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321: new post   AdSense For Video (Beta) Rolled Out To US Publishers
Google AdSenseFeb 22, 2008
322: new post   AdSense Fred - Cold Calls and Trusting Google
"No one knows how Google makes its decisions regarding Adsense. This means we don't know what the split is with publishers, what constitutes a violation of the TOS, or what the average price per click is. Not to mention that the TOS prohibits partners from discussing their earnings..."
Google AdSenseMar 4, 2005
323: new post   AdSense Gets Asynchronous Loading - Need for Speed
You must select Synchronous or Asynchronous (beta). It defaults to Synchronous.
Google AdSenseJuly 1, 2013
324: new post   AdSense Glitch to Delay Some August Payments
Google says some AdSense payments for August earnings were erroneously sent to Adwords addresses, and will be paid out to the proper recipients with September earnings.
Google AdSenseOct 5, 2005
325: new post   AdSense Image Ad Revenue: Revisit To Test Earnings Potential
"WebmasterWorld Members discuss the earnings opportunities for AdSense image ads"
Google AdSenseSept 10, 2010
326: new post   AdSense Inauguration Earnings
Google AdSenseJan 21, 2009
327: new post   AdSense Income Now Offered in Euros
"Today, I got a message in my account stating I can switch my account currency to Euros."
Google AdSenseMar 4, 2009
328: new post   AdSense Increases Referral Fees to $250
"...publisher earns $100 within 180 days of sign-up and is eligible for payment, you will be credited with an additional $250."
Google AdSenseFeb 7, 2007
329: new post   AdSense Login Blocked in IE, but Mozilla Gets In
Despite press about Googles *nix roots, the html cranked out by the Googleplex has been mostly IE exclusive code. That code has often broken down when run on browsers like Opera and Mozilla. For instance, Gmails block on Opera users. So it comes as a bit of a surprise to IE jockies to be locked out of AdSense for a day.
Google AdSenseAug 12, 2004
330: new post   AdSense Offers Publishers Control Over Ad Fonts
Webmasters discuss being able to better integrate ads into their websites
Google AdSenseFeb 20, 2009
331: new post   AdSense On Pure Scraper Spam Sites
"I hope we agree on that site full of links/google search results is a pure spam site, if so, WHY does google adsense sponsor such sites, there are 10000 sites like that which a sponsored by adsense, dont they want good search results any more, be cause the more they support those site, more there will be in the serps."
Google AdSenseMar 23, 2005
332: new post   AdSense PSA Ads Running on All Pages and Sites
It appears that AdSense is unofficially offline.
Google AdSenseAug 17, 2004
333: new post   AdSense Page Level Ads is a Major Addition to Ad Formats
Publishers report their mixed experiences with new ads
Google AdSenseMay 2, 2016
334: new post   AdSense Payment Currency Conversion Reporting Issues
Google AdSenseOct 29, 2008
335: new post   AdSense Policy Update Puts Scrapers on Notice: DMCA May Be Invoked?
Google AdSenseJan 18, 2007
336: new post   AdSense Program Policies Updated
"You may not construct your website to get better search rankings."
Google AdSenseJan 18, 2007
337: new post   AdSense Publishers - How Many Invited to Alternate Networks?
There are some emails that are clearly bogus networks, link sellers. But there are a lot of other networks that are partners with large advertisers and advertising agencies.[br][br]Have you been approached by these networks?[br][br]Have you tested them out?
Google AdSenseOct 13, 2011
338: new post   AdSense Publishers Feeling the Pinch
" Januarys earnings are down about 25% from January of last year and from last month. Impressions are about the same, but the CTR and therefore the ECPM is way down."
Google AdSenseFeb 5, 2009
339: new post   AdSense Publishers Notice Record Low Earnings Since First of April
AdSense program members have been bristling since the first of April about poor AdSense performance. In the last 24hrs, it appears Google has either made some program changes, or simply updated the way they calculate stats.
