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1961: new post   Yahoo Manual Exclusions and Inclusions : aka: BOW Whitelist
" Some Yahoo serps look very much like they have been manually altered. When you scroll over the serp rankings you will notice that the sites on top contain H=1 tags in their url strings. "
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 3, 2004
1962: new post   Adsense Account was disabled, how about the check?
" As Google shut my account down today on Dec.03, just forget about the remaining fund in Google which have not yet sent to me, I am wondering if I am able to get the moeny for the check I have received on Nov.14? "
Google AdSenseDec 3, 2004
1963: new post   Hiding Disabled AdWords Keywords
"Since disabled keywords are not showing your ads, there is really no reason that I can think of to keep them in your account. In fact, since they are still being budgeted for, they are actually working against you. "
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Dec 3, 2004
1964: new post   Clicking my Competitors Ads
Like everyone else I periodically visit my competitors sites to see what they're up to in regards to wording, landing page, form types etc. to help me gauge how the best techniques to use.
Google AdSenseDec 3, 2004
1965: new post   Noted Search Space Players Marchex
A little over looked press release from Marchex details some big numbers. - these guys are the real deal.
Domain NamesDec 3, 2004
1966: new post   Mamma Buys Copernic
" ...signed a letter of intent ( " LOI " ) whereby Mamma.com would acquire all of the shares of Copernic Technologies for a combination of cash and shares of Mamma.com Inc. "
Alternative Search EnginesDec 3, 2004
1967: new post   Burning the Link Games and Going back to Scratch
Some link exchanges that I wouldn't have touched with a 10 foot pole, and even worse, a folder with about 300 pages of autogenerated doorway pages.
Link Building ForumDec 4, 2004
1968: new post   MSN Search Friendly Rank Checkers
MSN search blog lists rank checkers for use with the msn beta.
Bing Search Engine NewsDec 4, 2004
1969: new post   Pfeiffer Named Chairman Of AI Search Engine Firm
" The firm's Artificial Intelligence Search Engine tracks search terms, and its Accoona Quick Profile delivers company data that enables users to quickly retrieve a company's contact and financial information. "
Alternative Search EnginesDec 4, 2004
1970: new post   Overture Settles Geico Suit
" Yahoo subsidiary Overture confirmed on Wednesday that it settled out of court with Geico on Friday, but a company representative would not elaborate. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. "
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingDec 4, 2004
1971: new post   I Built a Website Without a Monetization Plan
I haven't had fun with a website for a long time. So I set one up on the side to goof off with. Totally off the wall. No thought toward monetization.
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 4, 2004
1972: new post   What is the Way Forward for Webmasters and Search Engines?
While reporters have been quick to anoint Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search the new NBC, ABC, and CBS networks of the web, many believe that the search engine model has peaked or is near the peak of it's cycle. Webmasters are well aware that the web is transitory: first it was banners through Double Click, then affiliate programs such as Commision Junction, and now AdSense. Biz models come and models go - does that include the search engine model too?
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 4, 2004
1973: new post   Does Free Shipping Affect Conversion Rate?
There are many objections from my coworkers to my " free shipping " idea. Most claimed that free shipping will contribute to an even bigger problem in the future. However, the way I see it is if offering free shipping can boost our conversion by another 0.3%, we will be making more than we are now, and plus, we will be able to boost our volumn that will eventually lead us to an even higher overall profit margin.
EcommerceDec 4, 2004
1974: new post   Debian Distro Ubuntu is Shipping for Free
Ubuntu has been shipping free cd's of its distro for some time now - actually, sets containing a live (Knoppix-like - just boot, no install) CD and a 'regular' CD, for Intel, Apple, and AMD64 architectures. They're in fact shipping *loads* of such cd's - for free - if you go to their shipping page, the default number to order is 10. Probably not a bad way to introduce acquaintances to Linux.
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsDec 4, 2004
1975: new post   How Widespread is Click Fraud?
" ...it's well-organized, profitable, and one step ahead of the search engines. People that want to run a click campaign against their competitors purchase " blocks " of clicks. 500 -1000 clicks at a time. The click lists are distributed through P2P networks. "
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 5, 2004
1976: new post   Female Webmasters - Fact or Fiction?
" Just curious to know if there is any female webmasters. "
Webmaster GeneralDec 6, 2004
1977: new post   AdSense launches URL channels for tracking stats
Among the changes include a new main page redesign, tracking URLs on a site, directory or individual page basis, and new search languages added.
