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1681: new post   Opera Browser - A Different Type of AdWare
There are some very interesting issues that come up from the usage of the free version of Opera. It is a version that includes ads by Google. Those ads are contextual. Hence, there is very little real world difference between Opera and a AdWare/Scumware/Malware laced version of IE.
Google News ArchiveJuly 24, 2004
1682: new post   Hilltop algo: PROVED? ...or just our best guess for now?
"There's been a lot of conjecture and best guessing about the Hilltop algorithm from George A. Mihaila and Krishna Bharat, and whether Google incorporated some version of this in their major hiccup last November. At that time Google was talking about semantics, not Hilltop."
Google News ArchiveJuly 24, 2004
1683: new post   Lawsuit Charges Google with Age Discrimination
The civil complaint, filed Tuesday in Santa Clara Superior court, alleges Mountain View-based Google fired Brian Reid, 54, as its director of operations in February 2004 because he didn't fit in a culture emphasizing youth and energy.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 24, 2004
1684: new post   2, 3, Multi Column CSS Templates and Layouts
A collection of the various Multi Column CSS layout techniques, submitted and by members.
CSSJuly 24, 2004
1685: new post   Google Taps BEA Exec
Adam Bosworth, the "chief architect" and a senior vice president at BEA Systems, is leaving the San Jose software company to join the hot search engine firm Google.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 25, 2004
1686: new post   Google Bonus Points - hello.com Came Quietly Bundled with Picasa
Some times the best place to hide something is right out in the open. That's why it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that quietly bundled with the Google Picasa deal, is a little domain called hello.com.
Google News ArchiveJuly 25, 2004
1687: new post   Google SERPS Position Changes for Different 'num=nnn'
"...if you specify a larger number for "&num=" then the odds go up that we'll see two pages from the same site and group them together."
Google News ArchiveJuly 26, 2004
1688: new post   Has the Toolbar Craze Gotten Out of Hand?
Normally we are serious on Mondays...
FooJuly 26, 2004
1689: new post   AskJeeves Extends Advertising Agreement with Google through 2007
"...relationship with Google as a provider of sponsored advertising links on Ask Jeeves global search and portal brands through 2007"
Ask - TeomaJuly 26, 2004
1690: new post   Google Says 24,636,659 : at $108-$135 Per Share And As GOOG
SEC filing posted. And the symbol will be "GOOG"
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 26, 2004
1691: new post   Please Stand By : Google and Other SE's Appear to Be Having Some Server Issues
"The service you requested is not available at this time."
Google News ArchiveJuly 26, 2004
1692: new post   Google, Ecommerce, and the Politics of Economic Sanctions
"...unable to accept accounts for publishers residing in countries on the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control sanction list."
Google AdSenseJuly 26, 2004
1693: new post   Google's Drummond Gets SEC Notice
Reuters: "The general counsel of Google Inc. has been notified that the staff of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will recommend a civil injunction against [David Drummond] for purported violations of securities laws, the company said Monday."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 26, 2004
1694: new post   Selling Text Ads/PageRank - Just Semantics?
"What exactly determines who can sell PR and who gets nailed for selling it? Does it really just come down to the sales presentation?"
Google News ArchiveJuly 27, 2004
1695: new post   Microsoft Begins Advertising New Search Engine
In our Hotmail inboxs this morning: "Introducing the New MSN Search...". That says alot about how confident they are of the quality level of the new engine.
Bing Search Engine NewsJuly 27, 2004
1696: new post   The China Syndrome Part 2 - Google/Yahoo Accused of Censorship Again
"An international press freedom group has lashed out at Yahoo and Google...for allegedly cooperating with the Chinese government to crackdown on web access."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJuly 27, 2004
1697: new post   Overture Launches Its Own Bid Management Tool
Now in direct competition with former SEM management suppliers.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJuly 27, 2004
1698: new post   MyDoom that Hit SEs on Tuesday Was Actually a Setup Attack Against Microsoft
"The Mydoom-M virus which was responsible for the on again off again problems for Google, Yahoo, Lycos and Altavista by using them to find email and domain addresses, was aparently the first part of a staged attack against Microsoft."
