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361: new post   Apple MacOS High Sierra Bug Allows Logins Without Passwords
It seems you can log in to the latest software with the password, root.
Apple Software and TechnologyNov 29, 2017
362: new post   Apple Acquires Music Recognition Service, Shazam
Shazam was estimated to be worth $1 Billion in January of 2015.
Apple Software and TechnologyDec 12, 2017
363: new post   Apple Becomes a Trillion Dollar Company
Apple has officially become the world's only trillion dollar publicly traded company, in terms of market capitalization.
Apple Software and TechnologyAug 3, 2018
364: new post   Apple to Build New $1 billion Campus in Austin, Texas
Apple has announced a major expansion for Austin, Texas...
Apple Software and TechnologyDec 13, 2018
365: new post   Apple Shuts Down All of Google's Internal Apps for Abusing Enterprise
Apple revoked Google's Enterprise Certificate and as a result, none of Google's internal apps are functional.
Apple Software and TechnologyFeb 1, 2019
366: new post   U.S. Supreme Court Rules Apple Customers Could Sue Over App Store Monopoly
"Apple's line-drawing does not make a lot of sense, other than as a way to gerrymander Apple out of this and similar lawsuits."
Apple Software and TechnologyMay 13, 2019
367: new post   Excursions into IndoChina
"Today I have waded into really deep water and put up a page in Chinese. The translation was done by a colleague who is a native speaker..."
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 6, 2001
368: new post   Can Pay for Inclusion Work in the Asia-Pacific Region?
Would the Asia-Pacific region would be able to support Paid Inclusion or Pay Per Click search engine models?
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 13, 2002
369: new post   LookSmart.AU Moves Annual Fees
LookSmart Australia moves to recurring annual fees.
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 27, 2002
370: new post   Google Blasts into Japan with I-Mode Engine
"Google said it can translate a requested HTML document into a format optimized for i-mode users, making the new service the first search engine enabling access to more than 1.3 billion Web pages from i-mode wireless phones. "
Asia and Pacific RegionMay 8, 2002
371: new post   Overture Heads To Japan
From all indications, it appears Overture is slated to open a branch in Japan.
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 28, 2002
372: new post   Japan introduces anti-spam law
The legislation requires senders of email ads to attach messages telling receivers the email is unsolicited advertising and how to reject any future ads.
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 6, 2002
373: new post   Looksmart Australia, How Effective is it?
Looklistings in the land down under.
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 4, 2002
374: new post   Chinese Portals and Mobile Phones
"After years of losses, China's three biggest Internet portals are making a sharp turnaround" thanks to "China's love affair with the mobile phone."
Asia and Pacific RegionJan 22, 2003
375: new post   PPCs in Korea
The Pay-Per-Click market in Korea.
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 15, 2003
376: new post   PPC In China
Are there any PPC engines in China?
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 24, 2003
377: new post   Chinese Websites Form Anti-Google Alliance
"China Search Alliance was initiated by China.com, a news portal of central government- backed China Internet Information Center (CIIC), and was officially set up last September together with local government-backed news portals."
Asia and Pacific RegionApr 8, 2003
378: new post   Australia Opens Pandora Archive
"The National Library of Australia has been spidering sites that have consented to have their content archived in a local version of the Wayback Machine. The requirement for Australia-relevant content is important."
Asia and Pacific RegionMay 30, 2003
379: new post   Infoseek Japan and Lycos Japan to Merge
Lycos Japan and Infoseek Japan have announced they will combine their portals into one portal. The question is will this be a good move for the japanese Market?
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 4, 2003
380: new post   Best solution for PPC in Asia?
"I run a site which has a strong potential revenue stream from South-East Asia, and I'd like to market my site to particularly Korea, Japan, and China."
Asia and Pacific RegionAug 3, 2003
381: new post   FindWhat To Enter Japanese Market
"... entering the Japanese market through a partnership with holding company Mitsui. ... The Mitsui offering will compete with those of Overture Services and Google."
