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1481: new post   Google co-founders hold 16 percent stake in company
"... co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin each own nearly 16 percent of the Internet search engine."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesMay 21, 2004
1482: new post   Google Names More Underwriters and Widens Net of Firms Selling IPO
"...expands to 31 the number of securities firms that will be selling shares in the offering. "
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesMay 22, 2004
1483: new post   Local domains / local hosting in Europe?
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMay 24, 2004
1484: new post   Microsoft Paid Opera $12million To Head Off Law Suit On Access Denial
"Microsoft agreed to pay Norway's Opera Software $12.75m to head off a threatened lawsuit over code that made some Web pages on MSN look bad in certain versions of Opera's Web browser, ZDNet UK sister site CNET News.com has learned."
HTMLMay 24, 2004
1485: new post   PageJacking Nightmares Move To Ebay
As if simple pagejacking and so called "Caching" were not enough for webmasters to worry about, here comes the Ebay slice it, dice it, and sell it crowd.
Content, Writing and CopyrightMay 24, 2004
1486: new post   Yahoo Invests in Plaxo
"Plaxo integrates Yahoo's search engine directly into the Outlook e-mail program. Under the deal with Yahoo, Plaxo will get paid for channeling people to Yahoo's search engine."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)May 24, 2004
1487: new post   Mac Security Update 2004-05-24
"Apple warned of a flaw in its Safari web browser which could allow malicious code to be run on a machine without a user's permission"
Apple Software and TechnologyMay 24, 2004
1488: new post   Google Proposes Software Guidelines.
Elbowing its way into the conversation.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 25, 2004
1489: new post   Quirks mode - what it is!
This is one of the most important "new" factors that a web page creator needs to understand - at least a little bit. Solid references to major browser autorities are included.
HTMLMay 28, 2004
1490: new post   Quirks Mode - what it is and how to deal with it
Web designers are testing their work in more recent browsers and seeing shocking results. If you don't know about Quirks Mode vs. Standards Mode yet, it's probably time to get up to speed.
HTMLMay 30, 2004
1491: new post   Table-less CSS Forms
.. the title says it all but this is possibly the simplest, most flexible solution yet.
CSSMay 30, 2004
1492: new post   Yahoo Japan no longer uses Google.
After much speculation, it seems Yahoo Japan is not using Google for search results anymore, a move that is hoped will rev up the SE battle in japan.
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 1, 2004
1493: new post   Making FireFox a whole lot faster
A few simple tweaks to speed up Firefox.
Firefox Browser Usage and SupportJune 2, 2004
1494: new post   Speeding Up FireFox
A few tweaks to squeeze some more speed out of FireFox.
HTMLJune 6, 2004
1495: new post   60% Of Google's Users Would Leave in a Heartbeat
New survey finds that "60% of Google users said they would switch search engines if a better service were introduced."
Google News ArchiveJune 8, 2004
1496: new post   A Dropped Site Checklist
If you wake up to a search engine disaster, here is the starting point to find some answers.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJune 9, 2004
1497: new post   Google Invests in Baidu
"Google is making an investment in one of China's largest search engines, Baidu, which means ``hundred times.'' Google won't comment, but the investment was confirmed by U.S. investor Tim Draper of Menlo Park's Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which invested $10 million in Baidu. "
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 9, 2004
1498: new post   Will Ask Jeeves Dump Google Ads?
"Casella has also been tapped to consult with the Ask Jeeves executive team on optimizing consumer and advertiser relationships..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 9, 2004
1499: new post   PageRank Indicator for Linux and Mac OSX
Linux and Mac browser toolbars with PageRank indicators. Hurry while it lasts.
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsJune 9, 2004
1500: new post   Record Number of Domains Registered
"A record 4.7 million Internet addresses were sold in the first three months of 2004, bringing the total number of registered addresses to a new high of 62.9 million, according to a study released today by Mountain View, Calif.-based VeriSign Inc."
Domain NamesJune 9, 2004
1501: new post   Google Mulls RSS Support
"In April, Google seemingly chose sides, bypassing RSS support for most subscribers of its Blogger publishing tool in favor of rival Atom. But now, there are signs that Google may be poised for a change of heart, as support has grown inside the company to restore equal footing to both formats."
