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201: new post   FindWhat Earnings - $51 Million
FindWhat reports q3 earnings.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 21, 2003
202: new post   MetaCrawler Updates Interface
Alternative Search EnginesOct 21, 2003
203: new post   Mooter Search Engine
New Australian based search engine.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 21, 2003
204: new post   Mooter Search Engine
New Australian search engine Mooter.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 21, 2003
205: new post   Amazon Launches The Ultimate Book Search Engine
You will be able to search all text of all books on Amazon. This is a major league search move.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 24, 2003
206: new post   Microsoft Testing News Search Service
"Microsoft web portal MSN has unveiled a test, or beta, service called MSN Newsbot to search news in the languages of four countries - the UK, France, Italy and Spain. MSN Newsbot is an experimental, automated news service that gathers news from more than 4,000 sources online, according to the Newsbot website."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 18, 2003
207: new post   New Investment Search Engine : The Scannery
"...allowing users to search the Web sites of 11 000 publicly traded companies across the world."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 18, 2003
208: new post   AOL Buys Multimedia Search Engine SingingFish
" America Online has purchased Seattle-based Singingfish for an undisclosed sum."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 19, 2003
209: new post   New Version for KartOO.
"...Personalisation of results according to your interests and previous searches"
Alternative Search EnginesNov 19, 2003
210: new post   Grokker Makes Some Noise
An engine we first talked about last summer has received some recent press.
Alternative Search EnginesJan 6, 2004
211: new post   Search Limo - Speech Driven Search
"Voice driven SE due to launch next month"
Alternative Search EnginesJan 22, 2004
212: new post   Blow Search and InfoSpace in Distribution Pact
"BlowSearch will distribute InfoSpace's Web metasearch results and online yellow and white pages listings through its search properties."
Alternative Search EnginesJan 22, 2004
213: new post   VeriSign Runs SiteFinder Up the Flag Pole Again
Verisign (Formerly Network Solutions) reconsiders starting back up arguably the most controversial internet domain name related action ever.
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 9, 2004
214: new post   Lycos To Get Out Of The Search Business
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 12, 2004
215: new post   Amazon's New Search Enters Beta
A little new functionality on top of Google results.
Alternative Search EnginesApr 15, 2004
216: new post   Musicplasma Visual Music Search Engine
With a stunning Kartoo like interface, Musicplasma offers some serious eye candy for text weary searchers.
Alternative Search EnginesJuly 13, 2004
217: new post   Pricerunner.com Sold to Valueclick
"Valueclick has bought Princerunner.com for $29 million in cash and a shares."
Alternative Search EnginesAug 3, 2004
218: new post   Kelkoo Switches from Google to Overture
A natural progression after being acquired by Yahoo...
Alternative Search EnginesAug 4, 2004
219: new post   IceRocket Gets Financing
New Meta SearchEngine backed by some powerhouse VC's.
Alternative Search EnginesAug 4, 2004
220: new post   Mamma.com Revenue up 62 Percent From Last Year.
"We are especially pleased with the growth of our ad network which realized a revenue increase of 62 per cent from the same quarter last year. The completion of our acquisition of Digital Arrow further enhances our revenue stream and enables us to complete our one-stop-shop offer to online advertisers.""
Alternative Search EnginesAug 12, 2004
221: new post   Amazon Launches A9 Search Engine - New Era in Personalized Search
"Users can view and edit past search results and sites they’ve visited by clicking on Search History on the A9 Toolbar or through an adjustable column on the main page. Site History tells users if and when they previously visited a listed site. Users can even search their own history, finding sites they have visited any time in the past."
Alternative Search EnginesSept 15, 2004
222: new post   DogPile Changes Name to WebFetch
Alternative Search EnginesSept 15, 2004
223: new post   LookSmart to Acquire Furl
"... allocating 5 gigabytes (GB) of storage for each individual member's public archive, enough space to store tens of thousands of archived items."
