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1721: new post   New Transparent Paypal Merchant and Gateway Accounts
Paypal introduces Website Payments Pro, a totally transparent payment and gateway processing - aka: Functional Merchant Accounts.
EcommerceJune 17, 2005
1722: new post   Where to go after "Add to Cart"
"We're currently in the process of redesigning our site, and there is some discussion on what to do when a customer clicks on the "Add to Cart" button."
EcommerceJune 28, 2005
1723: new post   Paypal to expand into China by end of year
"[PayPal]... said on Wednesday its plans to launch its PayPal payment service in China by the end of this year, joining a growing list of electronic payment services in the market."
EcommerceJuly 9, 2005
1724: new post   eBay To Purchase Skype
"eBay, the online auction company, is in talks to acquire Skype in a deal that could value the internet telephone service at as much as $5bn."
EcommerceSept 12, 2005
1725: new post   eBay Buys VeriSign Payment Gateway
To be merged with PayPal.
EcommerceOct 11, 2005
1726: new post   Fear - A Primary Reason For The Decline In Sales
"As identity theft has grown, so has fear of being victimized through high-tech means. A new study finds some computer users are cutting back on time spent surfing the internet. Some have also stopped buying altogether on the web."
EcommerceOct 28, 2005
1727: new post   Free Shipping Increases this Christmas for Online Orders
Research suggests 79% of online retailers will offer free shipping this coming season in the hope that consumers will increase spending.
EcommerceNov 15, 2005
1728: new post   Increasing Conversion Rates: Your Tips for Ecommerce Sites
"Getting more traffic is one issue, but I was wondering what people can suggest about increasing conversion? Share any tips you've learnt over the years."
EcommerceNov 22, 2005
1729: new post   How Are Your Ecommerce Sales Holding Up?
"What trend are you seeing?"
EcommerceNov 25, 2005
1730: new post   British retailer buys PriceGrabber.com $485 million
"California-based PriceGrabber.com compared prices of products such as computers and clothing for more than 17 million users last month, GUS said. The business connects users to more than 9,000 online retailers, who pay each time they get a lead."
EcommerceDec 14, 2005
1731: new post   How do You Make a Good Ecommerce Website Buy Button
"It is my firm belief that a buy button is the single most important part of conversion factor on an ecommerce page. Too many times on websites a buy button is treated as a design element rather than a functional element."
EcommerceDec 23, 2005
1732: new post   Cross-selling goes awry on WalMart.com
"CNN Money reports that a cross-selling algorithm for DVDs at walmart.com went seriously awry, recommending African American themed movies to buyers of "Planet of the Apes" or "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". "
EcommerceJan 6, 2006
1733: new post   According to a report, "Shoppers choose Google"
"Online shoppers picked Google Inc. as their search engine of choice this December while making their holiday Web purchases, according to a report issued on Wednesday."
EcommerceJan 12, 2006
1734: new post   Online Sales Drive Brick & Mortar Store Closings
"E-commerce sales are pegged at $143.2 billion in 2005, up 22 percent over 2004. It's hard to believe that this will have no brick & mortar impact over time."
EcommerceJan 24, 2006
1735: new post   Is Starting the Ecommerce Journey Still WorthWhile
Do the big boys have a lock on ecommerce - or is there a chance for a newcomer.
EcommerceFeb 10, 2006
1736: new post   Online Sales Jump in UK
"More Britons logging in to do their shopping led to a 28.9 percent increase in Internet spending in 2005 as online sales neared the totals for department stores, a retail analyst group said Monday."
EcommerceFeb 14, 2006
1737: new post   VeriSign Identity Protection System Brings out Heavy Hitters
"VeriSign on Monday unveiled a new security system to protect online buyers from identity theft, and said it had signed up PayPal, eBay, and Yahoo as the first sites to support the authentication service."
EcommerceFeb 14, 2006
1738: new post   Microsoft Commerce Server 2006 Beta Unveiled
"...Commerce Server 2006 will allow customers to link e-commerce systems to existing line-of-business applications and trading partners through integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006."
EcommerceFeb 21, 2006
1739: new post   Google offering payment option on GoogleBase
"Google has added a feature to Google Base that allows merchants to handle payments through a user's Google account. The feature effectively turns Google into an e-commerce platform for retail operators."
EcommerceFeb 28, 2006
1740: new post   IBill Loses 17million Records
"Possibly the most significant - and embarassing to some - security leak in the history of the internet."
