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1881: new post   Tips on creating the perfect xml interface.
XML interfaces:
1.Are they difficult?
2.Are they fast?
3.Do affiliate people use them?
4.What are the tech problems to work out beforehand?
XML DevelopmentOct 19, 2004
1882: new post   GIM? Google Desktop Search Code Hides Secrets
"Smith ran a string utility search on the binary files in the desktop application, found the protocol "googlemail://" and next to it "google_im://." He speculated that the Google email protocol could eventually help the desktop application interact with the company's free web-based search service, Gmail."
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsOct 20, 2004
1883: new post   AOL Drops Overture for Google in Europe
"It's a competitive market. Our partnership with Overture has been successful, but now we have chosen to go with Google,"
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingOct 20, 2004
1884: new post   Google Fixes Security Hole
"...Bugtraq Security Focus list on Wednesday, Google's new Desktop Search tool did not prevent a hacker from inserting JavaScript...into the Web address of its page image..."
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsOct 21, 2004
1885: new post   Google Expects to Add Almost 400k Advertisers in 3 years
"...expects to add 372,050 advertiser accounts by 2008, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Wednesday. The Chronicle, citing internal documents, said the company predicts its advertiser base will grow by more than 130 percent, from 280,000 in 2004 to 652,050 in 2008."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesOct 21, 2004
1886: new post   Home Robots Ready to Multiply in Numbers
"By the end of 2007, some 4.1 million domestic robots will likely be in use, the study says. Vacuum cleaners will still make up the majority, but window-washing and pool-cleaning robots are set to take off, it predicts."
FooOct 21, 2004
1887: new post   Google's Enterprise Search Appliance Reaches UK
Enterprise Search appliance launched in UK.
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsOct 21, 2004
1888: new post   Yahoo Image Search Updated
Now at a cool 1 billion.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 21, 2004
1889: new post   Yahoo buys Bloomba Email Search Company
"Yahoo said on Thursday it bought privately held e-mail search company Stata Labs, jumping into the nascent market for search-based email programs and services."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 22, 2004
1890: new post   Mobissimo Travel Engine Red Hot
Travel search engines are one of the hottest sectors of the search engines.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 22, 2004
1891: new post   Google Announces Record Revenues For Third Quarter 2004
Google continues to rock wall street with a stellar q3 performance: "Google reported record revenues of $805.9 million for the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2004, up 105 percent year over year.... At the end of the quarter, Google had a cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments balance of $1.86 billion."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesOct 22, 2004
1892: new post   Old Google Toolbar Vulnerability Found
"This vulnerability is only present when Google Toolbar is used in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Neither product is vulnerable by themselves. Upgrade to Google Toolbar version 2.0.113 or higher, as it has been reported to fix this vulnerability. An upgrade is required as there are no known workarounds."
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsOct 22, 2004
1893: new post   Google Rules Out Building Browser
"One widely rumoured defence against Microsoft has been a Google web browser potentially countering the software giant's ability to embed its own search engine into its operating system. 'We are not building a browser,' Mr Schmidt said.""
Google News ArchiveOct 25, 2004
1894: new post   Updates to Google AdSense Terms.. and some new pages added
The October 25, 2004 update to the AdSense terms, policies and FAQ.
Google AdSenseOct 25, 2004
1895: new post   Good PHP solutions to small problems
The continuation of the Bag of Tricks threads for PHP - Part IV
PHP Server Side ScriptingOct 26, 2004
1896: new post   Google Acquires Keyhole Corp
"Keyhole's technology combines a multi-terabyte database of mapping information and images collected from satellites and airplanes with easy-to-use software."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesOct 27, 2004
1897: new post   Google Acquires Keyhole Corp.
"Keyhole's technology combines a multi-terabyte database of mapping information and images collected from satellites and airplanes with easy-to-use software."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesOct 27, 2004
1898: new post   Basics of Submitting and Emailing Forms with PHP
A tutorial covering the basics of form submission, variable checking and emailing results.
