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1641: new post   Automated Link Exchange Backlash
"Developing backlinks is a cornerstone of most web endeavors. No links, no loving. There are many solutions, including paying for links, outsourcing development, and automated link hunting solutions."
Link Building ForumJuly 13, 2004
1642: new post   Musicplasma Visual Music Search Engine
With a stunning Kartoo like interface, Musicplasma offers some serious eye candy for text weary searchers.
Alternative Search EnginesJuly 13, 2004
1643: new post   Up to 5 Patches Out for IE and Windows
Microsoft issues five updates to Windows components, IE, and Outlook to address up to 9 new problems found yesterday.
HTMLJuly 13, 2004
1644: new post   PHP 5.0.0 Released
PHP Server Side ScriptingJuly 14, 2004
1645: new post   Which is The Best Approach for a Site to Cover a Big Subject?
"As ever, you see different views on this all the time. I've seen web businesses come back from oblivion (Florida) as a result of breaking down their sites and opting for niching. But, on the other hand, large "authority" sites also do well in the serps."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 14, 2004
1646: new post   ICANN Panel Condemns Site Finder and Asks it Stay Offline
"The 85-page report... says that while Site Finder did not have catastrophic effects on the Internet, it nevertheless ran afoul of "community standards and caused harm to individual users and enterprises.""
Domain NamesJuly 14, 2004
1647: new post   Keep Your Site Validated Using RSS
A simple site validation monitor system via simple rss.
HTMLJuly 14, 2004
1648: new post   What to do with a National Exposure Opportunity
"I am supposedly going to be mentioned (along with my website address) in a national magazine in September with a readership of over seven million. The problem is, it is a purely personal site I own with no "commercial agenda" and not a "money site"."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 15, 2004
1649: new post   Determining the PageRank of Dynamic Pages
"In the last six months or more, there has been a lot of discussion of "penalized" pages with query string URLs (since they show PR0) or otherwise bemoaning the lack of PageRank for dynamic pages. Typically, similarly linked static pages might show reasonable PR, while pages with query string URLs show a white toolbar."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 15, 2004
1650: new post   Google Introduces Key Name Search into Toolbar
Google puts Realnames like functionality into tool bar.
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsJuly 15, 2004
1651: new post   Jeeves Moves To New Office Building
"... signed an 8 1/2 year lease to move 170 employees to the 555 City Center building on Dec. 1."
Ask - TeomaJuly 15, 2004
1652: new post   CNET Buys WebShots Digital Photo Site
Venerable old WebShots gets new home. ".. it will pay $70 million to acquire Webshots, a digital photography Web site that was salvaged from the ruins of bankrupt ExciteAtHome for $2.4 million 2 1/2 years ago."
Webmaster GeneralJuly 15, 2004
1653: new post   Running A Server Off Your Own Computer
It is every Webmasters dream to have all their sites running 24x7 off a box in the privacy of their own office.
Webmaster GeneralJuly 15, 2004
1654: new post   Yahoo Links with BT to Offer IM Telephone Calls
"...launched a new service on Thursday allowing users to make phone calls over Yahoo Inc's instant messenger product...."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 15, 2004
1655: new post   LCD's Poised to Drop 20% by Years End
"Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the world's top flat-screen maker, said on Thursday it expected prices of liquid crystal displays (LCD) to fall as much as a fifth by the end of the year on growing supply."
FooJuly 15, 2004
1656: new post   Google to Add Video and Audio Multimedia
"Sergey Brin and Larry Page made no secret of plans to add multimedia..."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 15, 2004
1657: new post   GMail Vulnerability
"A vulnerability was reported in Google's GMail beta e-mail service. A remote user may be able to determine information about another user attempting to register an account on the system"
Google Gmail AdvertisingJuly 15, 2004
1658: new post   Google works in Google Glossary to Results
Google starts to display actual content in SERPs.
Google News ArchiveJuly 15, 2004
1659: new post   Microsoft buys Lookout Software to Search Email and Desktop Files
"San Francisco-based Lookout makes software that helps users more quickly search through e-mail stored in Microsoft's Outlook mailbox. Outlook is part of Microsoft's Office software package"
Bing Search Engine NewsJuly 16, 2004
1660: new post   Flash: The Pros, The Cons, and The Solutions.
For our fresh new Flash forum.
Flash and ShockwaveJuly 17, 2004
1661: new post   My Yahoo! Wants Your Feed
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 18, 2004
1662: new post   AdSense - Worrying About Invalid Clicks
The hot topic for AdSense for the summer has be ClickBots, Invalid Clicks, and competitors getting you booted out of the program. This is but one of dozens of threads on the topic.
