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1841: new post   Orbitz Travel Search Engine To Sell for $1.2 billion
"Travel company Cendant, the owner of Avis and Budget car hire firms, is in advanced talks to buy travel website Orbitz for $1bn+..."
Webmaster GeneralSept 29, 2004
1842: new post   Overture Dips Toe Back Into Google Waters
Legal dispute resolved - Google and Overture appear to be getting back to normal business relations.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingSept 29, 2004
1843: new post   Googlebot Downloading GZIP Compressed Pages
Google is once again testing GZip compression support. Has GZip based html come of age?
Google News ArchiveSept 30, 2004
1844: new post   The Text Ad Market
General discussion on the buying and selling of Text Ads and links.
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 30, 2004
1845: new post   Is Search Transitory?
Are search engines the TV Networks of the Web and in this thing for the long haul of a few decades? Or are they transitory web phenoms that will fade like mood rings and pet rocks? "At the emerging technologies conference at M.I.T., a senior Microsoft researcher upset fellow speakers and the crowd by saying that search is soon to go downhill so you better grab the money while it's there."
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 30, 2004
1846: new post   Wired Story on Google News - Misguided?
Wired is running a story that can only be described as coming from the Twilight Zone legal department (or in this case, a college campus). What's worse, the article attempts to make a case against caching, and totally fails to mention natural Serps and natural caching.
Webmaster GeneralOct 1, 2004
1847: new post   Nervous Anticipation : Awaiting a Google Update
Idle banter fills the web as nervous webmasters chew fingernails with sweaty palms awaiting a Google update that is almost 6 months overdue.
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 1, 2004
1848: new post   Evie Leaves Blogger and Google Behind
"So, I've to move on. I.e.: As of this Friday, I will no longer be employed by Google."
Google News ArchiveOct 4, 2004
1849: new post   New Overture Features
"...There is now a daily budget feature under accounting. It lets you specify how much to budget per day..."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingOct 4, 2004
1850: new post   Yahoo Japan to Offer 1 gbps Broadband
"Softbank will provide the service at speeds of up to one gigabits per second and charge users 4,200, or $38, a month, the company said in a statement."
Asia and Pacific RegionOct 5, 2004
1851: new post   Google Norway and Kenya Launched
Google News ArchiveOct 5, 2004
1852: new post   Yahoo Launches Personal Search
Block, save, and share results.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 5, 2004
1853: new post   How do you stop squeeking floorboards?
FooOct 6, 2004
1854: new post   Update : Google Page Rank Updated
Google News ArchiveOct 7, 2004
1855: new post   Blogger, Looking for Beta Testers
"By watching our users use Blogger, we learn how to improve the product..."
Google News ArchiveOct 7, 2004
1856: new post   Google Introduces Google SMS
"Using a cell phone or handheld device such as a Blackberry, users can obtain local business listings, dictionary definitions, product prices and more--all available through Google."
Google News ArchiveOct 7, 2004
1857: new post   GigaBlast Hits 650,000,000 Indexed and Counting
Gigablast hits the half billion mark for indexing documents into their search database. One of the most promising upstarts we have seen in recent years.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 7, 2004
1858: new post   Google's European Headquarters Launched
"At an event that resembled an American-style 'pep rally' -- and included several upbeat speeches and exuberant cheers from Google staff -- Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, along with Tanaiste Mary Harney, officially opened Google Ireland on Barrow Street in Dublin on Wednesday."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesOct 8, 2004
1859: new post   Yahoo, Looking for a few Good Beta Testers
Yahoo is offering the chance to view and review their new homepage before it launches.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 8, 2004
1860: new post   AOL to Possibly Release Tweaked IE
"...the forthcoming AOL Browser a standalone piece of software and it will not need the America Online client software to be running to be used...AOL Browser is based on Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer and not on AOL's Netscape browser engine.