Google News ArchiveJune 9, 2004
1502: new post   Record Number of Domains Registered
"A record 4.7 million Internet addresses were sold in the first three months of 2004, bringing the total number of registered addresses to a new high of 62.9 million, according to a study released today by Mountain View, Calif.-based VeriSign Inc."
Domain NamesJune 10, 2004
1503: new post   Ask Jeeves Files To Issue More Stock
"...Company will be able to offer and sell up to $400 million of its common stock, preferred stock, depositary shares, debt securities and warrants from time to time in one or more public offerings. The terms of any such future offerings would be established at the time of such offering."
Ask - TeomaJune 10, 2004
1504: new post   The Advertising and Marketing of Gmail
Scarcity and exclusivity marketing 101.
Google Gmail AdvertisingJune 10, 2004
1505: new post   Spam Wars - What is Working?
General member survey on the current status of the email wars.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 10, 2004
1506: new post   Microsoft spam research paper
Paper by MSN blue sky thinkers on serach engine spam. Gives an idea of their attitude to search manipulation and their thoughts on addressing the issue.
Bing Search Engine NewsJune 10, 2004
1507: new post   Pulling forum lurkers out of hiding
Is lurking a bad thing? How can one turn lurkers into active posters?
Community Building and User Generated ContentJune 10, 2004
1508: new post   Gates Says MSN Will Wear White Hat In Search
"He [Gates] jokingly advised the crowd to buy Google stock and coyly refused comment as to whether he thought Google's advantage lay mostly in marketing."
Bing Search Engine NewsJune 10, 2004
1509: new post   MSN Search Claims to Freeze Out Web Spam
"In a sample of one billion web pages, Microsoft claims that eight per cent are spam."
Bing Search Engine NewsJune 10, 2004
1510: new post   Overture Australia Signs News Interactive
Google loses another one to Yahoo.
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 11, 2004
1511: new post   MSNbot On the Prowl with a Healthy Appetite
" Some webmasters love it and try to feed it as much as possible. Other webmasters don't see any reason to use up bandwith for a search engine that doesn't currently exist."
Bing Search Engine NewsJune 11, 2004
1512: new post   Microsofts MSNBot Supports Robots.txt Delay Command
Long asked for by Webmasters is a new "robots delay" command: "...it allows you to specify via robots.txt an amount of time (in seconds) that MSNBot should wait before retrieving another page from that host. "
Bing Search Engine NewsJune 12, 2004
1513: new post   Google Updates Click Tracking Script
Googles Javascript click tracker updated.
Google News ArchiveJune 12, 2004
1514: new post   Gizmo Quiz - June 12, 2004
The Saturday classic.
FooJune 12, 2004
1515: new post   Corporate Email Address Formats
"While there is no standard for the formatting of email addresses, there are suggested e-mail name formats that are more professional in presentation. I'm going to list a few of those here along with the pros and cons of each one."
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJune 13, 2004
1516: new post   Google Adds PrePayment Option for Adwords
"Prepay allows you to pay in advance of receiving any clicks. As you receive clicks, we deduct the charges from your prepaid balance."
Google Ads (Was AdWords)June 14, 2004
1517: new post   AdSense Copyright Infringement Issues
What happens if someone uses your content, or you use someone elses content.
Google AdSenseJune 14, 2004
1518: new post   WebmasterWorld Flashback : Newbie Cloaking Primer
3 years later, it is still applicable.
CloakingJune 15, 2004
1519: new post   Firefox Stamps Out 0.9 Final
The leaner version of Mozilla hits the streets.
HTMLJune 15, 2004
1520: new post   Major Sites Go Black on Result of DNS Issues Traced to Akamai
"Starting at around 8:30 am EDT (12:30 UTC), a number of sources started to report a widespread Akamai DNS issue. Large web sites, which use Akamai for its DNS service, did no longer resolve. Effected sites are Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Fedex, Xerox, Apple and likely many others."
Webmaster GeneralJune 15, 2004
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