Asia and Pacific RegionOct 6, 2003
382: new post   Rakuten Signs on with FAST
"Rakuten Ichiba includes over 13,941 registered businesses and receives an average of over 25 million page views per day, year round."
Asia and Pacific RegionJan 14, 2004
383: new post   Sensis Acquires LookSmart Australian assets
" Sensis are the advertising subsidiary of Telstra. They operate Yellow pages, White pages, GoEureka and CitySearch."
Asia and Pacific RegionJan 21, 2004
384: new post   China's Web search Engines Rev Up?
Forbes: "...homegrown Internet search firms said on Wednesday they were upgrading technology ... just weeks after the search giant's foray into a market seen worth some $100 million in 2004."
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 10, 2004
385: new post   Korean PPC Player Zingu drops Wisenut for OpenBase
"... switching their backfill partner from Wisenut Korea to Openbase, an prominent local search solutions company..."
Asia and Pacific RegionApr 14, 2004
386: new post   Korea's Daum - The World's #7 Site - Sues Microsoft
"Daum said that its domestic market share in instant messenger services fell sharply to 6.4 percent as of April 2003 from 20.3 percent in August 2001, while Microsoft's share rose to 75.5 percent from 29.4 percent."
Asia and Pacific RegionMay 17, 2004
387: new post   Yahoo Japan no longer uses Google.
After much speculation, it seems Yahoo Japan is not using Google for search results anymore, a move that is hoped will rev up the SE battle in japan.
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 1, 2004
388: new post   Yahoo Japan no longer uses Google.
After much speculation, it seems Yahoo Japan is not using Google for search results anymore, a move that is hoped will rev up the SE battle in japan.
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 9, 2004
389: new post   Google Invests in Baidu
"Google is making an investment in one of China's largest search engines, Baidu, which means ``hundred times.'' Google won't comment, but the investment was confirmed by U.S. investor Tim Draper of Menlo Park's Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which invested $10 million in Baidu. "
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 9, 2004
390: new post   Overture Australia Signs News Interactive
Google loses another one to Yahoo.
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 11, 2004
391: new post   Yahoo Opens Yisou.com - A New Chinese Search Engine
Yahoo has launched a new Chinese-Language search-engine/portal for China.
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 21, 2004
392: new post   Google Launches New Chinese Search Services
"The services include a Chinese-English dictionary, weather reports, and people tracking capabilities."
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 29, 2004
393: new post   Telstra to Unveil New Aussie Search Engine
"Sensis - which owns the Yellow and White Pages telephone directory businesses - will announce its new search engine at a briefing for analysts and media next Tuesday."
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 5, 2004
394: new post   New Chinese Business Search Engine
"China Daily Information Company and China Communications Corp have announced a partnership to develop a business search engine "utilizing a new and proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technology"
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 9, 2004
395: new post   Korean Daum to Aquire U.S. Search Portal Lycos
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 28, 2004
396: new post   Physical hosting and SEO
Is the actual physical location of the server a MAJOR factor in region-specific sites?
Asia and Pacific RegionAug 17, 2004
397: new post   Google News Japan & Korea
"...Google News Japan and Google News Korea is working."
Asia and Pacific RegionSept 1, 2004
398: new post   Yahoo Japan Releases New Guidelines for Advertisers
"...any web site deemed by Yahoo JP to be travel related must be a member of the Japan Association of Travel Agents or All Nippon Travel Agents Association and have a business in Japan. This applies even if the business and the focus of the site is outside of Japan."
Asia and Pacific RegionSept 1, 2004
399: new post   Thai and Vietnamese Search Engines
Asia and Pacific RegionSept 11, 2004
400: new post   Yahoo Japan to Offer 1 gbps Broadband
"Softbank will provide the service at speeds of up to one gigabits per second and charge users 4,200, or $38, a month, the company said in a statement."
Asia and Pacific RegionOct 5, 2004
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