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1441: new post   Testing a website in many browsers
We want to create sites that almost anyone can view - but the many variations of browser and OS make it a challenge. What are the options?
HTMLApr 28, 2004
1442: new post   Google Now Listing Flash Files
SWF were recently added to the SERPs. While PDFs have long been a favorite "link stuffer" of the pros, it is uncertain what importance links inside Flash files will hold.
Google News ArchiveApr 28, 2004
1443: new post   Information Architecture for the Small Site - part 2
A well crafted IA makes a huge difference in the success of even a small website. Part Two of this article takes us into the land of menu labels and a new kind of card sort.
HTMLApr 29, 2004
1444: new post   GOOGLE FILES FOR IPO
Google files for IPO. "Google said that it generated revenues of $961.9 million in 2003 and reported a net profit of $106.5 million. Sales rose 177 percent from a year ago although earnings increased by just 6 percent."
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 29, 2004
1445: new post   Google Upgrades Image and News Search
"Google Image Search now displays current news images and links to news headlines related to a user's query. For example, a query on Google Image Search for "earth" will likely show relevant news images and links to related news stories at the top of the results pages if "earth" is in the news at the time of the query. "
Google News ArchiveApr 29, 2004
1446: new post   Google Sandbox?
New sites are listed but seem unable to rank well. Many members suspect a quarantine period.
Google News ArchiveMay 2, 2004
1447: new post   Effective Order Confirmation Email
"... order confirmation emails are one of the most important touch points for keeping customers apprised of the status of their transactions...."
EcommerceMay 3, 2004
1448: new post   Is Page Rank completely Dead as a Measure?
"I know this has been discussed many times before, but until recently I had believed that Page Rank was still a good indication of the number and weight of links into a site, and that with good PR I could rank for whatever I wanted. However, two things I have observed recently, have completely changed my mind:"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 3, 2004
1449: new post   Google Fires Goldman Sachs
CNN Reports: "...when Google learned Goldman Sachs' chairman and chief executive Henry Paulson had contacted one of the search engine's big investors, Kleiner Perkins, it deemed this as breaking the rules and bumped them from contention, Newsweek said."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 4, 2004
1450: new post   Orkut Info Leaks Onto Web
Hard to say what really happned here, but Orkut personal linkage data has been found on the web.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 4, 2004
1451: new post   Sites Being Removed From Google Without Request But With Standard Notice
Sporadic reports coming in of a brewing problem. Various sites are being removed without webmaster action from Google. They all are getting the standard "your site has been removed" email from Google. We have never seen this particular situation before. We don't know if it is an isolated incident, or if someone has indeed figured out a way to get people removed from the index (such as a competitor).
Google News ArchiveMay 5, 2004
1452: new post   Microsoft Opens Hotmail to Bulk Mailers
"...firms who post a cash bond of up to $20,000 through IronPort's "Bonded Sender Programme" will get guarantees that their message will be delivered to the estimated 170 million regular users..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 5, 2004
1453: new post   Distributing Server Load with Round-Robin DNS
We have 2 web servers that have the same content. Originally it started as a fail-over solution but now we are thinking that we should use these for load balancing purposes.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 5, 2004
1454: new post   One big site vs. many little ones
"Is it better to "broaden" the topics and go for additional sets of pages within your authority? or should you build smaller niche sites?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 5, 2004
1455: new post   India's Secret Army of OnLine Ad Clickers
Clickbots the old fashioned way.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 5, 2004
1456: new post   How to Pick and Evaluate Domain Names for Resale
Our forum does not allow domain evalutaions - but the principles behind the worth of a domain are beautifully discussed in this thread.
Domain NamesMay 5, 2004
1457: new post   Cutting that old Bandwidth Bloat
"Does anyone have more suggestions of things I can do to shave off more bandwidth? Anything I'm maybe overlooking right now that I could be doing?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 6, 2004
1458: new post   Thinking long term
"We don't rely much on search engine results, but I can see that there are some fundamental changes which could be made to our site to produce better SE results."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesMay 10, 2004
1459: new post   A suggestion about copyright questions
Answers the often-asked question, "Is it OK to copy this?"