HTMLOct 8, 2004
1861: new post   Yahoo Preps RSS Feed Ads
"Yahoo chief operating officer Dan Rosensweig said the company plans to offer advertising for the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds..."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 8, 2004
1862: new post   Troubleshooting 101 revisited
How much code should I post to? It can sometimes be difficult to decide what code is relevant and what is not.
PHP Server Side ScriptingOct 11, 2004
1863: new post   PayPal Suffers First Major Outage
The internets largest online payment processors suffers its first major serivce outage in 5 years. PayPal was offline most of Monday.
EcommerceOct 12, 2004
1864: new post   MSN Search Tech Preview #3
Round 2 gives way to a fresh set of results and tweaked algo. It is starting to look a lot like real horse race.
Bing Search Engine NewsOct 12, 2004
1865: new post   Google Opens Sales Centre in Hyderabad, India
"Google, Inc, the world's largest Internet search engine company, launched its online sales and operations centre in Hyderabad on Tuesday....serve as a support centre for the company's worldwide advertising clients."
Google News ArchiveOct 13, 2004
1866: new post   Yahoo! Q3 Profits Rise Dramatically
"The group said sales soared 154.1% to $906.7m - their sixth consecutive record high."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 13, 2004
1867: new post   Single form posted to multiple locations
An example of posting a form with PHP using fsockopen.
PHP Server Side ScriptingOct 13, 2004
1868: new post   CSS Troubleshooting refresher..
..if you don't know where to start troubleshooting your CSS code and would like to post a question, this guide should help you get started. It covers some of the WebmasterWorld "dos and don'ts" too..
CSSOct 14, 2004
1869: new post   Your favorite "Not quite all there" expression
FooOct 14, 2004
1870: new post   Google Releases Desktop Search
"... rolled out a preliminary version of its new desktop search tool, making the first move against its major competitors in the race to provide tools for finding information buried in computer hard drives."
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsOct 14, 2004
1871: new post   Google to Host Breakfast Hour
[Google] will host a special one hour breakfast session... would not be surprised to see Google make an important announcement. Coffee and donuts while listening to a power point by Google? This is as good as it gets!".
WebmasterWorld Community CenterOct 17, 2004
1872: new post   Putting Information Architecture into Practice
"I am planning to reorganise one of my sites with major growth in mind... How do I determine which topics are more important and/or how to combine them?"
HTMLOct 17, 2004
1873: new post   Backlinks and PR Updated
Updated over the weekend. This concludes the recent Google index update.
Google News ArchiveOct 18, 2004
1874: new post   Internet Outage Due to Major Router Problems on Monday
The net went dark for many people on monday due to core router issues on the east coast of the US.
Webmaster GeneralOct 18, 2004
1875: new post   Click Fraud NYTimes Article
""Sometimes it just makes people feel good to know they're costing their competitors money," Ms. Stricchiola said."
AffiliatesOct 18, 2004
1876: new post   Rogue "IE7" Project Gains Traction to Enhance IE
"...IE7 was developed by Dean Edwards as an open source project aimed to provide standards compliance for Internet Explorer."
CSSOct 19, 2004
1877: new post   Retro Classic: GoogleBot visits what you visit if you have the toolbar
"Make a new document that no one knows about. Visit that location a couple times with your toolbar on. Set logging on this document.... wait a month and here comes Google."
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsOct 19, 2004
1878: new post   Microsoft Quietly Launches Shopping Portal
An important story was quietly overlooked by the majority of the web last week - Microsoft's re-entry into the online shopping engine space: "The site aims to provide smaller vendors with the "face time" that brick-and-mortar retailers cannot or are not willing to provide."
Bing Search Engine NewsOct 19, 2004
1879: new post   GOOG Reaches New High at $150
The last laugh on the Google IPO is clearly Google's as GOOG toys with the $150 a share mark.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesOct 19, 2004
1880: new post   Looksmart Hires New CEO
"...David Hills has been appointed as the Company's Chief Executive Officer, effective October 25, 2004. Mr. Hills will succeed Damian Smith, who has served as interim CEO since January 2004."
Alternative Search EnginesOct 19, 2004
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