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201: new post   The Most Important Aspect of Marketing a Website
"I am going to be teaching a workshop at a university later this month and I want to get some opinions of what you all think is the most important facet of marketing a website on the internet. "
Webmaster GeneralMay 8, 2002
202: new post   Google Blasts into Japan with I-Mode Engine
"Google said it can translate a requested HTML document into a format optimized for i-mode users, making the new service the first search engine enabling access to more than 1.3 billion Web pages from i-mode wireless phones. "
Asia and Pacific RegionMay 8, 2002
203: new post   Websites Take Teamwork
"If you have several specialists collaborating on the project, you either need someone to keep an eye on the overall picture, or need a team that understands that they need to work together to produce the website."
HTMLMay 8, 2002
204: new post   The search for a safe and functional email client
My kingdom for a safe, full featured, usable email client.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesMay 8, 2002
205: new post   Overture on Fast (AlltheWeb)
Fast/AllTheWeb is now displaying Overture results under Sponsored Listings.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comMay 9, 2002
206: new post   New advanced features at Alltheweb
"Fasts Beta Topics are out of beta status... the connection between grouping sites into those topics and the ODP categories is described pretty clearly now..."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comMay 11, 2002
207: new post   How do you design?
"I was wondering how other designers come up with the sites you do. I usually use photoshop and just start designing elements. I thought about sketches on a piece of paper first, but it seems to just take longer than. Any thoughts?"
HTMLMay 13, 2002
208: new post   Google Uncovers aol.google.com
"Take a look at the sponsored listings. Notice the different color and the highlighted keywords? It´s also showing more results per keyword search."
0May 14, 2002
209: new post   Euroseek Directory Now Live.
"You can now submit pages to euroseeks directory at no cost."
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMay 14, 2002
210: new post   URLs in Printed Literature
"Is there an excepted norm in displaying a URL in print documents?"
Webmaster GeneralMay 15, 2002
211: new post   Offline : Creating a CD Based Site
"I have a client that wants basic HTML pages presented on CD business cards. Did you build your site like normal and just transfer the pages onto CD..."
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesMay 15, 2002
212: new post   What Does Linux Look Like - A Screen Shot Tour
With Linux you have literally hundreds of graphical interfaces to choose from.
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsMay 15, 2002
213: new post   Broadband Stagnation - Where Did All the Customers Go?
"What´s clearly missing from the broadband equation is, simply, a reason to use it. Many consumers find dial-up perfectly acceptable for E-mail and Web browsing."
Website Technology IssuesMay 15, 2002
214: new post   Word-of-mouth better than SE referrals
Interesting new research from Taylor Nelson Sofres claims that word of mouth is far more important than search engines or links for attracting regular users.
Webmaster GeneralMay 15, 2002
215: new post   Dealing With Copyright Violations
Whether it is a multinational corporation or the mom and pop on the corner, most of us have had our work page jacked at one time.
Content, Writing and CopyrightMay 15, 2002
216: new post   New to WebDesign - Been There Done That.
We all remember what it was like: "I am very new using a PC and have a lot of catching up do to. I have a question to ask, although I´m afraid to ask for fear of sounding like the village idiot, but here goes:"
HTMLMay 16, 2002
217: new post   What if Google drops the ODP?
What would be the overall effect to you, if Google dropped the ODP?
0May 20, 2002
218: new post   AllTheWeb Crawling PDF Files.
Fast/AllTheWeb adds support for PDF files.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comMay 20, 2002
219: new post   labs.google.com New Google Tools and Toys
Google has created four new utiltities to play with - "Google labs showcases a few of our [Google] favorite ideas that aren´t quite ready for prime time."
Google News ArchiveMay 21, 2002
220: new post   Netscape Goes Full Blown Google
The top two Overture results are still being displayed at the top of the page, but the rest of the SERPs are Google´s, with small differences in some searches.
0May 21, 2002
221: new post   Teoma Index Update
Full Teoma database update. Vastly different results on Teoma and AskJeeves.
Ask - TeomaMay 22, 2002
222: new post   Now on Deck : Netscape 7
"...are working hard to create features and services you want in Netscape 7.0. Netscape 7.0 PR1 is a pre-release version for users to test and provide feedback."
HTMLMay 22, 2002
223: new post   Are Virtual Domains Still Risky or are they Safe Now?
It is an older topic that just keeps coming back to life. The controversy around Virtual Hosted Domains will not go away.
0May 23, 2002
224: new post   Where Does Google Need Help?
"Now let me turn it around and ask--what searches aren´t great on Google?
Google News ArchiveMay 23, 2002
225: new post   Under the Hood of AllTheWeb - Fast Search and Transfer
"The company is one of the fastest growing high tech companies worldwide. Fast delivers a rather modest part of the worldwide websearch volume. Their public searchengine Alltheweb.com is a pure showcase."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comMay 28, 2002
226: new post   Make intelligent use of META tags
Refresher course in the venerable meta tags.
HTMLMay 28, 2002
227: new post   Do SE Submission Services Work?
Simple question with a complex industry answer.
Deprecated - Search Engine SubmissionMay 29, 2002
228: new post   Is SEO evolving into full Project Management?
"It takes a great project manager or developer and when folks ask where SEO is going I think that´s the direction we´re moving in. A well optimized site is a well planned and developed site."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesMay 29, 2002
229: new post   New Forum: .NET Framework and Related Technologies
Microsoft has committed vast resources to it´s .NET initiative. Although still in it´s infancy stage, it is clear that the technology is going to grow by multitudes. We are blessed in the moderator department with not only a reworld .net related programmer, but a .net course instructor as well.
Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NETMay 29, 2002
230: new post   Google Programming Contest Results
Google has given out results of their Programming Contest.
0May 31, 2002
231: new post   Digital Camera Prices Plummet
Is it safe to buy a digital camera now? From a price stand point, most everyone agrees that they have been 100-500% over priced for years. The long awaited shakeout begins.
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design May 31, 2002
232: new post   Welcome to WebmasterWorld v3
Phase one of the long awaited upgrade to WebmasterWorld forum software has been completed.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterJune 2, 2002
233: new post   Who owns a web page design?
"If someone hires you to design their site, and you bring to it your unique graphic/coding skills, do you own rights to the interface/layout design?"
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJune 3, 2002
234: new post   Popup Ads Patent Granted.
ExitExchange has received a patent on popup based advertising.
AffiliatesJune 3, 2002
235: new post   Jakob Nielsen Enlisted by Macromedia
"Macromedia has been listening to critics and has now enlisted Jakob to help make Flash more usable and find ways to educate designers on how to use it sensibly."
Website Technology IssuesJune 4, 2002
236: new post   Recovering from the Dreaded Page Rank 0
Can a site come back from the PageRank Zero abyss?
0June 5, 2002
237: new post   ATT Adds Google
ATT Worldnet adds Google as their default search engine.
0June 5, 2002
238: new post   How Does Google Determine Which URL to List?
Many webmasters have duplicate domains or urls. How does Google decide which one -- or both -- to list?
0June 5, 2002
239: new post   Why Mac?
What's the different between Mac & PC?
Apple Software and TechnologyJune 6, 2002
240: new post   Misused Homonyms Revisited
"You know, the kind of spelling error that no spell checker will ever catch because it´s still a good word, but just wrong. These errors make a web page look illiterate."
Webmaster GeneralJune 6, 2002
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