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321: new post   PNG's - Lets Take a Look
The format of PNG's is rich and includes most of best features of Gifs and Tiffs combined.
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design July 19, 2002
322: new post   Redux: Search Engine Validation Results
The Open Directory Project at Dmoz.org has become the first major search site to come into compliance with HTML web standards since 1996.
HTMLJuly 19, 2002
323: new post   Yahoo Extends Google Contract Until September
"Semel also said Yahoo was extending its search partnership with Google until September. His comments were made in a conference call after Palo Alto, Calif.-based Yahoo posted a second-quarter profit and higher revenues."
Google News ArchiveJuly 19, 2002
324: new post   Google 2002, Part II
"The first half of 2002 was pretty eventful at Google."
Google News ArchiveJuly 19, 2002
325: new post   Fast Introduces Alchemist Options for AllTheWeb
"AlltheWeb Alchemist marks the first time users can freely customize the appearance of their search engine and their search experience..."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJuly 19, 2002
326: new post   Google and Ask Jeeves Sign a 3yr Deal For Ads
"Beginning in September 2002, Google´s sponsored links will replace the third-party paid listings currently featured on Ask Jeeves search sites.
Google News ArchiveJuly 19, 2002
327: new post   Taking a Serious Look at PNG´s as a Gif Replacement
"In the past, there hasn´t been a compelling reason to switch to PNG´s. Browser and Graphic program support was slow to catch on and there just wasn´t enough of a reason to switch from the standard mix of Jpegs and Gifs."
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design July 20, 2002
328: new post   CSS -- Using the cascade
Using stylesheets for both large and small sites and how best to administrate your cascade
CSSJuly 20, 2002
329: new post   Overture France Online
Although reach through partners is rather slim by now the introduction of the bid tool and the suggestion tool are good news for webmasters targeting France.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesJuly 22, 2002
330: new post   Excite UK is back
Excite UK is back, using Fast DB and DMOZ.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJuly 22, 2002
331: new post   UKPlus Joins The BTLookSmart Network
"BTLookSmart today announced that it will be providing search solutions to Associated New Media´s (ANM) online sites that include UK Plus,..."
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJuly 22, 2002
332: new post   ODP, The Mother of All Search Engines
Every new search engine that comes along, starts with the ODP as a seed database. Teoma, WiseNut, Google, Inktomi, Fast, Altavista, and hundreds of other se´s have used the ODP to influence or seed databases.
DirectoriesJuly 22, 2002
333: new post   Sony Clie PEG-T615C Review
Overall, the Clie 615 is a reasonably sleek unit featuring a color display and the Palm 4.1 OS.
Smartphone, Wireless, and Mobile TechnologiesJuly 22, 2002
334: new post   Questions to ask SEO company
What would you ask in the final stages of contracting for SEO services?
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJuly 23, 2002
335: new post   Fast Endorses The FTC Search Engine Disclosure
"...clearly marked paid- for-placement listings that the user might find relevant to their search...AlltheWeb today also posted additional information regarding the presence of Web pages which have been crawled and indexed by FAST"
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJuly 23, 2002
336: new post   Beta Google Results on AOL
Beta search AOL now features results by Google.
Google News ArchiveJuly 25, 2002
337: new post   Google Results on iWon
First AOL, now Iwon.
Google News ArchiveJuly 26, 2002
338: new post   What´s Next?
"...I want to become a professional Webmaster but I don´t know what my next step is."
New To Web DevelopmentJuly 26, 2002
339: new post   Irish Search Engines
A general survey of Irish search engines.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJuly 27, 2002
340: new post   MSN Search Preview Page
"After copying the log entry into the browser I got a preview image of six pages which matched the result."
DirectoriesJuly 27, 2002
341: new post   Tale of the Tape - search.AOL Google Traffic Numbers Trickle In
"Since Google has been full time for a few days, I have to admit at some disappointment at the amount of traffic delivered. "
Google News ArchiveJuly 27, 2002
342: new post   New UK Internet Access Statistics from the ONS
New internet stats are out for the UK.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJuly 28, 2002
343: new post   DMOZ Listing and Value?
"I have looked at the PR of each directory listing and found the DMOZ category page has PR=5, the Yahoo catogory page has PR=3, and the Looksmart page has PR=1. "
Google News ArchiveJuly 28, 2002
344: new post   Espotting Lands Lycos Europe
Lycos Europe has signed a new deal pan-european with Espotting. Espotting is going to provide PPC listings to Lycos channel and directory sections."
Deprecated - European Search EnginesJuly 29, 2002
345: new post   Microsoft Views Google as a Competitor
Microsoft: "Google I think of really more as a competitor than I would as a partner..."
Google News ArchiveJuly 31, 2002
346: new post   Ask Jeeves Debuts Toolbar
AskJeeves introduces new toolbar.
Ask - TeomaJuly 31, 2002
347: new post   3 column layouts
How to do a 3 column fluid layout. Also includes a nice working version for NN4
CSSAug 2, 2002
348: new post   Web Page Design Priorities: Purpose vs. Presentation?
Coding and the target audience.
HTMLAug 6, 2002
349: new post   Building a Business Around Affiliate Programs
Experiences from successful affiliate site managers.
AffiliatesAug 6, 2002
350: new post   Overcoming Writers Block
"I have no idea how it started, and it'll go away momentarily or for a short period of time, but then it's back again."
Content, Writing and CopyrightAug 8, 2002
351: new post   Finding Good Affiliate Niches
Finding niches with good ROI.
AffiliatesAug 9, 2002
352: new post   Inktomi Core MSN Cluster Update
What appears to be an entirely new db serving MSN results. Update confirmed by Inktomi with the new db at 2 billion+ pages.
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsAug 9, 2002
353: new post   Generic CSS - common issues and answers
Great thread for common CSS issues and solutions
CSSAug 11, 2002
354: new post   Do you put a phone number on your site?
"If I put up a phone number on one of my busier sites, I could be swamped."
EcommerceAug 13, 2002
355: new post   Screen Res Going Up Again? 800x600 vs 1024x768
"...safe bet to design a site for 1024x768 resolution?"
HTMLAug 15, 2002
356: new post   IBM Issued Search Patent: "Distributed Metadata Searching System"
Open call for patent interpretation. If we are reading this right, IBM was granted a sweeping patent on "distributed" (P2P) search engines.
SEM Research TopicsAug 17, 2002
357: new post   Hover Effects and Usability
Are the dynamic pseudo classes and what you can achieve with them a help or strain on usability?
CSSAug 18, 2002
358: new post   Netscape 4.8 Released
Yes, you read that version number right.
HTMLAug 18, 2002
359: new post   Linking Campaign Research Article
Linking has become so complex, that research is involved before beginning a link campaign.
Link Building ForumAug 19, 2002
360: new post   Yahoo Increases Sponsored Listings Price
The highlighted sponsored ads on Yahoo have gone up in price.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Aug 20, 2002
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