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1601: new post   Digital Envoy Wins Geo-Targeting Patent, Battle with Google Looms
" Digital Envoy has won a U.S. patent for a technology it describes as "non-invasively" targeting the physical location of Web surfers, which it says is essential for doing business in cyberspace. The company's recent announcement could also accelerate a battle over the technology with Google, with Digital Envoy vice president Rob Friedman vowing the company would enforce the patent vigorously."
Webmaster GeneralJuly 1, 2004
1602: new post   WhenU is back on Google and Yahoo
Controversial contextual advertiser WhenU was allegedly removed from Google and Yahoo recently for giving search engine spiders one version of a page while giving visitors another. They appear to be back in the SERPs as they were before.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 2, 2004
1603: new post   New Gmail Policy Statements and Clarifications
Google clarifies TOS to include trading of Gmail accounts.
Google Gmail AdvertisingJuly 2, 2004
1604: new post   New Yahoo Beta Design
Looks like Google - tastes like chicken.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 2, 2004
1605: new post   Are Web Safe Colors Obsolete?
"...He poked a finger into my chest and insisted it's absolutely essential to use web safe colors in graphics."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 3, 2004
1606: new post   Telstra to Unveil New Aussie Search Engine
"Sensis - which owns the Yellow and White Pages telephone directory businesses - will announce its new search engine at a briefing for analysts and media next Tuesday."
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 5, 2004
1607: new post   Do 3 Crawlers Add Up to a Rebirth for SEO?
That old SEO feeling all over again. "Those that can get rankings, do get rankings. Those that can't, please pull out your credit card at Overture and then get out of the way of real SEOs."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 5, 2004
1608: new post   Network Solutions Enhanced Whois
"WHOIS Report shows the status of the domain. If a live site exists presents a thumbnail of the home page along with the website title, traffic ranking, meta descriptions and keywords, and more."
Domain NamesJuly 6, 2004
1609: new post   Hide Affiliate Links?
An old question resurfaces for some fresh viewpoints.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 6, 2004
1610: new post   Search Tangles
PCWorld Says: "Search results are being manipulated to a greater degree than ever."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJuly 6, 2004
1611: new post   How is non-English alphabet created in web pages?
Solid reference for dealing with world-wide character sets on web pages.
HTMLJuly 6, 2004
1612: new post   Breaking The IE Habit
Fear of viruses, security woes, spyware, scumware, malware, and general obsolecence is driving users away from IE in record numbers.
HTMLJuly 7, 2004
1613: new post   Googles sues to remove Google trademark
"Stelor Productions, the company that owns and operates Googles.com, said Wednesday it has initiated trademark proceedings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office against Google."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 7, 2004
1614: new post   Yahoo Posts Record Earnings
"Second-quarter revenue more than doubled to $832.3 million from $321.4 million in the same period a year ago. Profit rose to a record $112.5 million, or 8 cents a share. That's up from $50.8 million, or 4 cents a share, from a year ago."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 8, 2004
1615: new post   Google Considers SEO/SEM to be a Top Threat
"Those risks, according to Google, include nebulous ones, such as the risk that corporate culture could change, or more specific risks like spammers who could damage Google's prized search results."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 8, 2004
1616: new post   Google Getting Harder to Optimize For?
"I've been working with some sites and placement on Google for the past 3 years. I've seen it get gradually harder to get placed on Google anymore. "
Google News ArchiveJuly 8, 2004
1617: new post   New Chinese Business Search Engine
"China Daily Information Company and China Communications Corp have announced a partnership to develop a business search engine "utilizing a new and proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technology"
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 9, 2004
1618: new post   Microsoft OS Viruses and Security Faults Expected to Escalate
"The bleak outlook comes at a time when security is the hottest topic in IT, as Microsoft puts the brakes on Longhorn to devote time and money to cleaning up problems in Windows XP, and as one outbreak after another drives security managers up the wall."
Webmaster GeneralJuly 9, 2004
1619: new post   WinXP SP2 Changes Will Affect Many Web Page Displays
If you use automatically launched downloads, ActiveX, automatic popup windows, Java, modal windows, or window JS functions, then read on because the new Service Pack 2 for XP will affect you.
HTMLJuly 9, 2004
1620: new post   E=MC2 : Google Recruiting Bill Board on Highway 101
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 10, 2004
1621: new post   Former AltaVista Employee Charged with Hacking
Now a employee of MSN. "Microsoft officials confirmed yesterday that Laurent Chavet works for the company, but they would not specify his assignment."