Google AdSenseApr 14, 2004
340: new post   AdSense Publishers Wonder If "Keep My Opt-Outs" Will Hurt Earnings
Today Google's Chrome browser announced an extension called "Keep My Opt-Outs". This extension allows the user to opt out permanently from all ad tracking cookies. The Google announcement added:[br][br]"We're working to make this feature available for other browsers, too. We've also decided to make the code for this extension available on an open-source basis, so that other developers can let us know if there's a bug, or even extend the code's capabilities if they want to."
Google Chrome BrowserJan 25, 2011
341: new post   AdSense Publishers and Our Confused Primary Focus
An intersting thread that is a throw back to the FlyCast, Burst, DoubleClick (etal) days of banners. WebWork suggests that; "If AdSense is not about making money for the advertisers then it will fail.". I read nearly that exact same quote in the FlyCast forums about six months before they packed it in.
Google AdSenseMar 21, 2005
342: new post   AdSense Referral Program: Time Limit Raised to 180 Days
"In a major change to the AdSense referral commission program, Google has doubled the time limit for generating a referral commission from 90 days to 180 days. This change is retroactive."
Google AdSenseMar 2, 2006
343: new post   AdSense Referrals Program to End in August 2008
Google AdSenseJuly 1, 2008
344: new post   AdSense Report Analysis With Excel
"Using Excel for advanced AdSense reports."
Google AdSenseMar 13, 2008
345: new post   AdSense Reporting Delay January 2011
"stats well and truly stuck on the first full day back at work for many."
Google AdSenseJan 4, 2011
346: new post   AdSense Revenue Drops But For Me Pubcenter Up
"This last drop in adsense revenue pushed me to try Microsoft ads again and I am happy to report, it is paying what adsense paid before the drop.."
Google AdSenseJune 22, 2010
347: new post   AdSense Revenue Share Earnings Changes
Site publishers discuss a negative change in AdSense Earnings coinciding with changes with the AdWords program.
Google AdSenseMay 9, 2012
348: new post   AdSense Rich Media Beta
"I just received an invitation to be part of the big G's Rich Media AdSense program."
Google AdSenseFeb 2, 2006
349: new post   AdSense Search Results Now On Your Own Site
"Now you can display AdSense for search results within your own site! Plus, we've updated our reports to provide performance details at the ad level. "
Google AdSenseAug 16, 2006
350: new post   AdSense Serving 3rd Party Ads on Content Network
"What will be the impact on AdWords advertisers of AdSense serving third party ads on Google's content network?"
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Aug 28, 2009
351: new post   AdSense Showing Region-Targeted Political Ads
Google AdSenseNov 3, 2008
352: new post   AdSense Site Targeting
Site targeted links will now appear within Adsense ads seeking advertisers who wish to advertise on that particular site.
Google AdSenseNov 21, 2005
353: new post   AdSense Stats Delay
"According to Google, the delay is fixed, but not everyone is seeing it quite yet."
Google AdSenseMay 8, 2008
354: new post   AdSense Stats Frozen: Publishers Getting Frustrated
Google AdSenseMar 9, 2009
355: new post   AdSense Tax Withholding
I have a U.S. corporation with an EIN number registered with Google AdSense. The most recently reported payment (not yet received) was reduced by an approximate 25% "Tax Withheld".
Google AdSenseMar 28, 2005
356: new post   AdSense Temporarily Changes Shape of Ad Inventory
Smart ad money is betting AdSense is at its pinnacle right now and like all other ad networks will slowly fade within a year. However, while the initial gold rush is on, many advertisers are feeling put out by overpriced Ad inventory.
Google AdSenseJuly 22, 2003
357: new post   AdSense Tester
Test and see what ads should appear on individual URLs.
Google AdSenseJan 23, 2004
358: new post   AdSense Testing "Playlists" of Video Ads Publishers Can Choose
"Google to test video ads on AdSense."
Google AdSenseJan 22, 2007
359: new post   AdSense Testing Cost Per Action
Google is testing Cost Per Action with a limited group of publishers. While questions remain as to when or if this will be rolled out, the implications for merchants and affiliate marketers are clear.
Google AdSenseJune 21, 2006
360: new post   AdSense Tips and Tricks
"There's a whole wealth of knowledge on these forums but broken up in to a ton of pages. If you have any tips, please share them here."
Google AdSenseOct 11, 2007
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