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361: new post   Affiliate Dangers of Relying on a Single Merchant
Real world examples of when merchants change the system.
AffiliatesAug 20, 2002
362: new post   Woof Woof - Google Forum Passes 50,000 Posts
The net's prime source of authoritative Google news and discussion passes 50k messages.
Google News ArchiveAug 20, 2002
363: new post   Designing For An Accessible Site
"Going through a few simple checks you can quickly get an idea how your page will look to a person with a disability."
Webmaster GeneralAug 20, 2002
364: new post   EuroSeek Retools With the ODP and Google
EuroSeek is now powered by an RFD dump and Google.
DirectoriesAug 20, 2002
365: new post   What Kind of Webmaster are You
"...what impact the approach a webmaster brings to this craft might have on the success of their sites"
Webmaster GeneralAug 20, 2002
366: new post   Palm Admits m130 is Only 12 Bit Color Capable
Billed as showing over 65,000 colors, it turns out that the Palm M130 can only display 4096 via hardware.
Smartphone, Wireless, and Mobile TechnologiesAug 20, 2002
367: new post   Avoiding the FrontPage Traps and Pitfalls
Long disdained by prodesigners, here are some tips for those that do use MS Frontpage.
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsAug 21, 2002
368: new post   Put on Your Thinking Caps and Take the Google Quiz
Google News ArchiveAug 21, 2002
369: new post   Best Affiliate Program Features
What gets you to sign up and stay active?
AffiliatesAug 21, 2002
370: new post   Overture Introduces MatchDriver
"Match Driver is a tool that takes search term misspellings, singular/plural combinations and other variations, and maps them to a primary term"
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingAug 21, 2002
371: new post   Yahoo! Japan to Set up Web Consulting Subsidiary
Yahoo Japan will, "provide Internet business consulting, and plan, develop, and operate various Web services".
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Aug 22, 2002
372: new post   Do Icons Help Usability?
"It seems there are two sides to the argument. The SEOs and programmers feel that pure text links are invaluable to good web site promotion and usability. "
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Aug 24, 2002
373: new post   Capitals, Character Sets, Filenames and Search Engine Indexing.
Could character set issues be stopping you from being indexed? An interesting thread on filename and character set issues surrounding search engine indexing.
Google News ArchiveAug 26, 2002
374: new post   How Often is Inktomi Updating?
"...paid inclusion sites are updated every 48 hours and the entire index is now updated about once every two weeks."
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsAug 26, 2002
375: new post   Mozilla 1.1 Released
Numerous bug fixes and enhancements.
HTMLAug 27, 2002
376: new post   Teoma Database Update
A major reordering of results.
Ask - TeomaAug 27, 2002
377: new post   The Exponential Growth of WebmasterWorld in 2002
Traffic has doubled three times already in 2002 and expect it to double again before the end of the year. The biggest names in the industry read and write here. The future is bright, but full of technical and managerial challenges.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterAug 27, 2002
378: new post   So you are #1 for your keyword
Handling the traffic follow up after search engine success.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesAug 28, 2002
379: new post   Search Engine Keyword Tools
List of keyword tools provided by search engines.
Keyword DiscussionAug 28, 2002
380: new post   The Euro, 8 Months After Introduction
A recap and open call to discuss how the Euro is working out for you.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesAug 28, 2002
381: new post   Writing Persuasive Copy
You know you want to read it. Go on, live a little.
Content, Writing and CopyrightAug 29, 2002
382: new post   Comments on "Mr. Anti-Google"
Responses to the Salon, SearcheEngineWatch, and SlashDot articles about Google-watch.org.
Google News ArchiveAug 29, 2002
383: new post   Can a Mac read a site burned on a PC formatted CD?
Disk format differences between platforms
Apple Software and TechnologyAug 31, 2002
384: new post   Google Logo on Yahoo Replaced With Text
The Google logo on Yahoo has switched to text say results are "provided by". They are also showing a slightly different Google index. reminder: according to some reports, the Yahoo search results contract extension is up Sept 1.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Sept 1, 2002
385: new post   Google Everflux FAQ - mid-month Google spidering and updates
Minor updates, daily updates, monthly updates - it's all so confusing. Let's sort it out.
Google News ArchiveSept 2, 2002
386: new post   Internet Penetration in Europe
General survey on European net numbers.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesSept 2, 2002
387: new post   Does Incorrect HTML Syntax Affect SE Rankings?
For years, SEOs have used "creative HTML" to attain rankings. There is a growing body of evidence that search engine indexers are getting tighter about valid code.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesSept 2, 2002
388: new post   Mac OSX Jaguar Unleashed Tonight
Mac faithful eagerly await the release of OSX Jaguar 10.2 tonight.
Apple Software and TechnologySept 2, 2002
389: new post   Will XHTML Ever Come of Age?
Dead protocol walking or the future?
HTMLSept 4, 2002
390: new post   First PDA to Use Opera Browser
The new Sharp Zaurus features embedded Opera browser.
Smartphone, Wireless, and Mobile TechnologiesSept 5, 2002
391: new post   UK Users Seeing Glitched Google Logos
Reports have filtered in for a week that users in the UK are seeing strange Google logo glitches at selected ISPs.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsSept 5, 2002
392: new post   A Close to Perfect .htaccess Ban List
Round 3 of our year long project to build the perfect htaccess ban list to block rogue spiders.
Perl Server Side CGI ScriptingSept 9, 2002
393: new post   Newcomer's Guide
New To Web DevelopmentSept 9, 2002
394: new post   Finding Publishers Willing to Run Banners?
There seems to be a trend back to banners this year. Most of it seems to be outside of any banner networks and going direct with publishers.
AffiliatesSept 10, 2002
395: new post   Selected Content - The Best of WebmasterWorld
New To Web DevelopmentSept 10, 2002
396: new post   I CAN get to Google from China!
China lifts Google blockade.
Google News ArchiveSept 10, 2002
397: new post   CSS Facts and Myths
Discussion on the pro's and con's of CSS including layout, SEO and accessibility
CSSSept 12, 2002
398: new post   Fast Adds Macromedia Flash Searching Capability
"FAST is the first major Web search technology provider to offer searching of Macromedia Flash content and applications..."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comSept 13, 2002
399: new post   New Advanced Searching Options on AlltheWeb
AllTheWeb adds yet more options to the undisputed best advanced search page of any search engine.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comSept 13, 2002
400: new post   European Search Engine Chart
Mapping the complex relationships of search engines in Europe.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesSept 16, 2002
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