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1121: new post   Create My Own Commission Junction Links?
AffiliatesOct 25, 2003
1122: new post   Everyone Punt on The Search Engine Conversion Counters?
Most everyone agrees that sharing roi/conversion data with a third party would be tricky business best avoided.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingOct 25, 2003
1123: new post   Welcome to the CSS Forum and WebmasterWorld!
An introduction for new members.
CSSOct 25, 2003
1124: new post   Reports that Yahoo Will Pull Pharm Ads
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 25, 2003
1125: new post   Background Music on Web Pages
Back button offense, or secret key to higher ROI?
Webmaster GeneralOct 28, 2003
1126: new post   Google Working On Full Text Book Search
Hey sports fans, it looks like Google is not going stand idle while the Alexa/Amazon Duo beat it with a full book search. Rumors rampant that Google is working up a power play of their own.
Google News ArchiveOct 28, 2003
1127: new post   Cloaking Your robots.txt
Sitemaps, Meta Data, and robots.txtOct 28, 2003
1128: new post   Inktomi SEO vs. Google SEO
Major differences exist between these two. Getting ready for the Yahoo switch over to Ink in time for xmas may be mission critical to your business.
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 28, 2003
1129: new post   This Weeks Microsoft Windows Virus
FooOct 29, 2003
1130: new post   Webmasterworld.com Announces Administrative Changes
WebmasterWorld Community CenterOct 29, 2003
1131: new post   Yahoo Europe Switch to Overture PPC
Yahoo UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain have switched PPC providers from Espotting to Overture
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 30, 2003
1132: new post   Site Maps : Is Good Enough for Google.com, Good Enough For Me?
Google News ArchiveOct 30, 2003
1133: new post   Justification for more IP addresses; multiple Class Cs
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 30, 2003
1134: new post   Google Slovakia
Google News ArchiveOct 30, 2003
1135: new post   DHTML Hover Ads - New Alternative to Pop Ups?
Webmaster GeneralOct 30, 2003
1136: new post   Redmond Buys A Clue? MSN Hires Search Wiz Paul Ryan
There is an old joke about the Borg leaving Redmond alone because there was no intelligent life to be found. Microsoft may get the last laugh yet as they just completed one of the most tech savvy acquisitions this year by wrestling search insider Paul Ryan away from Overture.
WebmasterWorld SupportersOct 31, 2003
1137: new post   Google Apparently Tried to Buy Friendster
"Search-engine giant Google recently made a $30 million offer to buy Friendster, the hot Sunnyvale online dating site that lets users meet and date friends of their friends."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesOct 31, 2003
1138: new post   Drudge Says Microsoft Eyes Google Takeover
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesOct 31, 2003
1139: new post   Basics of extracting data from MySQL
Explanation of using a simple form to query MySQL and retrieve matching data
PHP Server Side ScriptingOct 31, 2003
1140: new post   W3C Standards
HTMLNov 1, 2003
1141: new post   Ask Jeeves Launches Smart Search
"...a series of smart searching tools designed to make it easier and more intuitive to find information online. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Smart Search for Products supports a variety of shopping categories across multiple stages of the consumer buying cycle. "
Ask - TeomaNov 4, 2003
1142: new post   Lycos Drops Overture Amid Dispute
Terra Lycos has dropped Overture's listings across its U.S. Web pages after a disagreement over a contract the companies signed just three months ago.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingNov 4, 2003
1143: new post   The Hidden "Ads by Google" - Back in Black
For the past several weeks, publishers were able to hide the "Ads by Google" link by using a light colored border. This would make the ads appear like a part of the site itself, rather than ads provided by Google, particularly when the border and background matched the website's page color. Many reported a much higher CTR when doing this.
Google AdSenseNov 4, 2003
1144: new post   AskJeeves Names New Insider CEO
The best performing search stock of the last three years gets a new CEO from inside the ranks.
Ask - TeomaNov 4, 2003
1145: new post   Yahoo Makes It's Move
Regarding today's radical change of Yahoo's home page, Ali Diab, director of product management for U.S. search said in a cryptic statement, "This is one thing among many that you will see in the next month, in terms of improvements in helping our users find what they're looking for...".
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 4, 2003
1146: new post   Top Seven Ways To Make Money Without Clients
As the trend of SEO to SEM has accelerated, many SEO's have struck out on their own. The come back in net advertising has rejuvenated possibilities and probabilities of success for a Mom and Pop shop in the affiliate world. eg: Let's rock while the music is playing.
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 4, 2003
1147: new post   Reports Coming in that Google is Crawling IRC
"...some people seeing Google machines on their IRC channels"
Google News ArchiveNov 5, 2003
1148: new post   Yahoo.com Using Inktomi
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Nov 5, 2003
1149: new post   Creating a Good Email Signature
Webmaster GeneralNov 5, 2003
1150: new post   Server Side Scripting in CSS Files
Using Server Side Scripting such as PHP/ASP *inside* a CSS file. Extremely useful for all kinds of purposes.
CSSNov 6, 2003
1151: new post   Commision Junction Enters Pure Optimization Space
SEM under siege? Rumors have run rampant for several years that pay-for-play search engines have been targetting and poaching SEM/SEO company client lists. Now from the other end, comes Commission Junction touting SEO services: "Your CJ Search specialist is prepared to handle everything - from developing ad copy, creating keyword lists, leveraging your publishers to daily managing your search engine relationships - all while providing complete ROI reporting, analysis and constant program refinement."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 6, 2003
1152: new post   Click Bot Wars
One of the background hums of AdTech this week has been fraud in the PPC space.
Google AdSenseNov 6, 2003
1153: new post   Pharm Space Titans E-Scripts-MD Cashes Out of Prescription Meds
"... based solely on an online medical questionnaire, we have decided to discontinue access to submit such request."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 7, 2003
1154: new post   Mystery of A Few Dropped Sites In Google Slowly Being Solved
A long running mystery has been solved with sites disappearing from Google. The main theme found by members was that the sites were all hosted by GoDaddy.
Google News ArchiveNov 7, 2003
1155: new post   Godaddy Hosting Appears To Block Google Bot
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 7, 2003
1156: new post   Local Search - Red Hot Topic - Everyone Passes
"At AdTech this week, local search came up in every se related panel I sat in on. The strange back draft from every vendor is the universal belief that Local Search is nothing and will remain nothing for many years to come."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 7, 2003
1157: new post   Mac users don't be shy - introduce yourself!
A short bio for a better exchange
Apple Software and TechnologyNov 7, 2003
1158: new post   AdWords Being Blocked By Filter Programs
Google got a "welcome to the big leagues" this last few weeks as filter programs begin to block AdWords. Like DoubleClick, FlyCast, and Burst before it, several of the big ad filter programs such as virus, spam, and adware programs are starting block AdWords displays. Effective CPM's are beginning to fall.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Nov 8, 2003
1159: new post   Publishers Feel Broad Match Hurting AdWords Relevancy
"...we started seeing more than 50% of the ads displayed no longer being targeted to the page content but rather to the overall theme of our website. Not only are we no longer seeing targeted ads in a lot of cases, but we are seeing the same non-targeted ads repeatedly."
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Nov 8, 2003
1160: new post   How Do You "Sell Traffic"?
"Once you have clearly identified your inventory, focus on carefully identifying your sites audience characteristics~
Target market segments: behavioural, geographic, demographic dispositions. ~ Explain how you derived such info - surveys, deduced from site content etc."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 9, 2003
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