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1801: new post   The Apprentice Says "You're Hired" To Yahoo
"Yahoo is hosting the official Web site for the second and third seasons of the reality television program..."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Sept 10, 2004
1802: new post   PayPal Poised to Update Home Page
One of the most stable and user friendly sites gets ready to change it's homepage for the first time in many years.
EcommerceSept 10, 2004
1803: new post   Thai and Vietnamese Search Engines
Asia and Pacific RegionSept 11, 2004
1804: new post   ICANN new transfer policies take effect Nov 12
This change looks like a two edged sword. Registrars can no longer hold a domain hostage and refuse the transfer - but will domain hijackings increase with these new policies?
Domain NamesSept 11, 2004
1805: new post   New AdWords Features - help for broad match tracking
Google AdWords now lets you dynamically insert the search terms into a query string at the end of your URL - that's a real advantage when you're tracking broad match keywords.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Sept 14, 2004
1806: new post   Bug Found in Google
It appears that page jackers have found a major bug.
Google News ArchiveSept 14, 2004
1807: new post   How To Stop Yahoo! From Indexing PDF Files
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Sept 14, 2004
1808: new post   Jeeves Goes Missing
Ask Jeeves venerable mascot has gone missing from the Ask.com homepage.
Ask - TeomaSept 14, 2004
1809: new post   Yahoo Acquires MusicMatch
"Internet portal Yahoo Inc. said Tuesday that it agreed to buy Web-based digital music and software provider Musicmatch Inc. for $160 million in cash..."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Sept 14, 2004
1810: new post   Amazon Launches A9 Search Engine - New Era in Personalized Search
"Users can view and edit past search results and sites they’ve visited by clicking on Search History on the A9 Toolbar or through an adjustable column on the main page. Site History tells users if and when they previously visited a listed site. Users can even search their own history, finding sites they have visited any time in the past."
Alternative Search EnginesSept 15, 2004
1811: new post   When Your Host Toasts Your Domains
"I have over 100 domains (belonging to clients and myself)hosted at what was perceived to be a good and reliable hosting company (and recommended by a number of WW'ers) - however - suddenly every site on their server's is "drying up" in Google - tons of URL only listings - pages not cached, and sites with Dmoz/G Directory listings not showing the directory icon in the GTB..."
Website Technology IssuesSept 15, 2004
1812: new post   CSS Cribsheets, Cheatsheets, Shortcut Lists
Members are building a massive list of real world commonly used CSS tips and tricks.
CSSSept 15, 2004
1813: new post   What is the Verdict on Multiple Adsense Ads
"...as long as the revenues continue to increase compared to the previous month, we are sticking with the multiple ad format as of now. We're going to evaluate the metrics by end of the month to really see its benefits on our sites."
Google AdSenseSept 15, 2004
1814: new post   DogPile Changes Name to WebFetch
Alternative Search EnginesSept 15, 2004
1815: new post   JPEG Vulnerability in Windows Software
"Microsoft has issued a warning about a critical vulnerability in Windows that could let carefully crafted pictures act as bearers of malicious code."
Microsoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7/8/10)Sept 16, 2004
1816: new post   What to Tell Clients About The Time it Takes to Rank in Google?
"I could once easily predict how long it would take for their new site to start ranking in Google. There was a predictable cycle. Generally, within 2-3 months they could count on having their site indexed and even ranking for things like their company name or unique product."
Google News ArchiveSept 16, 2004
1817: new post   Ask Jeeves Set Up Charitable Site for Red Cross
"Ask Jeeves will donate 100 percent of the profits generated from searches conducted on this site with a minimum donation of $50,000 and a maximum donation of $1 million."
Ask - TeomaSept 18, 2004
1818: new post   Page Validation and Search Engines
Valid mark-up and well structured html documents. Is there a practical value here, or is it just a geek's obsession?
HTMLSept 19, 2004
1819: new post   Do domain sale profits fall under Capital Gains laws?
