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1281: new post   Gates: "Google Kicked our Butts!"
"Bill Gates told the World Economic Forum in Davos that Google "kicked our butts." In the same breath, the AP is reporting that Microsoft's Rumored New Search Engine won't be seen until 2005.
Google News ArchiveJan 24, 2004
1282: new post   New Google Data Centers and Directory IP Addresses
Google has been actively switching things around. Here is a complete run down of the new changes and how they impact the update.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 25, 2004
1283: new post   What is Google's Mission?
It appears the Google mission statement is a fluid document.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 26, 2004
1284: new post   Lycos Discontinues Communities
The once mighty search engine power house, gives the high maintenance clubs the boot.
Webmaster GeneralJan 26, 2004
1285: new post   New Windows Virus Running Hard - Novarg Worm
Significant outbreak of a new Windows virus named Novarg found running hard in wild.
Webmaster GeneralJan 27, 2004
1286: new post   Google Moves a Step Closer to IPO
Google dotting the legal i's and lining up the troops for the big anticipated IPO as soon as April.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJan 27, 2004
1287: new post   NonProfits - Google Grants
"Google Grants, as the program is called, has been lurking silently in the background of the Google infrastructure for the past several months."
Google News ArchiveJan 28, 2004
1288: new post   Google Opens New Research Center in Zurich
Google News ArchiveJan 28, 2004
1289: new post   MSN Search Beta is Live
Let the dissection begin.
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsJan 28, 2004
1290: new post   It is Official - PayPal Comes of Age
"PayPal's revenue increase includes a 49% year-to-year rise in revenue from payment transactions processed for merchants other than eBay.com, a spokeswoman says."
EcommerceJan 28, 2004
1291: new post   Google Gets Cold Feet - Evidently No IPO This Spring
Schmidt says: "An IPO is not on my agenda right now."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJan 29, 2004
1292: new post   Matt Cutts of Google & ClickZ Founder Andy Bourland To Give Conference Key Notes
" WebmasterWorld.com's three-day Internet marketing conference, Pubconference, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A., has attracted industry leaders to speak at the latest event on 26th, 27th and 28th February..."
WebmasterWorld Community CenterJan 29, 2004
1293: new post   College to Teach Course in Google Searching
Google News ArchiveFeb 2, 2004
1294: new post   Patch Issued for IE Vulnerabilities
"...fixes for three major security flaws related to its Internet Explorer browser for surfing the Web..."
HTMLFeb 2, 2004
1295: new post   Analysts still bet on Google IPO
Most still betting on spring Google IPO.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesFeb 3, 2004
1296: new post   Searches Get More Complex
New study shows, " Of all the search phrases world wide, 32.58 percent of the people use 2 word phrases, 25.61 percent use 3 word phrases and 19.02 percent use a 1 word phrase."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 3, 2004
1297: new post   Gates On Google : We WILL Catch Them!
A new article quotes Gates as saying, "We took an approach that I now realize was wrong," he said of his company's earlier decision to ignore the search market. But, he added pointedly, "we will catch them."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesFeb 3, 2004
1298: new post   Exchange Rate and its Effect on AdSense/AdWords
Can I hang onto my cheque until the exchange rate is better?
Google AdSenseFeb 3, 2004
1299: new post   Verizon to Launch Local Search PPC
"Believing that it is uniquely positioned to dominate local search on the Internet, Verizon's Information Services arm has announced plans to overhaul its SuperPages.com site. The company's revamped Web presence, scheduled to debut on March 1, boasts a streamlined look without sacrificing anything in the way of information"
Pay Per Click EnginesFeb 3, 2004
1300: new post   The Desktop Search Land Rush: Deskbars!
"The players: Microsoft, Overture, Groxis, WhenU, Dave's Quick Search Deskbar, Earthlink, and other unnamed ISPs."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 3, 2004
1301: new post   Opera Software To Go Public
Makers of the popular Opera Browser schedule plans to go public on the Oslo stock exchange.
HTMLFeb 9, 2004
1302: new post   AlltheWeb Add URL Mimics Altavista
One and the same. Confirmed by Inktomi/ATW/Overture/Yahoo search guru Tim Mayer.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comFeb 9, 2004
1303: new post   VeriSign Runs SiteFinder Up the Flag Pole Again
Verisign (Formerly Network Solutions) reconsiders starting back up arguably the most controversial internet domain name related action ever.
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 9, 2004
1304: new post   Server Security Checklist
From the Microsoft forum: We all know there is no magic bullet to secure a server, but here is a very nice checklist.
Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NETFeb 10, 2004
1305: new post   FindWhat Finalizes Deal to Acquire Espotting
"FindWhat said the total deal values Espotting at about $170m based on last Friday's closing stock prices. It is expected to close in the third quarter"
Pay Per Click EnginesFeb 10, 2004
1306: new post   FULL ROOT : Major Microsoft Patch
"This is one of the most serious Microsoft vulnerabilities ever released,"
Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NETFeb 11, 2004
1307: new post   PR Update = 490,000 links - All the rest = 537,000
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 11, 2004
1308: new post   How to secure UNIX server from hackers?
A detailed starting-point list of UNIX security tips.
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsFeb 11, 2004
1309: new post   Seeing the New Yahoo Search
A simple way to see the new organic listing on Yahoo.
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 11, 2004
1310: new post   What are the best affiliate opportunities?
"Look for high payouts, recurring payouts, expensive products, things sold based on emotion & impuse, things everyone has to do or services everyone needs and in-house afiliate programs that provide killer tracking so you know exactly what works."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 11, 2004
1311: new post   Lycos To Get Out Of The Search Business
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 12, 2004
1312: new post   Update Brandy : Google Update
"I'm not sure if you'd call it an update exactly (different algorithms play more of a role than different data). But I'm guessing the change will probably roll out over the course of the weekend." -GoogleGuy
Google News ArchiveFeb 13, 2004
1313: new post   Update Brandy
"I'm not sure if you'd call it an update exactly (different algorithms play more of a role than different data). But I'm guessing the change will probably roll out over the course of the weekend."
Google News ArchiveFeb 13, 2004
1314: new post   AOL Blocking 95% of all Newsletters?
14 out of 15 newsletters could not make it through the AOL filters.
FooFeb 13, 2004
1315: new post   PayPal No Longer Requires Prior Account Setup to Pay Merchants.
PayPal, the Internet's largest payment processor, no longer requires an account setup prior to paying someone. This changes everything.
EcommerceFeb 14, 2004
1316: new post   Top 100 Signs That I Am Writing Spaghetti Code in PHP
Need to know the warning signs of convoluted coding? Or just need to commiserate?
PHP Server Side ScriptingFeb 15, 2004
1317: new post   Google and Semantic Web Search
Some fascinating comments coming out of the update Brandy threads : "The goal of a good search engine should be both to understand what a document is really about, and to understand (from a very short query) what a user really wants. And then match those things as well as possible."
Google News ArchiveFeb 15, 2004
1318: new post   Yahoo Renames Slurp Spider
Yahoo changes bot agent name. Inktomi named bot is no more.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Feb 17, 2004
1319: new post   Mouseover Menus - dhtml dream or usability nightmare?
Yes, they've been trendy for over a year - but do those DHTML menu systems really work for website visitors?
HTMLFeb 17, 2004
1320: new post   Searching 4,285,199,774 Web Pages
Google grows index by about 25%.
Google News ArchiveFeb 17, 2004
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