Google AdSenseJuly 18, 2004
1663: new post   Produce a New Page Every Day!
"... how realistic it is to produce one page per day as Brett and others have previously recommended? One page every three or four days is my norm and that is going full tilt!"
Webmaster GeneralJuly 18, 2004
1664: new post   Update? The On Again Off Again Apparent Google Update
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 18, 2004
1665: new post   Google May Reveal Per-Share Range
"A story in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, reported that Google could launch its IPO as early as next month, or might do so in September. The Journal said the per-share price range to be included in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission would be for informational purposes."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 19, 2004
1666: new post   SEM Demand Out Paces Supply
Some feel that the search engines are out of ad space : "In the long term, we'll hit a wall where a lot of the search buys that make sense today won't make sense anymore because prices will have risen so high,"
AffiliatesJuly 19, 2004
1667: new post   Microsoft Appoints New Sales Director of Search
"Matt Lydon was promoted to senior sales director of search, a newly created position on the ad sales team..."
Bing Search Engine NewsJuly 19, 2004
1668: new post   Sites With Personality
"I'm looking for an identity the visitors can latch onto, a friendly face. People are curious about the man behind the articles. So, i'm thinking either slap it into the About Us page, or else shove it into the top right hand corner of every page..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 19, 2004
1669: new post   .info, .biz or .us Top Level Domains
Which of the new TLDs are winning?
Domain NamesJuly 20, 2004
1670: new post   RSS Traffic Spikes Becoming a Concern
"Our hourly RSS surge has all the characteristics of a distributed DoS attack, and although the requests are legitimate and small, the sheer number of requests in that short time period creates some aggravating scaling issues."
RSS, ATOM, and Related TechnologiesJuly 20, 2004
1671: new post   Guerrilla Republishing In the Face of Unusable WebSites
"some web designers are taking matters into their own hands and 'fixing' websites whose designs are terrible or aren't accessible to handicapped users. These renegade designers redesign the site and host the improved version on their own server."
Content, Writing and CopyrightJuly 20, 2004
1672: new post   Microsoft To Shed Billions to Buy Back Stock
"The Wall Street Journal is reporting that: MICROSOFT WILL PAY a one-time dividend of $3 a share and repurchase $30 billion of its stock over four years, in a $75 billion move to share its cash with investors."
Bing Search Engine NewsJuly 20, 2004
1673: new post   Taking on IE bugs
An excellent summary with theory and explanation of how most if not all IE's CSS "bugs" may be related to just one property. ~ "Is it true that IE has all these bugs, or are they all simply variations on the same theme? Maybe there's simply just one or two bugs, not tens or hundreds?"
CSSJuly 21, 2004
1674: new post   Resident WebmasterWorld CSS Guru Takes On The IE Display Bugs
"...IE has all these bugs...or are they all simply variations on the same theme? Maybe there's simply just one or two bugs, not tens or hundreds?"
CSSJuly 21, 2004
1675: new post   Yahoo Updates Site Guidelines
Pages Yahoo! Wants Included in Its Index, Original and unique content of genuine value, Pages designed primarily for humans, with search engine considerations secondary..."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 21, 2004
1676: new post   Real World Test of Domain Change
Moving a domain has been a constant topic in SEO circles for years. Members take a look at the current issues surrounding moving a site to a new domain.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 22, 2004
1677: new post   Installing PHP5 Unders Windows XP and Apache
Tutorial for installing PHP 5.0.0 on Windows as an Apache Module.
PHP Server Side ScriptingJuly 22, 2004
1678: new post   Page Zooming with IE - hidden feature!
....works like Opera's zoom feature..."If this zoom is a reliable feature then - like many secret IE features - why weren't we told about it before! This suddenly makes IE6 potentially a lot more accessibility-friendly!"
CSSJuly 23, 2004
1679: new post   The Second Browser War
"By wrenching control of the standards for building [web-based] applications away from Microsoft today, rivals hope they can prevent another near decade of Windows domination. Microsoft, for its part, is not going to go down without a fight."
HTMLJuly 24, 2004
1680: new post   Google's Challenge of 'Froogles' Rejected
Google Inc.'s right to use the name "Froogle" for its online shopping service came into question Friday when an arbitration panel rejected the company's challenge of a Web site named Froogles.com.
Google Shopping (Was Google Merchant Center)July 24, 2004
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