Bing Search Engine NewsJuly 11, 2004
1622: new post   Microsoft's Slate Magazine, Recommends FireFox: Browser Wars Heating Up Again
In one of the more bizarre footnotes of the browser wars comes this delicious little ironic entry from Microsoft's Slate Magazine: "it was enough to make me ditch Explorer in favor of the much less vulnerable Firefox browser"
HTMLJuly 11, 2004
1623: new post   New AdSense Report Columns - CPM, USD
"Adsense have added two new features to the reports. The first is that they are now showing CPM. This is great for 'at a glance' reporting."
Google AdSenseJuly 12, 2004
1624: new post   DNS Update Frequency to Increase Dramatically
Verisign will increase the number of root server updates from 2 per day to 30 per minute.
Domain NamesJuly 12, 2004
1625: new post   Local Search Seen Hurting Local Media
" some newspapers may be forced to drop from daily to less frequent publication and that print margins are likely to erode as advertising migrates online and advertisers choose pay-for-performance and self-service ads."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJuly 12, 2004
1626: new post   Google Seeks IPO Launch This Month
"... aiming to complete its long-awaited initial public offering as soon as this month. The sale rests on tests of the computer auction system as well as approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 12, 2004
1627: new post   Ask Jeeves CEO Says The Surf Search Box Is Their Focus
"Our goal is to get everybody to enter the Web through the white search box. "
Ask - TeomaJuly 12, 2004
1628: new post   Yahoo Buys Email Startup Oddpost
"Oddpost's $30-a-year e-mail service focuses on an e-mail interface with functionality that is similar to that of desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook..."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 12, 2004
1629: new post   ZDNet Calls 2004 The Internet Explorer Year of Shame
"Small businesses should be seriously looking at alternatives because they are less likely to be able to maintain very good security around the browser with vulnerability management. Smaller businesses should seriously be looking at changing browsers,"
HTMLJuly 12, 2004
1630: new post   Microsoft Waging AstroTurf Campaign Against Linux?
"Could Microsoft be behind a smear campaign aimed at Linux? ... the continued attacks against Linux. The media is peppered with them. When one starts to die down, another one crops up...every single one of these assertions is laughable..."
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsJuly 12, 2004
1631: new post   Marketleap Acquired By DigitalImpact
Digital Impact, Inc. (NASDAQ: DIGI), a leading provider of integrated digital marketing solutions for Global 2000 enterprises, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Marketleap, a San Francisco-based Internet marketing firm specializing in search engine marketing services...
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJuly 12, 2004
1632: new post   Google Files to List on Nasdaq
"...applied to list its shares on the Nasdaq Stock Market Inc... the company said in a regulatory filing on Monday."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 12, 2004
1633: new post   Microsoft Working On Shopping Engine To Tie into OS
"Microsoft is working on a new shopping Web site for software, hardware, and peripherals that it plans to advertise in the Windows XP Start Menu and the Internet Explorer Web browser."
Bing Search Engine NewsJuly 12, 2004
1634: new post   Small Dish Satellite Internet To be Launched
"Anik F2 will be using the previously unused and experimental Ka Bands, instead of the Ku Bands that are currently used by communications satellites...
FooJuly 12, 2004
1635: new post   AdWords FAQ : When Will Ad Appear?
"... in most cases you'll see your ads start appearing in a time frame that can run between a few minutes and a few hours, depending on factors such as volume, server delays, and so forth." - AdWords Support.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)July 12, 2004
1636: new post   Buying Links Under the Radar
We really hate to put a thread like this on the home page, but some times a thread merits such action regardless of the consequences.
Link Building ForumJuly 13, 2004
1637: new post   Atlas Releases Study on PPC Placement at AdTech Search Conference
New study released at the huge search and Ad conference AdTech shows position is not everything when it comes to traffic levels.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJuly 13, 2004
1638: new post   Sergey/Larry Make Top 20 Most Influential Media Personalities in UK
"Google co-founders Page and Brin have been jointly ranked 20th in this list--an authoritative guide to the most powerful players in Britain's media industry that is published each year by The Guardian newspaper. Gates didn't even make the list..."
Webmaster GeneralJuly 13, 2004
1639: new post   New AdSense Features - CPM, USD
"Adsense have added two new features to the reports. The first is that they are now showing CPM. This is great for 'at a glance' reporting."
Google AdSenseJuly 13, 2004
1640: new post   Google Acquires Picasa
Picasa was used for photo-blogging, a recent feature in blogger.com
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 13, 2004
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