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1041: new post   Receiving garbled online form submissions
"I have received about ten online enquiry forms from one of my websites. These contain garbled, nonsense information but with some similarities. I am concerned that someone may be trying to hack into my website forms. Should I be concerned about this and if so what action should I take?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 28, 2006
1042: new post   U.S. Grants Patent For Broad Range Of Internet Rich Applications
"The patent--issued on Valentine's Day--covers all rich-media technology implementations, including Flash, Flex, Java, Ajax, and XAML, when the rich-media application is accessed on any device over the Internet, according to the patent holders."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 24, 2006
1043: new post   Afflicted by the "creative mind" lack of focus syndrome
"Do you tend to roll with your smaller ideas or do you wait for the biggies? Or do you plan, plan and plan some more before throwing up a 'small' site?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 24, 2006
1044: new post   Building A Network Of Sites
" How can we make sure that our sites stay disconnected? In other words: How can we keep Google from knowing all these sites are ours?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 17, 2006
1045: new post   Downsides of liquid layouts, what to do in the meantime: design for 800 or 1024
"I have always been a diehard fan of fluid/liquid (not fixed) layouts. Even back when I could barely format text in html I knew I needed a fluid layout. Why? Because liquid was the way of the future!"
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 17, 2006
1046: new post   Building a Team of Link Monkeys
"The Internet is getting bigger everyday and it is harder for one person to keep up with it. You keep getting great ideas that would be profitable if only you had the time. You are afraid of telling anyone for fear of releasing this great secret. Eventually your idea dies becuase you never had time to work on it. The solution is to spend a few dollars and build a team of workers to do your work. Here are some suggestions..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 16, 2006
1047: new post   How Can I Prevent Form Injection Spammers
"How can I test one of my forms to see if it's still vulnerable?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 15, 2006
1048: new post   Milking the Open Source Market for Forum Spamming Bait
"...fashioned explantion of a promotional or buzz marketing model, or how a problem becomes a promotion."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 14, 2006
1049: new post   Planning to Rebrand With a New Domain Name
"... should an authority site rename its domain if it's better for branding? how much "link love" will i keep? can i expect a big big drop in rankings if i move and 301 everyting?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 13, 2006
1050: new post   How Advanced is The Average Internet Surfer
"We are pretty deep in the internet thing but what do you think of the normal person just surfing. Does the average Joe know about affiliate links, internet marketing at all in your opinion?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 10, 2006
1051: new post   PubCon Boston WebmasterWorld Supporters' Discount
Malcolm Gladwell's presence is generating a great deal of interest and the hotel is selling out fast. Friday is the last day for the deeply discounted rates.
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 9, 2006
1052: new post   Has a Company Ever Tried as Much as Google
"The pace of product introduction at Google is dizzying. They seem to be taking on Microsoft with one hand, eBay with another... and Yahoo et al, too. If I picked up the newspaper to find that Google was introducing the G-Car, an environmentally friendly auto with built-in WiMax and touchscreens for each passenger, I'd only be half surprised."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 9, 2006
1053: new post   Yahoo accused in jailing of another China Internet user
"Yahoo Inc. provided evidence to Chinese authorities that led to the imprisonment of an Internet writer, lawyers and activists said on Thursday, the second such case involving the U.S. Internet giant."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 9, 2006
1054: new post   Turning a Blog into a Community
"...for those bloggers who are hoping to interact with their readers, what steps can you take? Here are the first few to get things rolling..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 9, 2006
1055: new post   Is a blog not a blog, but just a zine, if there is no talk back?
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 8, 2006
1056: new post   Importance of "Description" Tag?
"I need to know how important description tags are for ranking in google."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 2, 2006
1057: new post   Yet more things Google wants to know about me
"The upcoming version 4 of the Google toolbar will have "Server Side Bookmarks"... ..Do I really like Google to know all these - and to associate them with myself?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 30, 2006
1058: new post   Stanford Guidelines for Web Credibility
"Stanford just released 10 guidelines for building the credibility of a web site. The guidelines are based on three years of research that included over 4,500 people."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 30, 2006
1059: new post   The New Copyright Infringers: Article Submission Sites
"Article banks have become a popular form of link development, however there is a dark side that has been overlooked and is becoming too big to avoid: Copyright infringement."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 23, 2006
1060: new post   Can an Independent Search Engine Work?