Content, Writing and CopyrightMay 11, 2004
1460: new post   Google Rips PageRank Passing From Blogger
PR Ripping is the process of redirecting all outbound links through methods that won't pass PageRank.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 11, 2004
1461: new post   Cost per lead on Google & Overture
"...what some of your cost per leads ranges were for Google and Overture PPC campaigns. I know we're all in different industries and there are numerous factors that impact each campaign/situatio..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 12, 2004
1462: new post   Starting a Web Community
Ideas for the care and feeding of a new forum.
Community Building and User Generated ContentMay 13, 2004
1463: new post   Google Launches Graphic Advertising
"Google image ads are a new type of graphical AdWords ad appearing on select content sites in the Google Network. Image ads combine two powerful approaches: graphics and proven AdWords targeting technology."
Google Ads (Was AdWords)May 13, 2004
1464: new post   Google Groups Updates Usenet Reader Features
"...a variety of new features, including the ability to create, search, and browse email mailing lists, subscribe to and track favorite groups."
Google News ArchiveMay 13, 2004
1465: new post   Google Security Bug Found : Microsoft.com Removed From Index
Various discussions on WebmasterWorld over the last few weeks alleged the possibility of a security bug in the Google removal URL feature. A Google user submitted microsoft.com for removal. We are stunned to report - not only did it work, but Microsoft.com just went PR0.
Google News ArchiveMay 13, 2004
1466: new post   Yahoo Turn Around Time about Six Weeks
"Have 2 sites that went live with inbound links to each six weeks ago. They are now well ranked on Yahoo,..."
Google News ArchiveMay 13, 2004
1467: new post   Opera 7.5 Released
With little fanfare, Opera finally gets it right. There just isn't a browser on the market today that can stand feature-for-feature with Opera. You owe it to yourself to kick the tires again.
HTMLMay 13, 2004
1468: new post   Starting a Web Community
"Forum operators typically find that the first few thousand posts are the toughest - once you are at that level, you probably have something going, even if it's not quite enough to launch your forum to the six or seven digit level."
Community Building and User Generated ContentMay 13, 2004
1469: new post   The financial side of running a forum
Discussion of revenues and costs of operating a forum.
Community Building and User Generated ContentMay 13, 2004
1470: new post   CitySearch Teams with Overture
"Overture ads will appear in categories where CitySearch has available ad inventory, such as home services, professional services and medical specialists."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingMay 13, 2004
1471: new post   Google Enters Atom vs RSS Fray
Google has adopted Atom (not RSS) in the beta of their new Usenet site.
RSS, ATOM, and Related TechnologiesMay 14, 2004
1472: new post   Bad Forum Design
What forum design elements will annoy your visitors?
Community Building and User Generated ContentMay 14, 2004
1473: new post   Google Launches AdWords SEM Jumpstart
Search engine advertising too complex? Google offers to do the work for you.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)May 15, 2004
1474: new post   Korea's Daum - The World's #7 Site - Sues Microsoft
"Daum said that its domestic market share in instant messenger services fell sharply to 6.4 percent as of April 2003 from 20.3 percent in August 2001, while Microsoft's share rose to 75.5 percent from 29.4 percent."
Asia and Pacific RegionMay 17, 2004
1475: new post   DoubleClick Acquires Performics for $65M
The SEO/SEM industry is in a bit of shock tonight at the news that DoubleClick has paid a staggering $65m for lesser known SEO firm Performics. It is a huge wake up call to just how big this industry has gotten.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 18, 2004
1476: new post   WebmasterWorld Pub Conference v6.5 - June 4 London England
WebmasterWorld Community CenterMay 18, 2004
1477: new post   A Dropped Site Checklist
You say your site was doing really well for a long time, and then, POOF? Here's a great place to start your repair process.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesMay 19, 2004
1478: new post   A Dropped Site Checklist
If you wake up to a search engine disaster, here is the starting point to find some answers.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesMay 19, 2004
1479: new post   L.L. Bean Sues After Name Triggers AdWare Popups
"Using our trademarked name as a trigger to which you want to serve your ads causes customer confusion and crosses the line into trademark infringement."
AffiliatesMay 19, 2004
1480: new post   Google Puffin - Desktop Search Application
"Google is reportedly working on a downloadable file and text software search tool, code-named Puffin..."
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsMay 21, 2004
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