Good fodder to bring up with your lawyer or accountant.
Domain NamesSept 19, 2004
1820: new post   Ask Jeeves & Citysearch Partnership Goes Live
Pay Per Click EnginesSept 22, 2004
1821: new post   Google Amassing Tech to Build a Web Browser?
Google News ArchiveSept 22, 2004
1822: new post   Half a Decade of WebmasterWorld
It is a quiet 5 year anniversary for WebmasterWorld. It is also the 20th year that Brett Tabke has been almost continuously operating BBSs systems such as WebmasterWorld.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterSept 22, 2004
1823: new post   PHP parse error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM
What on earth is a T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM?
PHP Server Side ScriptingSept 22, 2004
1824: new post   Google Manually Adjusting Sites
We were suprised at this long indepth thread on sites being manually removed or adjusted within the index. It was surprising because so many new webmasters said they felt that Google did not do it at all. Some where along the line, wires got crossed and mixed messages were sent. This thread straightens them out in classic WebmasterWorld fashion.
WebmasterWorld SupportersSept 23, 2004
1825: new post   LookSmart to Acquire Furl
"... allocating 5 gigabytes (GB) of storage for each individual member's public archive, enough space to store tens of thousands of archived items."
Alternative Search EnginesSept 23, 2004
1826: new post   Atomz to Add Contextual Advertising
Webmaster GeneralSept 23, 2004
1827: new post   OJR Looks at Google News and a Possible Bias
The widely regarded and respected Online Journalism Review, takes a look at Google News vs Yahoo News. A must read for news junkies.
Google News ArchiveSept 24, 2004
1828: new post   Yahoo SERPs Switch to 10 Results Per Page
On Monday, Yahoo switched to only 10 results per results page.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Sept 24, 2004
1829: new post   Adsense Spider Crawls Sites, or Just Spiders Pages?
"... crawl your pages the same way the googlebot does by following links? Or, does it just go directly to the pages that have the Adsense code?"
Google AdSenseSept 24, 2004
1830: new post   Kozoru, The First True Hubs and Authorities Search Engine?
Kozoru search engine still in the alpha building stages, but sounds like it will be the internets first true Klienberg Hubs and Authorities based search engine.
Alternative Search EnginesSept 24, 2004
1831: new post   Microsoft Sues Webhosting Company Over Spam
"This is the first action against a Web host catering to spammers," Kornblum said, "they're providing a safe place for spammers to drive customers to."
Webmaster GeneralSept 24, 2004
1832: new post   Ask Jeeves Gets More Personal, More Local and Taps Topix.net
Topix lands first major portal deal.
Ask - TeomaSept 24, 2004
1833: new post   Google Bot Running Hard
Wide ranging reports that Gbot is crawling the web as fast as we have seen it this year.
Google News ArchiveSept 25, 2004
1834: new post   Froogle Coming to the UK
"Froogle is going to hit the UK soon - Google is requesting datafeeds from their adwords customers."
Google Shopping (Was Google Merchant Center)Sept 25, 2004
1835: new post   Local Canada Search
Google debuts local search for Canada.
Google News ArchiveSept 25, 2004
1836: new post   AP Story Says Google China Censoring Links
Round 4 of Googles' China Syndrome. "... tests that found Google omits results from the government-banned sites if search requests are made through computers connecting to the Internet in China."
Google News ArchiveSept 25, 2004
1837: new post   Installing a new web server: Apache2, PHP5, MySQL4 and PHPmyAdmin.
PHP Server Side ScriptingSept 28, 2004
1838: new post   Troubleshooting Steps for PHP/Apache on windows
This thread covers the basics of troubleshooting installation issues with installing PHP and Apache with Windows
PHP Server Side ScriptingSept 28, 2004
1839: new post   Four New Languages Added to AdSense
"Chinese (simplified), Korean, Polish, and Turkish"
Google AdSenseSept 29, 2004
1840: new post   Press Releases for Link Development
Link Building ForumSept 29, 2004
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