PHP Server Side ScriptingOct 28, 2004
1899: new post   New Adwords Features - Tools and Reporting
New updates to features and functionality of Adwords interfaces.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Oct 29, 2004
1900: new post   What makes a good directory a good directory?
Members discuss the elements of a directory that is "good from the user's perspective".
DirectoriesOct 31, 2004
1901: new post   Creating HTML for languages you don't know
Creating multi-lingual sites can be an effective way to increase your market reach. But how do you create mark-up when the text is in a language that is foreign to you? What are the pitfalls?
HTMLOct 31, 2004
1902: new post   GoogleBot Working a Little Too Hard
Everyone seems to have noticed a sizeable up tick in the number of GoogleBot visits the last 60 days.
Google News ArchiveNov 3, 2004
1903: new post   SBC and BellSouth Partner, Acquire www.YellowPages.com
"..."today announced that their directory affiliates have created an Internet yellow pages joint venture that has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the online directory publisher www.yellowpages.com, Inc."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 4, 2004
1904: new post   Spammer Gets 9 Years
"...convicted of sending hundreds of thousands of unsolicited e-mail messages to AOL subscribers......amassed a fortune of $24m from his sales, prosecutors said."
FooNov 4, 2004
1905: new post   Banning the Images Folder
GoogleGuy: "...feel free to block us from your images. Running AdSense doesn't help your Google ranking."
Google News ArchiveNov 5, 2004
1906: new post   How to fully utilize PR from a purchased domain name?
Does a domain always pass PR? What to do with new domains that have pre-existing pr?
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 6, 2004
1907: new post   Do SERPS Reflect Cached Page?
"Typically yes, for on-page factors. Off-page factors can be updated asynchronously, though."
Google News ArchiveNov 7, 2004
1908: new post   One year anniversary of the "Florida" Update
Google News ArchiveNov 8, 2004
1909: new post   Speegle Talking Search Engine
"A Scottish computer speech technology company has launched what it claims to be the world's first talking search engine."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 8, 2004
1910: new post   Google - Searching 8,058,044,651 web pages
Google News ArchiveNov 9, 2004
1911: new post   Google Launches "Google Advertising Professionals"
Google will hold a special lunch time session at WebmasterWorlds Conference next week in Las Vegas to discuss the new program.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Nov 10, 2004
1912: new post   Gmail Adds POP3 Access - Will Not Advertise On Pop3 Based Emails
Google surprised privacy advocates yesterday by allowing POP3 access to GMail. This effectively shuts down any criticism over GMail privacy concerns. However, like many of the other free email services that allow POP3 access, they have not committed to indefinite access.
Google Gmail AdvertisingNov 11, 2004
1913: new post   Firefox Sets Google Search as Default FireFox Home Page
Breaking with a long standing tradition, FireFox puts Google on the browsers default homepage.
Google News ArchiveNov 11, 2004
1914: new post   Infamous "More Evil Than Satan" Search Revisited
Which came first - the keyword search or the keyword result?
Google News ArchiveNov 20, 2004
1915: new post   Is Cloaking Still Viable?
Some fresh ideas on a long running question in the SEO community.
CloakingNov 20, 2004
1916: new post   The Top 200 MSN Searchs Updated Weekly by MSN
Bing Search Engine NewsNov 20, 2004
1917: new post   Google Rolls Out Search Product for Scholars
"... unveiled Google Scholar, a new search product aimed at helping users search scholarly literature such as technical reports, theses and abstracts."
Google News ArchiveNov 20, 2004
1918: new post   Google Keyhole Site Live and On the Street
Some significant changes to the Keyhole site.
Google News ArchiveNov 20, 2004
1919: new post   Google DeskBar API Released
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsNov 20, 2004
1920: new post   Pros and Cons of Posting Ad Prices
Put them online, or make the advertiser call for a quote?
Webmaster GeneralNov 20, 2004
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