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Forum: Link Development
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1: new post   Prompting sites to reciprocate links
How do I deal with those sites that do not reply - i.e. those sites that have gained a free incoming link and can't be bothered to reciprocate.
Oct 10, 2001
2: new post   Linking - The Big Picture
We´ve talked about hubs, directories, creating authority, linking for traffic, links that bite back, and how to find links...
Mar 11, 2002
3: new post   To Deep Link or Not To Deep Link
Too boldly link where no one has linked before?
Apr 2, 2002
4: new post   Links and the Rich get Richer Theory
A new study by NEC researchers shows that the winner doesn´t neccessarily always take all in the links game.
Apr 18, 2002
5: new post   Linking Outside the Box
"Having someone present an article you´ve written is great stuff, especially if a nice little bio with link included."
June 10, 2002
6: new post   Ruling Handed Down in Danish Deep Linking Case
"An Internet news [search engine] was barred by court order Friday from linking to the Web sites of Danish newspapers."
July 5, 2002
7: new post   Linking Campaign Research Article
Linking has become so complex, that research is involved before beginning a link campaign.
Aug 19, 2002
8: new post   Artificial Link Popularity
"...having a very hard time figuring out just exactly what "Artificial Link Popularity" is. I mean you either have link pop or you don't. Sites link to you or they don't, nothing artificial about that."
Jan 7, 2003
9: new post   www.domain.com vs domain.com
"How should I deal with links to domain.com when everything else is setup for www.domain.com?"
Jan 27, 2003
10: new post   What is the Best Way to Succeed at Getting Links
A linking strategy.
Feb 4, 2003
11: new post   Link Strategies To Build Presence and Gain Exposure
Mar 29, 2003
12: new post   One-Way Linking
Apr 29, 2003
13: new post   Email Form vs Email Address - Are you Missing Quality Contacts?
"...This is done mainly to curb email Spam. But have you given it a thought, that many third party link hunters simply ignore the form?"
June 17, 2003
14: new post   Directories to Submit to
Directories are the usual first stop in a link development campaign. Here's a handy run down of directories that can be submitted to.
Aug 2, 2003
15: new post   The Question of Relevant Links
"..whether the relevancy of a link matters at all."
Oct 2, 2003
16: new post   Link Development For Fun and Profit
"The rise of Google made link hunting more intense and I don't see as many chatty replies these days."
Jan 19, 2004
17: new post   The Basics of Getting Good Backlinks
"...a quick starter tutorial on how to increase your site’s link-popularity, and ultimately your search engine rankings. "
Mar 31, 2004
18: new post   Buying Links Under the Radar
We really hate to put a thread like this on the home page, but some times a thread merits such action regardless of the consequences.
July 13, 2004
19: new post   Automated Link Exchange Backlash
"Developing backlinks is a cornerstone of most web endeavors. No links, no loving. There are many solutions, including paying for links, outsourcing development, and automated link hunting solutions."
July 13, 2004
20: new post   Reasons You Will Delete a Link Exchange Request Hands Down...
Ever get link exchange requests that are more like lectures? What lines will make you delete a request in annoyance without even reading it through?
Aug 1, 2004
21: new post   Subject Line To Use on a Link Exchange Request Email
"...sent out about 100 link exchange emails and get no response."
Aug 3, 2004
22: new post   Is Linking Dead?
Simple question - complex answer.
Aug 10, 2004
23: new post   Press Releases for Link Development
Sept 29, 2004
24: new post   Link Development Software?
Is the old SEO adage that nothing could get you banned faster still applicable today or have we moved to a newer level of sophistication?
Nov 25, 2004
25: new post   Burning the Link Games and Going back to Scratch
Some link exchanges that I wouldn't have touched with a 10 foot pole, and even worse, a folder with about 300 pages of autogenerated doorway pages.
Dec 4, 2004
26: new post   The Dark Side of Exchanging Links
Some of the tricks Webmasters sometimes use to get around linking back to you.
Dec 14, 2004
27: new post   My ISP Said A Link Request Email Was Spam
" ...So now my ISP sent me a warning saying that they will terminate the account if they get another report. "
Dec 23, 2004
28: new post   NoFollow? Anti Comment Tag Exploits
The no follow attribute is already showing up on the far reaches of the internet. Unfortunately, most of those sites have nothing to do with blogs, guestbooks, diaries, wikis, or forums.
Jan 21, 2005
29: new post   Status Check : Buying Text Links
With the recent changes in text link usage by search engines, a gut check is in order: "What are everyone’s thoughts on buying links as part of a link building strategy. They are non-reciprocal, so that’s good. But can things go wrong?"
Feb 8, 2005
30: new post   Bad Webmaster - No Donut for You!
A discussion of what to look for in a link partner.
Mar 1, 2005
31: new post   Why are links from "related" sites more valuable?
A Discussion of the role relevance plays in the links you obtain.
Mar 15, 2005
32: new post   Interlinking of Related Sites
"There is a stigma that the SEs may frown upon networks run by the same person/company. Do you believe this to be true?"
July 11, 2005
33: new post   If you had 10 people for link development...
What would you have them work on? What are the most important link development priorities in today's environment?
Dec 1, 2005
34: new post   Writing Articles for Link Popularity
"One of the topics discussed at PubCon was the idea of submitting articles to generate traffic and to gain link popularity."
Dec 2, 2005
35: new post   Link Development vs. Traffic Development and Staying with the Times
"If you're sending out hundreds of reciprocal link requests each week and have a 14 page links section on your site, please do the following:"
Feb 15, 2006
36: new post   More evidence that links pages are dead
"So we have done an experiment that I would like to share with you all."
Feb 24, 2006
37: new post   Is Linking Between Client Sites A Bad Thing?
"Why should I not interlink client sites?"
Aug 2, 2006
38: new post   Do Reciprocal Links Stil Hold any Value
"I was recently advised by a company doing my SEO that Google and the other big search engines no longer see value in reciprocal linking and that all link building should be one way..."
Aug 30, 2006
39: new post   Avoiding Link Related Penalties
How does one determine which are good links, and which are bad ones?
Oct 13, 2006
40: new post   In the Real World, Who Exchanges Links?
Nov 1, 2006
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