Alternative Search EnginesSept 23, 2004
224: new post   Kozoru, The First True Hubs and Authorities Search Engine?
Kozoru search engine still in the alpha building stages, but sounds like it will be the internets first true Klienberg Hubs and Authorities based search engine.
Alternative Search EnginesSept 24, 2004
225: new post   GigaBlast Hits 650,000,000 Indexed and Counting
Gigablast hits the half billion mark for indexing documents into their search database. One of the most promising upstarts we have seen in recent years.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 7, 2004
226: new post   Looksmart Hires New CEO
"...David Hills has been appointed as the Company's Chief Executive Officer, effective October 25, 2004. Mr. Hills will succeed Damian Smith, who has served as interim CEO since January 2004."
Alternative Search EnginesOct 19, 2004
227: new post   Mobissimo Travel Engine Red Hot
Travel search engines are one of the hottest sectors of the search engines.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 22, 2004
228: new post   SBC and BellSouth Partner, Acquire www.YellowPages.com
"..."today announced that their directory affiliates have created an Internet yellow pages joint venture that has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the online directory publisher www.yellowpages.com, Inc."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 4, 2004
229: new post   Speegle Talking Search Engine
"A Scottish computer speech technology company has launched what it claims to be the world's first talking search engine."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 8, 2004
230: new post   Mamma Buys Copernic
" ...signed a letter of intent ( " LOI " ) whereby Mamma.com would acquire all of the shares of Copernic Technologies for a combination of cash and shares of Mamma.com Inc. "
Alternative Search EnginesDec 3, 2004
231: new post   Pfeiffer Named Chairman Of AI Search Engine Firm
" The firm's Artificial Intelligence Search Engine tracks search terms, and its Accoona Quick Profile delivers company data that enables users to quickly retrieve a company's contact and financial information. "
Alternative Search EnginesDec 4, 2004
232: new post   GigaBlast Hits 1 billion Pages Indexed
Everyones sentimental dark horse Gigablast hits 1 billion pages indexed.
Alternative Search EnginesJan 7, 2005
233: new post   Fastclick Goes Public
Long time ad player - FastClick goes public.
Alternative Search EnginesJan 8, 2005
234: new post   LookSmart Posts Disappointing Fourth Quarter Results
"... LookSmart did not properly deploy sufficient sales resources in the fourth quarter and we are obviously not satisfied with this outcome," stated Chief Executive Officer David Hills."
Alternative Search EnginesJan 28, 2005
235: new post   Looksmart WiseNut Crawler Spotted Running in Wild
ZyBorg/1.0 zyborg@looksmart.net; www.WISEnutbot.com
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 1, 2005
236: new post   AOL Search Expands Capabilities
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 25, 2005
237: new post   Rocketinfo to Monetize Feeds With Kanoodle
"..has signed an agreement with Kanoodle ... for content pages and search results, to embed content targeted advertising into Rocketinfo's search-based RSS newsfeeds."
Alternative Search EnginesMar 23, 2005
238: new post   America Online Unveils Hottest Searches for Spring 2005
"What's captivating consumers this spring? AOL(R) Search today revealed the top searches as Americans get ready for everything from baseball and bikinis to education and easy tax tips...."
Alternative Search EnginesApr 13, 2005
239: new post   Mates : The First Proximity Based Social Network Engine
"...a location-based social networking system in the form of a robust web service, or Relationship Engine, and an optional rich media client application, or Relationship Space Navigator. Your instant messaging program could automatically create and populate buddy lists based on the people in your classroom, your office building, or even your neighborhood."
Alternative Search EnginesMay 2, 2005
240: new post   Alexa opens up crawler to the public
"In a move with potentially far-reaching implications for the search market, Alexa Internet is opening up its huge web crawler to any programmer who wants paid access to its rich trove of internet data."
Alternative Search EnginesDec 13, 2005
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