Google News ArchiveJuly 28, 2004
1699: new post   Class Action Settlement by Paypal
The class is open to "All Persons who opened a PayPal account between October 1, 1999 and January 31, 2004."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 28, 2004
1700: new post   iProspect Announces Patent In Response To Overture Product Launch
"In direct response to Overture's official launch of its Search Optimizer tool, search marketing firm iProspect Tuesday announced that it has filed for a patent for its pay-per-click advertising bidding agent iSEBA (iProspect Search Engine Bidding Agent)."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 28, 2004
1701: new post   MSN Sandbox : Lookout now Available Free for Outlook
The recently acquired Lookout software is being given away free by Microsoft.
Bing Search Engine NewsJuly 28, 2004
1702: new post   Merchant being Sued for Affiliates Use of Trade Marks
The sticky legal issues of being a proactive advertising affiliate.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 28, 2004
1703: new post   Korean Daum to Aquire U.S. Search Portal Lycos
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 28, 2004
1704: new post   Myth of the Hispanic Market
Hispanics are said to have $452-652 Billion in buying power. On the high end that works out to $298 per week, which is what it costs to buy groceries, which explains why Proctor & Gamble etc. are going after that demographic. This kind of lets the air out of any plans for devoting energy to marketing to this "major" demographic. I'm not certain if it's a viable market at this time.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 29, 2004
1705: new post   Learning PHP - Books, Tutorials and Online Resources
PHP books, PHP tutorials and various PHP websites and walkthoroughs to help get your feet wet while learning PHP
PHP Server Side ScriptingJuly 29, 2004
1706: new post   Google.com Removed from Google Index
Google.com can not be found in the google index. Get screen shots for the archives ;-)
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 30, 2004
1707: new post   Yahoo CEO Semel Snags $150 Million Mega Pay Day
"... Semel has pocketed about $150 million so far this year by exercising some of the stock options Yahoo has awarded him since he took over as CEO in May 2001."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 30, 2004
1708: new post   "Made for AdSense" Sites
Google AdSenseJuly 30, 2004
1709: new post   "Local PC File Search" to Challenge Puffin
Microsoft challenges Google again and intros new hard drive search.
Bing Search Engine NewsJuly 30, 2004
1710: new post   Ballmer to Google: 'We Will Compete'
"There's a lot of Google fascination out there and we share it, and we're going to compete," Ballmer said with characteristic bluster. "We're going to compete very, very hard."
Bing Search Engine NewsJuly 30, 2004
1711: new post   Installing PHP5 Under Windows XP and Apache
A tutorial.
PHP Server Side ScriptingJuly 30, 2004
1712: new post   Google IPO Bidding Opens
Google Inc. began taking bids on Friday for the public auction process it will use to sell as much as $3.3 billion shares to the public for its planned offering in mid-August.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 31, 2004
1713: new post   Microsoft Releases Critical Windows Update
New patch for Windows available.
Webmaster GeneralJuly 31, 2004
1714: new post   SEM Firm Gets $6 Million Funding
"Fathom Online received $6 million in financing in its first round of venture funding, the search marketing firm said yesterday."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJuly 31, 2004
1715: new post   PHP User Authentication and Passwords
covers some basics about using PHP for password encryption and user authentication
PHP Server Side ScriptingJuly 31, 2004
1716: new post   AdSense FAQ & Policies Updated
Small tweaks to all the major bullet points.
Google AdSenseJuly 31, 2004
1717: new post   Flash and Shockwave: Sorting Out the Differences
"Some get confused between Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Shockwave."
Flash and ShockwaveJuly 31, 2004
1718: new post   Reasons You Will Delete a Link Exchange Request Hands Down...
Ever get link exchange requests that are more like lectures? What lines will make you delete a request in annoyance without even reading it through?
Link Building ForumAug 1, 2004
1719: new post   Google Including New Back Links
Freshly updated in the last few days.
Google News ArchiveAug 1, 2004
1720: new post   MSN Admits News Bot Scruffed Up Bias
"MSN Newsbot, by contrast, gives favorable placement to articles from Microsoft's own MSNBC.com news site -- late Friday afternoon, half of Newsbot's 22 front-page stories came from MSNBC.com."
Bing Search Engine NewsAug 1, 2004
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