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121: new post   SEO - 3 Characters From the End
Three characters that would kill search engine optimization cold.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesMar 5, 2002
122: new post   Google : We Aren´t Selling Out!
A very strong new Google policy statement is online.
0Mar 6, 2002
123: new post   Looksmart UK Goes Google
The big switch to Google powered results.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMar 8, 2002
124: new post   Spotlight : Espotting
Europes largest PPC search engine based in London England.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMar 8, 2002
125: new post   Charging for Content Access.
"...Norwegian content providers are attempting to incentivise (force) surfers to use the system by forming a cartel."
Content, Writing and CopyrightMar 11, 2002
126: new post   Linking - The Big Picture
We´ve talked about hubs, directories, creating authority, linking for traffic, links that bite back, and how to find links...
Link Building ForumMar 11, 2002
127: new post   Easy way for client to post images online?
"I have a client who provides location scouting services and needs to make images available to his clients online. I´m trying to come up with an easy way for him to do this..."
HTMLMar 11, 2002
128: new post   Google Launches Search Microsoft
Now search selected Microsoft related sites via Google.
0Mar 11, 2002
129: new post   Euroseek Sold on Ebay
Search engines attain commodity status as a major European se is sold on Ebay.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMar 12, 2002
130: new post   LookSmart Buys Wisenut
"[LookSmart]...announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire privately held WiseNut, Inc., in a stock transaction valued at $9.25 million."
DirectoriesMar 12, 2002
131: new post   Search Engine Bias
A new search engine study that gauges the depth of bias search engines have applied to their results.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesMar 12, 2002
132: new post   JavaScript - JScript - ECMAScript version history
Most of the time it's all one thing -- plain ol' javascript. But sometimes the exact version becomes important, so here's a handy reference.
JavaScript and AJAXMar 12, 2002
133: new post   Can Pay for Inclusion Work in the Asia-Pacific Region?
Would the Asia-Pacific region would be able to support Paid Inclusion or Pay Per Click search engine models?
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 13, 2002
134: new post   Hotbot AddUrl Goes 404
The Hotbot AddURL has gone 404.
Alternative Search EnginesMar 14, 2002
135: new post   Google Continues March Toward Portal Space
Google adds news search.
0Mar 15, 2002
136: new post   AOL.com and DMOZ.org Domains Expire
As unbelievable as it may sound, AOL.com, and DMOZ.org domain names are showing as expired!
DirectoriesMar 19, 2002
137: new post   Right-Hand Navigation
There has been a growing number of sites, putting navigation on the right side of the page.
HTMLMar 19, 2002
138: new post   Navy "AsksJeeves"
"..AJ will provide results for a website called Ask the Chief".
Ask - TeomaMar 19, 2002
139: new post   A fresh look at IBMs Almaden CLEVER Project
"...CLEVER Engineers first begin by recognizing that if they were to calculate a themed page rank for every page with every theme..."
SEM Research TopicsMar 19, 2002
140: new post   Search Tips
Search method tips.
0Mar 21, 2002
141: new post   Professional Forum Spammers
"They go out and find forums that are ontopic to a customers needs and they carefully spam the forum to acquire link backs, name dropping, and often direct url dropping to bring back customers. The problem? They are getting so good at it."
WebmasterWorld Community CenterMar 21, 2002
142: new post   BT Openworld and NTL move to Google
The large ISPs in the UK move to Google.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMar 22, 2002
143: new post   UK Netscape OnLine to close
According to reports, AOL (UK) will close Netscape Online (UK) on June 27.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMar 22, 2002
144: new post   Ask Jeeves and InfoSpace Do A Deal
"[AskJeeves results]...are now included within InfoSpace´s metasearch products"
Ask - TeomaMar 22, 2002
145: new post   Fast Lands Telus
"[Telus]...has selected FAST to provide world wide web search results to all of its portal properties, which service over three million unique monthly users worldwide. TELUS portal visitors ..."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comMar 26, 2002
146: new post   No Google Update Yet
200 messages later, there is still no Google update for March. This, in and of itself - is news.
0Mar 26, 2002
147: new post   If I Use PHP Will Google Still Like Me
What´s the status of Google and dynamic content based urls?
0Mar 26, 2002
148: new post   LookSmart.AU Moves Annual Fees
LookSmart Australia moves to recurring annual fees.
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 27, 2002
149: new post   Palm - Dead Company Walking?
"Microsoft is poised to do for PDAs, what they did for spreadsheets, word processors, browsers... Give it 3-5 years and they will crush Palm and all other handheld devices that have OS-not-microsoft operating systems."
Smartphone, Wireless, and Mobile TechnologiesMar 27, 2002
150: new post   Looksmart France Goes To Google
"...Looksmart France uses Google for websearches extending their directory listings."
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMar 28, 2002
151: new post   Big Changes at Fireball.de
"One of the best known German search engines is going through major organizational changes..."
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMar 28, 2002
152: new post   redux : HTML Validators
It can be your worst nightmare, or your best friend. Either way, this is your wake up call to get ready for AOL Netscape!
HTMLMar 28, 2002
153: new post   What is the future for UK directories?
"Some directories have tried the local geographic approach for a catch-all audience. Others have tried to become specialised, national directories. How many can you count that have been successful?"
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMar 28, 2002
154: new post   Off the beaten track - PPC in Italy
Where are some of the results coming from?
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMar 30, 2002
155: new post   Heads Up - Putting our HTML Heads Together
The insufferable "head" tag has gone through some changes over the years. Deprecated info abounds on the web. What´s in, what´s out, what´s current?
HTMLMar 31, 2002
156: new post   Mostly Viral Top Traffic Alternatives to Search Engines
"As the search engine referrals continue to fall for most on the web, we are in a scramble to find alternatives."
Webmaster GeneralApr 1, 2002
157: new post   Yahoo Resets Marketing Prefs
Yahoo resets all users my.yahoo.com preferences to give themselves full spamming rights.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 1, 2002
158: new post   To Deep Link or Not To Deep Link
Too boldly link where no one has linked before?
Link Building ForumApr 2, 2002
159: new post   Common Validation Errors
"...the more people work toward writing valid code, the more challenges we´ll see."
HTMLApr 2, 2002
160: new post   Is there a future for paid directories in Europe?
Can the paid directory inclusion model continue to work in Europe?
Deprecated - European Search EnginesApr 2, 2002
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