EcommerceMar 9, 2006
1741: new post   PayPal goes mobile! Send and receive money via SMS
PayPal announces "Send money securely, anytime, from wherever you are. You don't need cash or a check - just your phone."
EcommerceMar 23, 2006
1742: new post   Odd or even pricing, does it make a difference?
"Does it really makes a difference on conversion rates if you list a price as $10 or $9.99?"
EcommerceApr 5, 2006
1743: new post   Paypal customer records sought in ongoing US tax probe
"The U.S. Internal Revenue Service can ask PayPal for information on some of its customers as part of an ongoing investigation into suspected tax evasion, a federal court ruled on Tuesday. "
EcommerceApr 13, 2006
1744: new post   eBay Express goes live
"The San Jose, Calif.-based company said the service, known as eBay Express, aims to woo convenience-oriented shoppers interested in snap-buying decisions on fixed price products rather than its traditional online auction format."
EcommerceApr 25, 2006
1745: new post   GSI Commerce Replaces Amazon as Toys R Us Ecommerce Provider
"GSI Commerce, based in that small Pennsylvania town near Philadelphia, said Wednesday it would power all of the toy- and baby-product sites for Toys R Us, in lieu of longtime partner Amazon."
EcommerceMay 26, 2006
1746: new post   Amazon Instant Website Program Beta launches
"By joining the Amazon Instant Website Program, merchants selling through Amazon Seller Central can use our eCommerce technology to quickly set up their own Web site"
EcommerceJune 3, 2006
1747: new post   Google Checkout Launches - Strikes At Heart of Yahoo Stores
"...it looks a whole lot more like the back end of Yahoo! Store than like PayPal... Looks like the trasaction fee is %2 + 20cents a transaction. That would be a significant increase over PayPal World Seller. Does not look like any compelling reason to use at first look."
EcommerceJune 29, 2006
1748: new post   eBay Bans Google Checkout Payments From eBay
"eBay is banning sellers from requesting payment through Google Checkout. The online auction giant updated its Safe Payments policy this week to add Google's new payment service, Google Checkout to its list of online payment methods not permitted on eBay."
EcommerceJuly 6, 2006
1749: new post   eBay - PayPal to Build Center in Scottsdale AZ
"San Jose-based PayPal Inc. today announced it will open a new technology development center in Scottsdale, Arizona and plans to hire hundreds of local technical professionals in the coming year."
EcommerceJuly 12, 2006
1750: new post   eBay Store Inventory Fees To Rise to $0.10 Per Item?
EcommerceJuly 20, 2006
1751: new post   Site Search - Weakest function of most commerce sites
Last month we installed software that reveals how poorly our search process works. Furthermore, running the same searches on competitors' sites showed their search forms were often worse than ours. The trick to getting the keywords right is to think like a customer (or 1,000,000 of them!).
EcommerceAug 16, 2006
1752: new post   Ecommerce: Brainstorm Ways to Improve Conversion
EcommerceAug 24, 2006
1753: new post   Amazon Webstores
WebStore by Amazon allows businesses to create their own privately branded e-commerce websites using Amazon technology.
EcommerceSept 19, 2006
1754: new post   Improving Your Ecommerce Site: What Have You Removed Lately?
"What clutter have you removed from your site lately?"
EcommerceSept 21, 2006
1755: new post   ID Thieves Target Smaller Businesses
Washington Post: "While public attention has remain fixed on a series of high-profile data losses or database breaches at federal government agencies, large corporations and universities, experts who study financial fraud say hackers increasingly are targeting small, commercial Web sites."
EcommerceSept 29, 2006
1756: new post   PayPal In Settlement Deal With 28 States
"PayPal, the online payments unit of eBay, has agreed with attorneys general from 28 U.S. states to improve how it notifies users of their consumer rights, the company said Thursday."
EcommerceSept 29, 2006
1757: new post   Improving Web Site Subscription Renewals
"... my renewal rate is something like 15% which is less than half what I was expecting."
EcommerceOct 2, 2006
1758: new post   Ecommerce: Buying Credibility
EcommerceOct 4, 2006
1759: new post   Ecommerce UK: Online Shopping To Reshape High Street
"Travel agents, mobile phone stores and banks may disappear from high street as consumers buy more products online and resort to shops only for clothes and accessories, a report said on Thursday. "
EcommerceOct 12, 2006
1760: new post   Paypal Quietly Signs Big Deals
"... Dell, Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, Sharper Image, StarBucks, and Itunes have been signed in the last few months."
EcommerceOct 26, 2006
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