - alt attributes not required!
The currently published specs for HTML 5 no longer require the alt attribute for an img element - and the longdesc attribute is nowhere to be seen in the current draft.
Aug 29, 2007
79: new post   The <base> Element & How To Use It Effectively
Aug 6, 2007
80: new post   Meta Tags & How to Use Them
"After reading online about a lot of changes in how important/not-important certain meta tags are now-a-days, I'm now wondering which ones on the above list should stay, which should go, which should be added."
Aug 1, 2007
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