Google AdSenseDec 6, 2004
1978: new post   Google in Alliance Against Mystery Patent Holder
Several Silicon Valley giants including Google, IBM, Oracle and Sun met last month to discuss a joint defence should JGR try to enforce the patents. The firms also considered pooling resources to buy the patents but this was rejected.
Google News ArchiveDec 8, 2004
1979: new post   Google Displaying Cached Date as Dec 1969
1969 was a popular year for the summer of love, Brian Adams, Unix, and now the displayed date of some pages on Google.
Google News ArchiveDec 8, 2004
1980: new post   Google to Test Enhanced AdSense Image Ads
Google AdSenseDec 8, 2004
1981: new post   Getting Themed AdSense Ads Rather than Specific KW Ads
Google AdSenseDec 9, 2004
1982: new post   Google Beta Keyword Search Suggestions
" As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you're typing and offers suggestions in real time. "
Google News ArchiveDec 10, 2004
1983: new post   Finding an Available Domain Name
How do you brainstorm for a domain name when your namespace seems all tapped out?
Domain NamesDec 10, 2004
1984: new post   Changing styles and having them "stick"
How to preserve style changes across navigating back and forth. Also sports a neat method using the window.name to hold session state.
JavaScript and AJAXDec 11, 2004
1985: new post   phpBB Issues Security Update
Community Building and User Generated ContentDec 11, 2004
1986: new post   Yahoo To Lauch Desktop Search in January
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Dec 13, 2004
1987: new post   New Chinese Search Engine - Accoona
Mooted for some time, it is now live. But is it useful?
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 13, 2004
1988: new post   Microsoft Embeds Search in Windows Instant Messenger
" The rectangular box, embedded in a preview version of the company's MSN Messenger 7.0, is a search field. Users will be able to launch Internet searches directly from that field, automatically opening a Web browser to display the relevant results on an Internet search site. "
Bing Search Engine NewsDec 13, 2004
1989: new post   Google adds major libraries to its database
Google plans to announce an agreement Tuesday with some of the nation's leading research libraries and Oxford University to begin converting their holdings into digital files that would be freely searchable over the Web.
Google News ArchiveDec 14, 2004
1990: new post   The Dark Side of Exchanging Links
Some of the tricks Webmasters sometimes use to get around linking back to you.
Link Building ForumDec 14, 2004
1991: new post   PHP 4.3.10 & 5.0.3 Released
PHP Server Side ScriptingDec 15, 2004
1992: new post   Google Wins Geico Adwords Trademark Suit
Google won a major legal victory Wednesday when a federal judge said the search engine could continue to sell ads triggered by searches using trademarked company names.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Dec 15, 2004
1993: new post   Ask Jeeves Enters Desktop Search Game
Ask Jeeves' desktop search lets users search by document type, search just part of their computer and sort the results by a bunch of parameters.
Ask - TeomaDec 15, 2004
1994: new post   Yahoo! Launches Video Search
Yahoo offers a new way to search the rapidly growing store of video content on the Web.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Dec 16, 2004
1995: new post   Yahoo Update!
Dramatic SERP changes and Backlink Changes Visible.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Dec 17, 2004
1996: new post   Iowa ISP Wins Billion Dollar Judgement Against Spammers
" Robert Kramer, whose company provides e-mail service for about 5,000 subscribers in eastern Iowa, filed suit against 300 spammers after his inbound mail servers received up to 10 million spam e-mails a day in 2000, according to court documents. "
Webmaster GeneralDec 19, 2004
1997: new post   EPG: Electronic Program Guides
" ...Google, as well as MSN, as well as Yahoo are working on indexing media files. [Everyone knows] there are far more channels out there than will ever fit on one remote control. Someone, somewhere has got to organize all that information and provide a neat interface for consumers from which they can consume what they like when they like. "
SEM Research TopicsDec 22, 2004
1998: new post   Google Security Under Fire
Google fixed a potential hole in its desktop search this week. This at the same time as a worm spread Tuesday using Google to find victims.
Google News ArchiveDec 22, 2004
1999: new post   WSJ: Microsoft European Ruling Upheld - Must Strip Windows Down
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that: " A European judge will rule that Microsoft must comply with antitrust orders to sell a stripped-down version of Windows and to share more of its secret computer codes, people close to the matter said.
Webmaster GeneralDec 22, 2004
2000: new post   IE Rapidly Losing Market Share
" ...worldwide survey in late November. The survey shows that Internet Explorer's share dropped to less than 89 percent, 5 percentage points less than in May. FireFox now has almost 5 percent of the market, and it is growing. "
HTMLDec 22, 2004
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