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361: new post   AdSense for Feeds Now Open To All Publishers
"Today, I logged to my adsense account and saw Adsense for Feeds."
Google AdSenseAug 15, 2008
362: new post   AdSense for Mobile
"Google announced the availability of AdSense for Mobile, a program that contextually targets ads to mobile website content."
Google AdSenseSept 18, 2007
363: new post   AdSense for Search May Cause Pages to Not Validate
Google AdSenseJan 20, 2009
364: new post   AdSense geo-targetting: Getting relevant ads to run
Google AdSenseJune 21, 2006
365: new post   AdSense in emailed newsletters & ezines
The first sighting of AdSense in emails, and exactly how it works.
Google AdSenseMar 5, 2004
366: new post   AdSense invisible to Norton Internet Security users
Ad blocking is turned on by default, resulting in missing AdSense titles and ads.
Google AdSenseOct 23, 2003
367: new post   AdSense launches URL channels for tracking stats
Among the changes include a new main page redesign, tracking URLs on a site, directory or individual page basis, and new search languages added.
Google AdSenseDec 6, 2004
368: new post   AdSense to Load Faster For Content Publishers Worldwide
We've now developed a new ads delivery technique to improve the speed of websites that display AdSense ads, so that it doesn't slow down your page content. We're very happy to announce that we've eliminated this slowdown for the majority of websites and for a number of browsers, and are seeing pages load as much as a second faster than before.[br][br]At this time, we're deploying globally for users of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and will be expanding the list of browsers that benefit from this speed-up soon.
Google AdSenseMar 17, 2011
369: new post   AdSense: Canadian Publishers Electronic Funds Transfer Woes
"WebmasterWorld Members from Canada are still seeing problems over the EFT failure."
Google AdSenseApr 6, 2010
370: new post   AdSense: Double Your Pages, Double Your $$? Probably Not
Google AdSenseAug 18, 2006
371: new post   AdSense: Some Visitors Using IE See Download Prompts For Third-Party Add-Ons
Google AdSenseAug 16, 2006
372: new post   AdWords API Goes Beta
The AdWords API Beta has been released in open-beta form to any and all Adwords advertisers.
Google AdWordsJan 28, 2005
373: new post   AdWords Adds Useful Features for Long/Lat Targeting
"The longitude and latitude targeting options were incredibly difficult to use before as one didn't know what Google thought an area was, and didn't have the capacity to add targeting options without going to a 3rd party. That has all changed with the slickest integration of long/lat targeting that exists."
Google AdWordsNov 22, 2005
374: new post   AdWords Announce Improved Ad Relevancy
"When broad matching it appears as if the overall minimum CTR will no longer be relevant. Instead, if you bid on widgets and only sell red widgets, you will probably find blue widgets getting automatically disabled but your ad still showing for red widgets."
Google AdWordsJune 30, 2004
375: new post   AdWords Being Blocked By Filter Programs
Google got a "welcome to the big leagues" this last few weeks as filter programs begin to block AdWords. Like DoubleClick, FlyCast, and Burst before it, several of the big ad filter programs such as virus, spam, and adware programs are starting block AdWords displays. Effective CPM's are beginning to fall.
Google AdWordsNov 8, 2003
376: new post   AdWords Changes Approach: Minimum bids, No more 'on hold'
"Google will make another announcement before the changes actually happen. They're really giving us time to make changes and get ready for this."
Google AdWordsJuly 22, 2005
377: new post   AdWords Changes: Minimum bids, No more 'on hold', etc.
One of the major changes to the AdWords system. The previous statues of 'on hold', 'in trial', and 'disabled' have been replaced by a simple 'active' or 'inactive system'. Minimum bid prices by keyword are now active.
Google AdWordsJuly 21, 2005
378: new post   AdWords Conversion Rates Going Up
There have been rumbles from the AdWords players the last month that raw traffic was off. Many are finding that some minor algo tweaks a month or so ago, are starting to pay off in higher conversion rates.
