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1201: new post   Buying a PR8 Site for it's PR
We just paid $15000 for a pr8 site. Any Advice?
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 22, 2004
1202: new post   Programmer Has Lost All Motivation to Work!
"...day after day he just stares and stares at the computer monitor doing nothing except typing in a few keystrokes every 10 minutes or so just so I think he is working...Can anyone recommend some motivation techniques to inspire him to work hard like he used to?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 22, 2004
1203: new post   Non-Performing Affiliates - What To Do With The DeadBeats?
"Our company has a very lucrative affiliate program, and we offer 20% commissions on each referral. We are nearing 150 affiliate members, yet only 2 are bringing in the lionshare of the referrals."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 22, 2004
1204: new post   What pays the most? Clean SEO or Running on the Edge?
Grey hats want to know.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 20, 2004
1205: new post   Where Do You Go and What Do You Do When a DDOS Attack Strikes
"Just got this email from my hosting company where I have a dedicated server with them - Your site has been under a significant Denial of Service attack since 6AM today...."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 19, 2004
1206: new post   Interview With an Email Spammer
"I was at a party and ran into a guy who said he was a programmer. After more discussion he said he was doing email marketing. Digging deeper, he admitted being a spammer. So I really picked his brain and it was rather interesting, so I thought I'd share it with you."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 17, 2004
1207: new post   Spam Wars - What is Working?
General member survey on the current status of the email wars.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 10, 2004
1208: new post   Will Ask Jeeves Dump Google Ads?
"Casella has also been tapped to consult with the Ask Jeeves executive team on optimizing consumer and advertiser relationships..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 9, 2004
1209: new post   Getting a Press Release Into Google News
I have seen several consultants who claim to do such but they are not cheap. BusinessWire charges around 5-600 USD. The press release is a legitimate news item about a brand new, useful product.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 9, 2004
1210: new post   Google Proposes Software Guidelines.
Elbowing its way into the conversation.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 25, 2004
1211: new post   DoubleClick Acquires Performics for $65M
The SEO/SEM industry is in a bit of shock tonight at the news that DoubleClick has paid a staggering $65m for lesser known SEO firm Performics. It is a huge wake up call to just how big this industry has gotten.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 18, 2004
1212: new post   Cost per lead on Google & Overture
"...what some of your cost per leads ranges were for Google and Overture PPC campaigns. I know we're all in different industries and there are numerous factors that impact each campaign/situatio..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 12, 2004
1213: new post   Google Rips PageRank Passing From Blogger
PR Ripping is the process of redirecting all outbound links through methods that won't pass PageRank.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 11, 2004
1214: new post   Cutting that old Bandwidth Bloat
"Does anyone have more suggestions of things I can do to shave off more bandwidth? Anything I'm maybe overlooking right now that I could be doing?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 6, 2004
1215: new post   India's Secret Army of OnLine Ad Clickers
Clickbots the old fashioned way.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 5, 2004
1216: new post   One big site vs. many little ones
"Is it better to "broaden" the topics and go for additional sets of pages within your authority? or should you build smaller niche sites?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 5, 2004
1217: new post   Distributing Server Load with Round-Robin DNS
We have 2 web servers that have the same content. Originally it started as a fail-over solution but now we are thinking that we should use these for load balancing purposes.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 5, 2004
1218: new post   Microsoft Opens Hotmail to Bulk Mailers
"...firms who post a cash bond of up to $20,000 through IronPort's "Bonded Sender Programme" will get guarantees that their message will be delivered to the estimated 170 million regular users..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 5, 2004
1219: new post   Orkut Info Leaks Onto Web
Hard to say what really happned here, but Orkut personal linkage data has been found on the web.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 4, 2004
1220: new post   Google Fires Goldman Sachs
CNN Reports: "...when Google learned Goldman Sachs' chairman and chief executive Henry Paulson had contacted one of the search engine's big investors, Kleiner Perkins, it deemed this as breaking the rules and bumped them from contention, Newsweek said."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 4, 2004
1221: new post   Is Page Rank completely Dead as a Measure?
"I know this has been discussed many times before, but until recently I had believed that Page Rank was still a good indication of the number and weight of links into a site, and that with good PR I could rank for whatever I wanted. However, two things I have observed recently, have completely changed my mind:"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 3, 2004
1222: new post   GOOGLE FILES FOR IPO
Google files for IPO. "Google said that it generated revenues of $961.9 million in 2003 and reported a net profit of $106.5 million. Sales rose 177 percent from a year ago although earnings increased by just 6 percent."
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 29, 2004
1223: new post   SEO vs. Usability
How to run dueling page tests without sacrificing your rankings?
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 28, 2004
1224: new post   Lycos Being Shopped
Terra is reportedly asking a cool $200 million for Lycos.
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 28, 2004
1225: new post   SEO Class Instruction Syllabus
" The skills required to do SEO are not found only in the CompSci classes."
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 28, 2004
1226: new post   Many Minor Google Rankings Systems Changes - Do They Add Up to Something Florida Like Big?
Beyond the IPO, there are big signs that changes have been underfoot in the algo recently. Some webmasters feel it is prep work for another Florida size update.
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 25, 2004
1227: new post   WSJ Says Google to Announce IPO Within a Few Days
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 23, 2004
1228: new post   Will We Ever See Another Old Time Update Again?
Webmasters are getting that old time feeling that an update is due. Many are having a hard soul searching time trying to come to grips with the idea that Google may never have an old fashioned update (ok: dance) again.
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 22, 2004
1229: new post   Moving to a Dedicated Server and Commercial Control Panel
"... the idea would be to move to a dedicated server, and have a commercially available Control Panel installed."
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 20, 2004
1230: new post   New Sites Crawled But not Listed in Google
Large indepth discussion thread on the phenomenon. It is clear this is not an isolated incident.
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 20, 2004
1231: new post   Google Ever Flux Just Plain ... well ... ahem - Yes, Yes - it Sucks!
If you see your Google SERPs jumble all over the place - you are not alone.
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 19, 2004
1232: new post   Overture vs Adwords Conversion
There are major brewing differences between conversion rates for AdWords and Overture's PPC programs.
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 17, 2004
1233: new post   Memo on the Death of Random Link Surfing
Originally, the whole point of Yahoo was to provide a high tide for link surfers. Seems like the art of directing visitors to cool sites has been lost.
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 12, 2004
1234: new post   100 Factors in the Google Search Rankings
Resident optimization expert Calum I. Mac Leod lists up to 100 of the on-the-page and off-the-page factors that go into the Google search algo. Most of this is also applicable to other engines such as Yahoo and Ask Jeeves/Teoma (note: This is one of the best messages I have seen on webmasterworld in its history).
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 10, 2004
1235: new post   To Go Mac or Not?
Webmasters ask if it is true that once you go mac you will never go back?
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 10, 2004
1236: new post   Overture U.S. Drops Gambling Sites
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 2, 2004
1237: new post   Topic and Site Monitor From Google
Monitors a mix of web pages related to topics and emails an update when new topics are available.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 29, 2004
1238: new post   New Personalized Google Feature in the Labs
Rudimentary personalized search option now in the labs at Google.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 29, 2004
1239: new post   Yahoo The First Month Stats
A survey of resident webmasters, SEM, and, SEO's reveals that Google appears to have weathered the initial Yahoo launch blitz.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 25, 2004
1240: new post   Microsoft Registers Record Fine
"Microsoft has been hit with a 497m euro (331m pound) fine and other penalties by the European Commission for the company's anti-competitive practices involving its Windows Media Player software"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 24, 2004
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