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281: new post   Mid Year SEO Checkup - Lessons Learned 2002
This business has been so fluid the last couple of years, that you have to be a full time WebmasterWorld member just to keep up.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJune 26, 2002
282: new post   Overture UK on Yahoo.com for UK searchers.
"...now getting the top 3 Overture UK listings appearing at the top of Yahoo.com!"
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJune 27, 2002
283: new post   Stat check - Language distribution in AllTheWebs index
"As of June AlltheWeb has the largest index worldwide with nearly 2,1 Bill indexed pages."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJune 27, 2002
284: new post   Micro Fonts - What´s Up With That?
"Why do good designers tend to use ultra-tiny fonts..."
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design June 27, 2002
285: new post   Ask Jeeves Does the Logo Thing
World cup fever spreads to AskJeeves.
Ask - TeomaJune 27, 2002
286: new post   Overture Heads To Japan
From all indications, it appears Overture is slated to open a branch in Japan.
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 28, 2002
287: new post   Does Google Reward Valid Code?
"Does Google reward valid HTML (According to W3C standard 4.0 or the XHTML standard)? "
Google News ArchiveJune 28, 2002
288: new post   Search Engine Validation Results
A review of current validation results of the major search engines.
HTMLJune 29, 2002
289: new post   Largest Search Engine in the world opens
"Openfind.com now is the world's largest search engine in terms of database."
Alternative Search EnginesJuly 1, 2002
290: new post   OpenFind Largest Search Engine in the World Opens
They have been crawling the web for years. OpenFind, finally opens to the public with what is reportidly, the largest search engine database ever.
Alternative Search EnginesJuly 1, 2002
291: new post   Yahoo New Look
Evidently Yahoo is betting that the 640x400 screen is a thing of the past. The most surprising thing about their new build, is that it requires a 700 pixel wide screen before side scrolling is forced.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 2, 2002
292: new post   Teoma Update
Appears to be a full Teoma database update.
Ask - TeomaJuly 3, 2002
293: new post   What Date Format do YOU use on YOUR website?
Are you a 07-03-02 or 03-07-02 person, or does 03 July '02 or July 03, '02 do it for you ?
HTMLJuly 3, 2002
294: new post   Wisenut has new look SERPs
New cleaner look for WiseNut SERPs (search engine results pages)
Alternative Search EnginesJuly 4, 2002
295: new post   Using CSS to Make Great Looking Forms
How to use <fieldset> and <legend> tags with CSS to make nice looking forms
CSSJuly 4, 2002
296: new post   PubConference 2 - The Internet Marketing Event of the Year
"You´ve been hearing about PubCon 1 for the past year and wishing you had been there. Don´t miss this opportunity to open yourself to new methods and strategies for web marketing revealed by the friends and family of WebmasterWorld at PubCon 2."
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJuly 4, 2002
297: new post   Mandrake and Suse to Distribute Opera for Linux
Opera Software bags its two largest distribution deals ever for Linux.
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsJuly 5, 2002
298: new post   TouchGraph Google Website Relationship Mapper and Browser
TouchGraph is a new (free) site and java based app that maps site relationships via Google backlinks. It is the quintessential website relationship browser.
Google News ArchiveJuly 5, 2002
299: new post   Ruling Handed Down in Danish Deep Linking Case
"An Internet news [search engine] was barred by court order Friday from linking to the Web sites of Danish newspapers."
Link Building ForumJuly 5, 2002
300: new post   Using Personalized Emails on the Web
"...has seen great success with personalizing their pieces - so much so that DM mail shops have expensive laser divisions that add all kinds of personalized touches from a database after the basic print run is finished."
EcommerceJuly 5, 2002
301: new post   Yahoo goes PFI in Norway
"Yahoo Norway has finally gone PFI for commercial sites."
Deprecated - European Search EnginesJuly 6, 2002
302: new post   Espotting extends reach in Spain & Italy
"Espotting now has announced the extension of the partnership with Altavista for Italy, Spain and France."
Deprecated - European Search EnginesJuly 6, 2002
303: new post   Japan introduces anti-spam law
The legislation requires senders of email ads to attach messages telling receivers the email is unsolicited advertising and how to reject any future ads.
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 6, 2002
304: new post   The Big Change in Google Mid-Month Update Process
"Google has been in constant movement for the last couple of cycles. I´ve seen some sites that have been moving so much that you can´t really tell the difference between pre and post updates."
Google News ArchiveJuly 7, 2002
305: new post   CSS left menu rollovers
How to achieve the classic left menu rollover look
CSSJuly 8, 2002
306: new post   Fast on Nomade/Tiscali in France
Tiscali in France appears to have switched to Fast based results.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesJuly 9, 2002
307: new post   How are web sites ranked in Yahoo?
"...what I need to know is simply, how are the web sites in Yahoo ranked for relevance in response to keyword phrase searches?"
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 10, 2002
308: new post   Mapping local Google usage
Local usage patterns of Google differ from US usage. Figures for usage of Google in France.
Google News ArchiveJuly 10, 2002
309: new post   Jeeves IQ Top Word Tracking
Like the Lycos top 50 and similar search engine pages, AskJeeves has introduced/updated the Jeeves IQ top search word page.
Ask - TeomaJuly 10, 2002
310: new post   P3P and the Default Settings of Internet Explorer 6
"Internet Explorer 6 takes a proactive stance to P3P by automatically taking action based on the user´s privacy settings. This may be done with little or no knowledge of the human surfing the web and could change the browsing experience intended by the webmaster. "
HTMLJuly 10, 2002
311: new post   Yahoo! And SBC Expand Yellow Pages Alliance
Yahoo! continues to move from a white pages directory to yellow pages directory via an agreement with SBC Yellow Pages.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 10, 2002
312: new post   Who is Espotting feeding
The Espotting.co.uk dance card.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJuly 10, 2002
313: new post   AskJeeves Launches Paid Inclusion
Index Express, which has been positioned as an Ask Jeeves service, will match search queries from users "to the highly relevant deep content on an advertiser´s Web site,"
Ask - TeomaJuly 10, 2002
314: new post   DMOZ 3,553,877 sites
"The ODP recently went over 3.5 million sites..."
DirectoriesJuly 11, 2002
315: new post   Search Engine Submissions - The Major Players
Deprecated - Search Engine SubmissionJuly 12, 2002
316: new post   Web Page Date Formats
A general survey on date format usage.
HTMLJuly 12, 2002
317: new post   Web Site Usability 101
"a few tips for beginners..."
New To Web DevelopmentJuly 12, 2002
318: new post   Spot Check By AP Reveals Most Engines Slow to Respond To FTC Requests
A spot check by the Associated Press is just out as to how the engines are dealing, if at all, to the requests made by the FTC re: Commerical Watch.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJuly 15, 2002
319: new post   Search Engine Validation Results
The Open Directory Project at Dmoz.org has become the first major search site to come into compliance with HTML web standards since 1996.
HTMLJuly 17, 2002
320: new post   2002, Part II
GoogleGuy wants to know: What sort of things do you want to see Google doing next? And are you ready for the rest of the year?
Google News ArchiveJuly 18, 2002
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