Google AdWordsAug 10, 2004
379: new post   AdWords Display Ads Mouseover Rate is 10x CTR
Google AdWordsAug 19, 2009
380: new post   AdWords Editor 6.0 (Win & Mac) Released
Google AdWordsJune 6, 2008
381: new post   AdWords Editor Problems and Frustrations
Google AdWordsOct 10, 2008
382: new post   AdWords Editor Problems: Fix On The Way
"I'd guess that most folks who were seeing this will now be good to go - while those who are still having an issue will find things resolved soon."
Google AdWordsAug 15, 2007
383: new post   AdWords Exams Expand Into Four Related Areas
Google AdWordsJan 16, 2010
384: new post   AdWords FAQ : When Will Ad Appear?
"... in most cases you'll see your ads start appearing in a time frame that can run between a few minutes and a few hours, depending on factors such as volume, server delays, and so forth." - AdWords Support.
Google AdWordsJuly 12, 2004
385: new post   AdWords Filtering Some Words Out
Reports that some major keywords have been blocked from AdWords in the last 24-48 hours. Some words appear to be trademark related. Members are unsure what to make of it, but these are some pricey kw's that are been removed.
Google AdWordsNov 20, 2002
386: new post   AdWords Gambling Ads Being Allowed In Specific Countries
A Google AdSense discussion over the announcement of gambling ads now being enabled in certain countries.
Google AdSenseSept 26, 2011
387: new post   AdWords Geographic Report
Google AdWordsSept 9, 2008
388: new post   AdWords No Different from Stock Google Results
AdWords are now displayed in same color as standard results. The thin line between Google search results and paid search results is now -- literally -- a visual thin line.
Google AdWordsMar 29, 2004
389: new post   AdWords Now Showing More Relevant Ad Extensions and Formats
Previously, Ad Rank was calculated using your max CPC bid and your Quality Score. With this update, Ad Rank will also take into account a third component: the expected impact from your ad extensions and formats.
Google AdWordsOct 23, 2013
390: new post   AdWords Options Allow Desktop Ads On Mobile Devices
"...the ability to display the same ads they run for desktop audiences on the Apple iPhone, T-Mobile G1 or any other mobile device with full Web browsers,..."
Google AdWordsDec 8, 2008
391: new post   AdWords Quality Score Bug Fix Due Within 24 Hours
"This issue was limited to the reporting of Quality Score, and the fix should be live for all within the next 24 hours."
Google AdWordsOct 28, 2010
392: new post   AdWords Quality Score Coming to Content Network
It appears that Google will be incorporating landing page quality scores and tweaking their algorithms throughout the Content Network (similar to what they did for Search this summer).
Google AdSenseNov 7, 2006
393: new post   AdWords Remarketing For Content Network
"Remarketing is a great way for businesses to reach users who are likely to be highly receptive to their ads and special offers."
Google AdWordsMar 25, 2010
394: new post   AdWords Search Funnels (beta)
"we're excited to release a new set of reports for your AdWords account: AdWords Search Funnels (beta)."
Google AdWordsMar 24, 2010
395: new post   AdWords Showing on Some Google TLD Home Pages
"Advertisements now appear on the home page of a Google Inc. Internet search engine, thus ending the company's nearly decade-long tradition of an ad-free front page."
Google SEO News and DiscussionJan 3, 2006
396: new post   AdWords Site Targeted Banner Results
This months edition of "as the click fraud churns".
Google AdWordsJan 29, 2007
397: new post   AdWords Tips For AdSense
What was a simple question went into some detail on how AdWords gets the best out of AdSense. It indicates how AdSense publishers might get more out of program.
Google AdWordsNov 28, 2011
398: new post   AdWords and Affiliate Site Changes to Be Announced Tomorrow
Google AdWordsJan 5, 2005
399: new post   AdWords site demographics
"Google adds demographic targeting for advertisers"
Google AdWordsMar 9, 2006
400: new post   AdWords to Show List of Content Site Inventory Used for Ads
"In the next few months, Google's advertiser reports will begin listing the sites where each ad runs, Ms. Malone said. She added that advertisers on the Google networks would soon be able to bid on contextual ads on particular Web sites rather than simply buying keywords that appeared across Google's entire network."
Google AdWordsFeb 26, 2007
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