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1161: new post   NBC, Overture Sign Search Deal
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingNov 10, 2003
1162: new post   Server Side Scripting in CSS Files
CSSNov 10, 2003
1163: new post   Where do You Get Your Content From?
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 10, 2003
1164: new post   Tobacco Affiliates Wonder about Consequences of Mass. Case
"...A mystery is brewing in Massachusetts over how state tax collectors learned the identities of residents who bought cigarettes over the Internet."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 10, 2003
1165: new post   Commonly used MySQL Commands
some tips on where to start using MySQL with PHP
PHP Server Side ScriptingNov 11, 2003
1166: new post   Search Engine Submission for Beginners
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesNov 11, 2003
1167: new post   Developing MySQL search query
Covers the basics of building a SELECT statement to query results from MySQL based on form input
PHP Server Side ScriptingNov 13, 2003
1168: new post   Espotting Grabs ITV Deal
"ITV reaches 7.5% of all UK internet users"
Pay Per Click EnginesNov 13, 2003
1169: new post   Finding and Using Good Misspellings
" I put a statement on the bottom of my page that says "common misspellings of keyword phrase msipsell mispel etc" I Got a fresh tag and more visits."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 14, 2003
1170: new post   Enwording, Spim, Spam, Inbox Sludge, and Skiddies.
"And why do people coin new words? Why don't they mint them? "
Content, Writing and CopyrightNov 14, 2003
1171: new post   Installing and Configuring mySQL on OS X 10.2.8
Apple Software and TechnologyNov 15, 2003
1172: new post   Google Update Florida - November 15, 2003
With all the changes in the Google update process the last six months, it is hard to tell what is and isn't a major update. By-all-accounts, this appears to be a major update - it is an old school dance.
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 15, 2003
1173: new post   Spray-n-Pray : Advertising the Old Fashioned Way
" In that sector, the topic areas are so broad and the product so refined, that conversion rates of 1 in 1 million page views are not uncommon."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 15, 2003
1174: new post   Gates Says : We Never Talked to Google
"We've never been in any talks with Google about any acquisition thing in any way, shape or form," Gates told USA TODAY last week."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesNov 17, 2003
1175: new post   Microsoft Testing News Search Service
"Microsoft web portal MSN has unveiled a test, or beta, service called MSN Newsbot to search news in the languages of four countries - the UK, France, Italy and Spain. MSN Newsbot is an experimental, automated news service that gathers news from more than 4,000 sources online, according to the Newsbot website."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 18, 2003
1176: new post   New Investment Search Engine : The Scannery
"...allowing users to search the Web sites of 11 000 publicly traded companies across the world."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 18, 2003
1177: new post   How to Install Multiple Versions of IE on Your PC
Tutorial on how to install multiple versions of IE on the same computer.
HTMLNov 18, 2003
1178: new post   AOL Buys Multimedia Search Engine SingingFish
" America Online has purchased Seattle-based Singingfish for an undisclosed sum."
Alternative Search EnginesNov 19, 2003
1179: new post   Overture Drops Pharm Ads
Another engine stops selling pharm ads.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingNov 19, 2003
1180: new post   New Version for KartOO.
"...Personalisation of results according to your interests and previous searches"
Alternative Search EnginesNov 19, 2003
1181: new post   7 Day Advertiser Test on AdSense
Google AdSenseNov 25, 2003
1182: new post   Yahoo Patents New Algorithm for Ranking Websites
"...this patent allows Yahoo to use a weighted average, combining both content and sales revenue to rank websites in its results pages. "
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 25, 2003
1183: new post   The Christmas Rush Is On
EcommerceNov 25, 2003
1184: new post   Copy That Sells
"...They laughed when I sat down to play..."
Content, Writing and CopyrightNov 25, 2003
1185: new post   Looksmart Offers Free Access to 3.5 Million Articles
Pay Per Click EnginesNov 25, 2003
1186: new post   Ask Jeeves Research on Consumer Behavior:
"...interesting article about what shoppers want. An Ask Jeeves study showed that consumers didn't consider themselves shoppers, but researchers. "
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 25, 2003
1187: new post   Flash and Google
"...We typically can find/index/follow outgoing links from Flash pages. It's not as clear that indexing the body of Flash pages above and beyond that is as much of a win."
Google News ArchiveNov 25, 2003
1188: new post   Who's ready for Black Friday?
FooNov 26, 2003
1189: new post   Acer's Ferrari Branded Notebook
The Pony rides again!
FooNov 26, 2003
1190: new post   Google Too Much? Update Fever?
FooNov 26, 2003
1191: new post   iTunes : Norwegian Cracks Apple Anticopying
Apple Software and TechnologyNov 26, 2003
1192: new post   Mirago Introduces Day-Part PPC Service
"Mirago has added a new feature to its PPC service where advertisers can select the best time of day/weekend to deliver their ads."
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsNov 28, 2003
1193: new post   2004 - Have you booked your ticket on the Inktomi Express
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsNov 29, 2003
1194: new post   Google Adwords Kicks Pharm Ads
"David Krane, a spokesman for Google, said the search engine will start using a third-party company to weed out rogue pharmacies that advertise on its site. Google also will ban the names of certain controlled drugs as keywords in its search-related advertising."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 2, 2003
1195: new post   The .NET bug, fixed, and howto lists
A list of all the .NET BUG, FIXED, and HOWTO articles from the Microsoft web site.
Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NETDec 2, 2003
1196: new post   Fear Factor : Ranking the Search Engine Updates
Although Google's Florida Update is fresh in everyones mind, it ranks as low as 4th or 5th for all time update impact by many old school SEO'ers.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesDec 2, 2003
1197: new post   How to track visitors - an intermediate guide
The strengths and limits of different technical approaches to user tracking.
Website Analytics - Tracking and LoggingDec 3, 2003
1198: new post   Rankology - Florida Confessions From Those That Thrived
Not all was bad news from update Florida. Confessions finally trickle in from those that got early christmas presents from Google.
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 4, 2003
1199: new post   Froogle Links On SERPs
One year after the introduction of Froogle, Google introduces Froogle links at the top of the SERPs. (updated: and promptly pulls them)
Google Shopping (Was Google Merchant Center)Dec 6, 2003
1200: new post   Post Florida Clean Up Some Dropped Sites Reappear
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 7, 2003
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