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1361: new post   Google Sued for Libel After Man Ego Surfs
SERPs as editorial content: "...he was told by friends and family that typing "Mark Maughan" into a Google search engine delivered "alarming, false, misleading and injurious results" about him and the business."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesMar 21, 2004
1362: new post   Blogs Passing PR or is the Value Just in the Anchor Text?
Simple question - surprising answers.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 22, 2004
1363: new post   Google Depth of Using Whois Data
"We don't currently use whois data in any automatic scoring, but when investigating..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 22, 2004
1364: new post   Measuring the Branding Impact from SEO/SEM
Indepth article: "When trying to carry out any kind of branding exercise in SEM/SEO, we usually have one distinct advantage over traditional online and offline advertising: users are looking to buy!"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 22, 2004
1365: new post   Pure Search by Position Tech is Back
The highly popular Pure Search by PositionTech is back in action.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 22, 2004
1366: new post   New Version of Google Deskbar Released
An update to the Google Deskbar.
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsMar 22, 2004
1367: new post   The Scoop on Multiple Google AdSense Ad Units
"When the AdSense terms got changed, it set off some pretty intensive discussion over what this multiple ad unit thing meant, if publishers could start using it right away, and how publisher's could control whether the multiple ad units shared any of the same ads."
Google AdSenseMar 23, 2004
1368: new post   The New TLD Proposals are In
" ICANN has received 10 applications for 9 new top-level domains."
Domain NamesMar 23, 2004
1369: new post   Confusion and Chaos in the Search Space
POINT: I don't claim to fully understand the product, and the clients definately don't understand it, nor do they have the time and patience. They're still trying to get their heads around putting keywords in title tags. That's their level. COUNTERPOINT: Confusion makes our jobs easier. It also makes Search Engine Marketing an easier SELL! If it was too easy, then anyone could do it. Companies are looking for SEM partners to lead them through the mess.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 23, 2004
1370: new post   AOL Blocks Access to Certain Sites
Are we all lining up to be victims of AOL and rogue spammers?
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 23, 2004
1371: new post   Yahoo Search and Overture SiteMatch In Relation to European Scene
" was just wondering if it even effects SEMs mainly operating in Germany. I would like to collect some information and opinions about its impact on the german market."
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMar 24, 2004
1372: new post   ADSL Takes off in Parts of Europe
While Cable Modem service appears to be winning over DSL in the States, the trend is just the opposite in much of Europe. ADSL is now the tops for broadband connections in the Netherlands
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMar 24, 2004
1373: new post   Mirago Using Stemming
"With all the furor surrounding the use of stemming technology at Google, I was examining some Mirago search results and noticed that they also use stemming technology."
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMar 24, 2004
1374: new post   Microsoft Registers Record Fine
"Microsoft has been hit with a 497m euro (331m pound) fine and other penalties by the European Commission for the company's anti-competitive practices involving its Windows Media Player software"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 24, 2004
1375: new post   Yahoo The First Month Stats
A survey of resident webmasters, SEM, and, SEO's reveals that Google appears to have weathered the initial Yahoo launch blitz.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 25, 2004
1376: new post   Two Adsense Patent Applications
Google applies for patents related to AdSense advertising technology.
Google AdSenseMar 25, 2004
1377: new post   Alltheweb.com Switches to Yahoo! Search
AllTheWeb search goes pure Yahoo. Another of the net's best search engines is euthanized. "How depressing - By far, the web's best advanced search page is now gone." AllTheWeb was well known for their tight and universal html coding and serps. AllTheWeb was the first major search engine to endorse the W3C standards by being 100% html compliant.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Mar 26, 2004
1378: new post   Yahoo to Purchase Euro Shopping Site Kelkoo for 475m Euros
"Yahoo has agreed to buy European online comparison shopping service Kelkoo for about 475 million euros (294 million pounds) in cash to expand its Internet services for marketers and consumers."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Mar 26, 2004
1379: new post   Feedback and Questions for Google Adwords Team
"I got drafted to talk to some AdWords people tomorrow morning, so I wanted to do a quick thread to ask for suggestions/feedback about how to improve AdWords, or for things that people want me to ask..."
