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241: new post   Mod_rewrite: External vs Local Redirects
"What server settings, or installed modules, would allow external redirects to work but cause local redirects to fail?"
Perl Server Side CGI ScriptingJune 6, 2002
242: new post   Webmastery 101 Basic Skill Set
"What did you wish you knew starting out?"
New To Web DevelopmentJune 6, 2002
243: new post   How will the Massive ISP/DNS Changes in Europe Affect Rankings?
"...due to the bankrupcy of one of the biggest European ISPs. Thousands of sites are now moving to new hosts..."
0June 6, 2002
244: new post   FAST Portal Partners 2002
A comprehensive list of FAST Search & Transfer portal partners
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJune 8, 2002
245: new post   Page Rank and Googlebot Crawl Schedule and Frequency
"Last month it seemed the theory that less page rank puts you lower on googlebots spidering schedule was confirmed (for existing sites, new sites seem to get special attention)."
0June 9, 2002
246: new post   Linking Outside the Box
"Having someone present an article you´ve written is great stuff, especially if a nice little bio with link included."
Link Building ForumJune 10, 2002
247: new post   Building Business Content 101
"...a few more types of content you can add to any business site to beef it up a bit."
Content, Writing and CopyrightJune 10, 2002
248: new post   Search Engine and Spider IP Lists
Nice resource on the major operating spiders.
Search Engine Spider and User Agent IdentificationJune 10, 2002
249: new post   When a Client Wants a Cluttered Page
"The client...fancies his business offerings to be multipronged like Microsoft and figures it is logical that he should emulate them."
HTMLJune 11, 2002
250: new post   The New Yahoo Look
Yahoo has redesigned their homepage.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)June 11, 2002
251: new post   Mysterious User Agent and 404 Random Strings
"Altavista and DIIbot use suspicious request methods to test 404 errors."
Search Engine Spider and User Agent IdentificationJune 11, 2002
252: new post   Accessibility Issues In The Real World
"To be honest, my considerations in regard to usability and accessibility extended to making sure sites were cross- browser compliant. That changed when I was handed the task of developing content for several sites that by necessity must be accessible to people with impaired vision. "
HTMLJune 11, 2002
253: new post   Looking For Studies on Web Pages
The quest for free or resonably priced studies on web pages continues. In a world where we run on precision computers and have date on everything, the lack of real world page performace data is troubling.
HTMLJune 11, 2002
254: new post   How Much Will Pop-Ups Upset Customers?
"You throw in a pop under for additional revenue?"
AffiliatesJune 11, 2002
255: new post   Do Affiliate Sales Decline Over Time?
"...got a site with affiliate links which is cruising along nicely earning couple hundred bucks a month. I worry that eventually people will find the real site and miss me out"
AffiliatesJune 11, 2002
256: new post   Robots.txt and 404 Errors
Google Says : "If someone requests a robots.txt file, don´t return some custom 404 page or strange page with HTML, graphics..."
0June 11, 2002
257: new post   Building Small Business Websites 101
"Here are some ideas on how to go about building websites for the average small business. Many of us do this all day every day and some of the stuff here is very obvious but, I thought it might be useful to get some basic concepts outlined and perhaps you guys could add to it?"
Webmaster GeneralJune 11, 2002
258: new post   Multiple Page Forms - High Degree of Difficulty
"I am trying to develop a form that has multiple pages..."
HTMLJune 11, 2002
259: new post   Gif Graphics With Exact Dimensions
"...trying to figure out how to publish sewing patterns electronically. The problem is that the patterns are templates and must therefore print at exactly their true dimensions."
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design June 11, 2002
260: new post   Mozilla 1.1Alpha out
Hot on the heals of Moz 1.0 comes version 1.1 with about 15 new changes and a full trainload of bug fixes.
HTMLJune 12, 2002
261: new post   SEO Salaries
It is either a great deal less than you would expect, or a great deal more than you would expect. Either way - nobody is talking.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJune 12, 2002
262: new post   Hitbox Starting To Use Exit Windows
Tracker site to begin using interstitial advertisments.
Website Analytics - Tracking and LoggingJune 12, 2002
263: new post   New Look for Jeeves
"Ask Jeeves is sporting a fresh new look, with a nice clean nav bar to What People are Asking, Breaking News, Browse by Subject and AJ Kids."
Ask - TeomaJune 12, 2002
264: new post   Fast/AllTheWeb: We´re in talks with Yahoo
Knut Magne Risvik from Fast/AllTheWeb yesterday confirmed - "yes, we are in close talks with Yahoo."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJune 13, 2002
265: new post   CSS 100% Height DIV's tutorial
How to make your <div>'s 100% in height
CSSJune 13, 2002
266: new post   Staring at a Monitor All Day
"After working on a computer all day, my eyes and head ache. I have tried different monitors, different settings, and even checked my eyes, and nothing seems to help."
Webmaster GeneralJune 15, 2002
267: new post   Validation vs. Code Bloat
We all know that with the browser wars starting to simmer again and that makes code validation more important than it has been in several years. However, code size is just as big an issue in the speed sensitive environment of the web.
HTMLJune 19, 2002
268: new post   CGI Redirected URLs and PageRank
When a directory listing with a CGI redirect points to your site, does this benefit your Page Rank?
0June 19, 2002
269: new post   Does Keyword Density Still Matter as Much in a PR World?
I thought the keyword density would be very important in Google...but then I read posts in here where many write that the keyword density.
0June 19, 2002
270: new post   Google Shows Up on AOL.co.uk
The much anticipated move to Google provided results by AOL has begun in the UK.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJune 19, 2002
271: new post   Google Displaying Meta Description
"...is showing SERPS that contain meta descriptions rather than the normal auto generated descriptions."
0June 22, 2002
272: new post   Teoma/Ask Launch IE Search Toolbar
Teoma will launch a new toolbar on Tuesday that features a nifty "email-a-page" option.
Ask - TeomaJune 24, 2002
273: new post   Language distribution in FAST's index
Breakdown of the number of sites listed for nearly 50 languages from June 2002 in Fast's index.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJune 24, 2002
274: new post   Real World Linux - The Big Move From Windows to Linux
"I have recently jumped over to Linux from Windows, after putting it off for far too long, and thought it might be worth sharing my experience in order to encourage others in the same boat."
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsJune 26, 2002
275: new post   Status Check - What Helps and What Hurts Ranking?
Quarterly SEO status check on what is working and not working.
Webmaster GeneralJune 26, 2002
276: new post   What Dynamic Content in Europe is Indexable?
What SEs can now index dynamic sites?
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJune 26, 2002
277: new post   Why be a Webmaster?
Is it the money or the chicks?
Webmaster GeneralJune 26, 2002
278: new post   Visual Noise Reduction
If it were possible, I would reduce every page down to the content, 1-3 direct links to related content, and one link back to root for a maximum of 5 links on a page. Unfortunatly, pages like that rarely work in the real world.
HTMLJune 26, 2002
279: new post   Is it still possible to get high rankings in all search engines?
Can the same page still attain high rankings in multiple engines?
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJune 26, 2002
280: new post   Are Splash Pages Site Killers or Site Makers?
Click here to enter.
HTMLJune 26, 2002
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