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161: new post   Palm m130 Review
Hands on with my newest toy/tax deduction.
Smartphone, Wireless, and Mobile TechnologiesApr 3, 2002
162: new post   Fireball.de Resurrection
Fireball.de lives! After all the confusion with contradictory signals from owner Lycos starting today Fireball has come out with a completely overhauled site and a new ranking.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesApr 3, 2002
163: new post   Teoma Hits the Ground Running
Indepth review of the nets newest search engine from an interview with Paul Gardi of Teoma.
Ask - TeomaApr 4, 2002
164: new post   PositionTech Introduces Online Validator
For several years, we have suggested to search engines and search engine service providers that they should consider HTML validation of pages that are submitted. One such service introduced today, takes on that challenge.
HTMLApr 4, 2002
165: new post   Internet Explorer Security - Time for a change?
The number of security problems with Internet Explorer is becoming overwhelming for many. Is it time for a browser change, or just time to fume?
HTMLApr 5, 2002
166: new post   Overture Files Patent Infringement Case
"[Overtures]...Patent protects various features and innovations relating to bid-for-placement products and Overture´s Pay-For-Performance search technologies including its DirecTraffic Center account management system and tools."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 5, 2002
167: new post   Real World Referral Numbers
The topics seems to keep coming up. Here´s the orginal thread with the search engine referral numbers survey.
Website Analytics - Tracking and LoggingApr 6, 2002
168: new post   Googles first SEC filing
The filing is a REGDEX which [I] believe involves a sale of securites, can anybody fill in the gaps in our sec knowledge?
0Apr 7, 2002
169: new post   Stat Recognition - Study Those Numbers Baby!
"There is a fair bit of number crunching to do for a site, and a whole lot of assumptions when it comes to viewing your webstats."
Website Analytics - Tracking and LoggingApr 8, 2002
170: new post   Deprecated HTML Tags and Attributes
A simple and concise list of tags that are going away. Use them at your own risk.
HTMLApr 8, 2002
171: new post   Alternative Search Engines
Diversifying your promotion effort. Or, avoiding "All Google All The Time" syndrome.
Deprecated - Search Engine SubmissionApr 10, 2002
172: new post   Terra Portals: The Search Results
"...search features each Country-specific Terra portal has to offer".
SEM Research TopicsApr 11, 2002
173: new post   Google Goes Public With API
Google has released their limited SOAP based application programming interface.
Google News ArchiveApr 11, 2002
174: new post   Google Auto-Correct Spellings
Google switches from spelling suggestions to auto corrected searches.
0Apr 15, 2002
175: new post   My name is Joe - I am a Search Engine Spammer
Some feel Googles TOS classifies all webmasters spammers.
0Apr 16, 2002
176: new post   Compuserve V7 launches Netscape!
Compuserve (owned by AOL) released a new version of it´s proprietary software today based not on IE, but on Netscape 6.
HTMLApr 17, 2002
177: new post   Links and the Rich get Richer Theory
A new study by NEC researchers shows that the winner doesn´t neccessarily always take all in the links game.
Link Building ForumApr 18, 2002
178: new post   MSN Drops some Overture Results
It seems that listings less than 0.15 are not appearing on MSN.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 19, 2002
179: new post   Google Answers Goes Live!
Google introduces paid "answers". Ask a question, and for a fee, a researcher will answer it.
Google News ArchiveApr 19, 2002
180: new post   Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 1
Mozilla releases version 1.0 release candidate 1.
HTMLApr 19, 2002
181: new post   Social responsibility of search engines
Your search - "social responsibility of search engines" - did not match any documents.
Your search - "search engines and social responsibility" - did not match any documents.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterApr 20, 2002
182: new post   Ads on Google Groups
AdWords ads now showing on Googles Usenet Groups.
0Apr 21, 2002
183: new post   Mastercard Changes Rules
"A new rule by MasterCard blocking merchants from accepting credit card payments through third parties..."
Webmaster GeneralApr 23, 2002
184: new post   WebmasterWorld Google Knowledgebase V2
The second rendition of the mega Google Webmasters FAQ by webmasters for webmasters.
Google News ArchiveApr 23, 2002
185: new post   What if the 9 States Win the Antitrust Case?
"What are the implications to the desktop if Microsoft must strip out the middleware or really stops selling Windows?"
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesApr 24, 2002
186: new post   Yahoo! To Push Pay Services
"Yahoo! has stepped up its direct-marketing tactics to push a growing stable of premium pay services."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 24, 2002
187: new post   Enoughs Enough - Goodbye Netscape 4
One by one designers are making the choice to skip Netscape 4 support.
HTMLApr 24, 2002
188: new post   Accepting Donations from around the World
"I would like an inexpensive solution and from reading the posts, it seems that Worldpay and PayPal win out in these situations."
EcommerceApr 24, 2002
189: new post   Protecting Photo Gallery Images
"I´ve created a photo gallery with more than 100 pictures and, I would like to protect them..."
HTMLApr 24, 2002
190: new post   Search Engine Industry - what do we call ourselves?
The SEO name debate rages on.
Webmaster GeneralApr 25, 2002
191: new post   PageRank Weighting and The Yahoo Directory
As has been discussed previously, there has been some recent shuffling in Yahoo´s rankings.. One thing I haven´t seen discussed, if it was I missed it is the apparent use of Google page rank in Yahoo´s directly algo..
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 25, 2002
192: new post   Googles SOAP Gaff - or - SOAP on a Rope
"[The Google API] It is an exciting development, but at the same time there is a subset of the programmer community that is disappointed..."
0Apr 25, 2002
193: new post   Alexa Adds Google Search With Screen Shots
Alexa search now powered by Google. (update: An interesting tid bit is that the results are coming from www2.google.com)
0Apr 26, 2002
194: new post   SEO 2002 - The BIG Chill
"So we are now dangerously into the realm of all Google all the time, which is better than the alternative of a pure money extraction landscape. However, in another couple of blinks, one more IPO and the SEO game of old is basically over."
Webmaster GeneralApr 30, 2002
195: new post   Google Adjusts Advertising - Looks Like Search Results
"Keywords are now highlighted and font attributes are the same as the listings."
0May 2, 2002
196: new post   BBC Launches search engine
As mentioned here a few months ago, the BBC has launched it´s own search engine.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMay 2, 2002
197: new post   Going from HTML to full CSS and XHTML
Advocacy and advantages of vaild XHTML and CSS
CSSMay 4, 2002
198: new post   Search Engine Theme Pyramids and Google
"...make good use of PageRank and Google´s liking of link text while being ready for theme based engines, giving users easy to follow navigation and making site maintenance easy."
0May 7, 2002
199: new post   About The Last Google Crawl
"A few people have been asking questions about pages missing in our index. Our crawl engineers have looked into this pretty closely and concluded that it´s the normal percentage of sites that happen to be unreachable during our crawl."
0May 8, 2002
200: new post   Calculation of Alexa Rankings
"..how these rankings are calculated, which visitors they include, how often they are updated..."
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesMay 8, 2002
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