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Mar 26, 2004
1380: new post   Internationalizing Your Applications
Bullet point list to keep in mind when converting or creating apps that are to be used worldwide.
Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NETMar 27, 2004
1381: new post   Froogle Tab on Google Homepage and Updated SERP Design
The Google comparison shopping engine hits the streets along with a slightly updated look for Google. Curse or blessing for mom-n-pop?
Google Shopping (Was Google Merchant Center)Mar 29, 2004
1382: new post   AdWords No Different from Stock Google Results
AdWords are now displayed in same color as standard results. The thin line between Google search results and paid search results is now -- literally -- a visual thin line.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Mar 29, 2004
1383: new post   New Personalized Google Feature in the Labs
Rudimentary personalized search option now in the labs at Google.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 29, 2004
1384: new post   Topic and Site Monitor From Google
Monitors a mix of web pages related to topics and emails an update when new topics are available.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 29, 2004
1385: new post   Ballmer: "MSN Search - Coming Next Year"
"...hopes to have some of its own search technology development done in the next 12 months..."
Bing Search Engine NewsMar 30, 2004
1386: new post   Travelocity New Site Design Locks Out Users
Everyone loves to laugh when the big corporate site screws up - except when you have to use that screw up! Travelocity's new redesign relies heavily on dhtml drop down menus. The problem is the new design is incompatable with most 3 party browsers including Nokia Phones, Flavors of Mozilla, Opera Browser, and Pocket Internet Explorer. All of which are favored by road warriors.
CSSMar 30, 2004
1387: new post   Looksmart UK now re-directs to a new home
UK Net Guide is now the new home for Looksmart UK
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMar 31, 2004
1388: new post   Google sued by Digital Envoy over GeoTargeting Technology.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesMar 31, 2004
1389: new post   The Basics of Getting Good Backlinks
"...a quick starter tutorial on how to increase your site’s link-popularity, and ultimately your search engine rankings. "
Link Building ForumMar 31, 2004
1390: new post   Gmail - Google Prepares to Launch Free Email Service
"Google Inc. today announced it is testing a preview release of Gmail -- a free search-based webmail service..."
Google News ArchiveApr 1, 2004
1391: new post   Gmail - Google Prepares to Launch Free Email Service
"Google Inc. today announced it is testing a preview release of Gmail -- a free search-based webmail service..."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesApr 1, 2004
1392: new post   GoodBye AltaVista - Now Using The Yahoo Database
For the better part of 5 years, AltaVista was the net's search engine. On Wednesday, the era of AV as a unique search engine was over.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 1, 2004
1393: new post   Canadian Court Says File Sharers Not Guilty of Copyright Infringement
"In other words, just putting files in a computer directory that other people can access is insufficient an action to constitute illegal distribution - at least under Canadian law."
FooApr 1, 2004
1394: new post   Pricing Structure Changes to AdSense
How ads are displayed on certain sites will dramatically change the shape of the program.
Google AdSenseApr 2, 2004
1395: new post   Overture U.S. Drops Gambling Sites
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 2, 2004
1396: new post   Yahoo! Answers WebmasterWorld Member Questions
Yahoo Reps answer some WebmasterWorld member questions.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 5, 2004
1397: new post   NetIQ to buy First Place Software
NetIQ - owners of WebTrends - have announced intentions to purchase First Place Software - owners of WebPosition SEO Software.
Website Analytics - Tracking and LoggingApr 7, 2004
1398: new post   Information Architecture for the Small Site
Information Architecture is an extremely under valued tool. A well crafted IA makes a huge difference in the success of even a small website, and any webmaster can work the magic by knowing just a few basics.
HTMLApr 7, 2004
1399: new post   Google Claims It Can Not Change Serps
A spokesman for Google, David Krane, claims it does not have the power to hand manipulate results: "Google's search results are solely determined by computer algorithms..."
Google News ArchiveApr 7, 2004
1400: new post   When it comes to quoting prices and billing
Considerations for creating a billing model.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesApr 8, 2004
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