"...perhaps time for a viable independent SE to enter the fray."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 23, 2006
1061: new post   Making the best of buying an old domain
"So, what's the best way to purchase an old domain name, and update it with my content, without getting sandboxed or penalised?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 17, 2006
1062: new post   101 Signals of Quality : Keywords in File Path
"We started off with the biggie on The Title. Which is without a doubt, the most important aspect of the page in my opinion. Next up, we are going to walk down the long list of "keyword" signal locations that SE's have used historically."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 12, 2006
1063: new post   Affiliate Programs, AdSense, PPC and Website Content
"Interesting Data collected over 8 months."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 9, 2006
1064: new post   How Does One Retire From This Business?
A sure sign that mom-n-pop are rocking are all the threads about serious long term business models: "How do you plan on retiring (besides to a tropical island filled with good looking people of your prefered sex)?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 9, 2006
1065: new post   Goals for 2006? A look ahead.
"I really enjoyed the 2005 lessons learned thread. Nobody can deny those types of threads are very educational. However one thing surprised me. Dozens talked about their last year, but nobody took the exercise to its conclusion: focusing on how these lessons will effect their plans for the NEXT YEAR. So, with 349 days to go: What are your goals for the 2006? How will you achieve them?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 9, 2006
1066: new post   101 Signals of Quality - The WebPage Title
"The title is a users gateway to your page.... The user physically must click on your title to get to your site. The title is the on-ramp to your site."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 7, 2006
1067: new post   What did you learn this year as a Webmaster?
"2) For Google, 20 inbound links carefully done is worth 1000 traded links."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 29, 2005
1068: new post   101 Signals of Quality : Celebrating 10 years of SEO
"This year marked the 10 year anniversary of Yahoo and consequently, the 10 year anniversary of Search Engine Optimization. 2005 was a milestone year for SEO."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 20, 2005
1069: new post   How do we Increase Alexa Toolbar usage?
"Alexa bar usage here is 50% below that of other sites. most webmasters only use the Google toolbar and do not use a secon toolbar such as the Alexa bar. How can we increase that usage rate?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 19, 2005
1070: new post   Wikipedia Continues climb, Breaks Alexa Top 30
"This week Wiki entered the top 30 continuing it's rapid rise. At the current rate it's scheduled to be the world's leading information source in 16 months."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 19, 2005
1071: new post   Laptop Stolen - What do I need to do?
"... while I was in a meeting in our conference room, someone walked into the office and stole a few laptops from employees' desks--including mine."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 16, 2005
1072: new post   Search Engine Friendly URL's no longer necessary?
"...does search engine friendly url no longer play any role in the ranking algo?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 12, 2005
1073: new post   63 Questions to Ask Prior to Building a Content Site
"I am working on a new content site concept, something I have never done before (first time with some help as well) and I started making a list of things which should be nailed down before anyone started putting code to server."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 11, 2005
1074: new post   Thread of the Year Nominations
"Please post up to 3 nominations for thread of the year."
WebmasterWorld SupportersDec 6, 2005
1075: new post   How to make $100,000 or more a year by focusing on Local Search
"...Okay, that's how you do it and how I did it, to the tune of $$$,$$$."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 30, 2005
1076: new post   Key Topics of The Moment
The top dozen running topics in the forums.
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 29, 2005
1077: new post   'Experts' Claiming to Have Beaten the 'Google Sandbox'
"Every now and then I come across a post from a person who claims that all their websites rank in the top 10 within the first month of going online, the sanbox doesnt exist, etc, etc... Has anyone ever created a site that did not experience the Sandbox effect at all? If so, what did you do different?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 23, 2005
1078: new post   Reciprocal Links Action Plan
"It sounds like we're all in agreement now that recip links were a major target in the recent Jagger update."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 19, 2005
1079: new post   Multi Monitors: Increase Productivity
"I've been looking at ways to improve my productivity/efficicency etc., and I read an interesting article... It was about interruption science - how we can best deal with the barrage of different tasks, and one of the ideas was to use a second or third monitor, or one enormous screen (there were some tests on 42 inch)."
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 11, 2005
1080: new post   Upcoming Challenges for Corporate Homepages in the Next 2 Years
"Here's my list - maybe you have to add things or want to comment on some: Corporate Web Strategies 2006 and beyond"
WebmasterWorld SupportersNov 9, 2005
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