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1001: new post   Danny Sullivan Announces He is Resigning From Searchenginewatch
"After ten years, I'm leaving Search Engine Watch and almost certainly leaving the Search Engine Strategies conference series as well. My contracts with their owners Incisive Media are expiring, and we've not been able to agree on new ones."
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 29, 2006
1002: new post   Eliminating Spam in Forums, Blogs and Wikis
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 25, 2006
1003: new post   Concept Density: Keywords, It's All About Relationships
"Some folks just refuse to move away from the old-school thinking that keywords need to approach some magic ratio for the page to rank well."
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 25, 2006
1004: new post   Webmaster - In Search Of A New Name
"They came up with sanitation engineers instead of trash men. What can we do with Webmaster? "
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 18, 2006
1005: new post   Apple Gets Lawyers In Over 'pod' Companies
"Following Google's insistence that media outlets shouldn't be using the term 'Googling', Apple has become similarly protective over the word Pod - whether it relates to the iPod or not. "
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 17, 2006
1006: new post   Euro and East Coast USA Workers have Advantage in US Market
"...put forth the theory that East Coast and Euro IT workers are at a distinct advantage because of the time difference."
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 16, 2006
1007: new post   Best Way To Deal With Unsolicited Domain Name Offers
"How would you address a similar situation?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 5, 2006
1008: new post   Google Publishing over 1 Billion Word Records From Web Data
"We processed 1,011,582,453,213 words of running text and are publishing the counts for all 1,146,580,664 five-word sequences that appear at least 40 times. There are 13,653,070 unique words, after discarding words that appear less than 200 times."
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 4, 2006
1009: new post   Is A Robots.txt File Really Necessary?
"Do I really need one? Are there any major benefits in having one, or liabilities in not having one? "
WebmasterWorld SupportersAug 2, 2006
1010: new post   Here Is My Entire Niche Selection And Site Creation Process
"The following is my entire process for identifying a niche and building a content site to fill it. I'm hoping that it will help beginners who have not yet refined their own process and I'm also hoping that some of the more advanced members will add some tips or suggest alternatives to some of these steps so that we all might benefit. "
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 26, 2006
1011: new post   Exploited, But Not Necessarily Hacked: What To Look For?
"This afternoon, a site I work on was exploited through a file upload utility."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 24, 2006
1012: new post   Back Links: What Do You Use To Find Them?
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 21, 2006
1013: new post   WebmasterWorld Exclusive: Yahoo Search Marketing New Features List
"The US launch will occur in q3 of 06 with the first accounts being transitioned around August 15th. The international transition will occur in q1 of 07."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 6, 2006
1014: new post   I think my PC is under attack: what to do?
"I called my broadband provider and they suggested that it was my PC and that I had some sort of spyware or virus on my machine."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 3, 2006
1015: new post   Winning the "price match" race
"Here are some thoughts I have had..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 30, 2006
1016: new post   Why I Abandon Your Shopping Cart
"There is no need to prioritize this list, any one of the items listed below will make me abandon the checkout process and go elsewhere."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 29, 2006
1017: new post   SEO 411 : Dash vs Hyphen vs Space vs Underline vs Dots
The ultimate test of the new meta tag wars. Your mission is to study the serps of these 4 searches...Then report back here with your conclusions.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 28, 2006
1018: new post   Top 10 Reasons AdSensers Should Use AdWords
"Anyone serious about making money from AdSense should absolutely have an AdWords account that they actively experiment with. Here's a few reasons:"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 26, 2006
1019: new post   WebmasterWorld Classic: Search Bait
"Ever leave out bait?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 23, 2006
1020: new post   Ready, Fire, Aim.
"In another life, one of my clients was a large multinational bank. I loved working with them because they were (and still are) very smart, and very aggressive. I particularly loved their approach to launching new programs and products. They called it: 'Ready, fire, aim.'"
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 21, 2006
1021: new post   National Chain - Marketing At The Local Level
"For me, that's a perfect example of how local marketing using the World Wide Web should work."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 20, 2006
1022: new post   Should I Move to a Non Hyphenated Domain?
"I am considering switching over to the non-hyphenated domain to get rid of any potential problems Google is having with hyphenated domains and to also try and resurrect myself in their listings."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 6, 2006
1023: new post   Defining duplicate content
"...a thread that actually works to define what we mean when we're talking about 'duplicate content'."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 5, 2006
1024: new post   Brainstorm On How To Get One Way Inbound Links
"I would like to hear successes from those who have done it well, and any harebrained ideas that are untried and unproven for this."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 30, 2006
1025: new post   What Can We do about Blog, Forum, and Community Spam
"...in the past couple of weeks spam as taken over... I've thought of a few ideas and I'm hoping you can helping think of a few more!"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 19, 2006
1026: new post   Small Web Page File Sizes: Thing of the Past?
With the advanced state of broadband proliferation, should the quest for Compact File Sizes be relegated to the same bin as Netscape compatibility?
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 16, 2006
1027: new post   Top Ten Reasons Businesses Fail
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 11, 2006
1028: new post   Interacting with Venture Capitalists
"What kind of information do VCs typically look for and what kind of information should I be prepared to provide? What kind of information should I not mention?"
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 10, 2006
1029: new post   Drop-Off Rate Going from Single to Double Opt-in Email Lists
"A year ago,... going from a single opt-in list to a double opt-in cut the number of confirmed sign-ups by about 25%..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 8, 2006
1030: new post   Automated Queries to Google Comes Up Again
Over 5 years ago we ran a little story about rank checkers getting banned by Google. The topic is once again up for the newbies.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 8, 2006
1031: new post   Referrer Based Delivery for Contextual Advertising
Are Yahoo surfers more likely to click on an ad under a "Ads by Yahoo!" banner? Consequently, are Google surfers more likely to click on an ad under the banner, "Ads by Google"?
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 6, 2006
1032: new post   What are The Top Press Release Outlets on The Web Today?
"...I am writing a press release and wonder who I should use to distribute the press release...BusinessWire, PRWEB..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMay 2, 2006
1033: new post   Amazon and Alexa Search Now Powered by MS Live - Formerly Google
Alexa search was formerly powered by Google.
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 30, 2006
1034: new post   Think Partnership to Acquire IceRocket.com, blog search engine
"Think Partnership Inc. announced that the Company has entered into a letter of intent to acquire IceRocket.com, LLC, which operates a comprehensive real-time search engine that focuses on blogs and RSS, providing its visitors the latest in top news, business, technology, health, and sports stories, and also helps its customers to search for website information, images, and cell phone pictures."
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 13, 2006
1035: new post   .eu registration problems
WebmasterWorld SupportersApr 7, 2006
1036: new post   Niche marketing: A popular concept that is poorly defined?
"How small is a niche? How big can small get and still be spoken of as a niche? ... how does one even begin to identify a niche unless one first defines the criteria by which 'that thing called a niche' can be identified, found? 'Ah ha! I've found it. It's a niche!' "
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 28, 2006
1037: new post   New Creative Ways of Keyword Rich Linking to the Homepage
"There may be other ways of doing this but this is at least one fairly elegant and usable solution I found."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 21, 2006
1038: new post   Traffic Without Google
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 21, 2006
1039: new post   I have just advertised on 66 different blogs; here's how it turned out
"I have absolutely no idea if Blog advertisements are going to work - and it seems to me that there is very little research into this. So - I decided not to guess what was the right theme for my product. instead I have purchased small advertising campaigns on 66 different blogs (minimum pageviews of 3,000 a day - some have much more)."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 10, 2006
1040: new post   Hints from Search Engine Engineers about Links
"I won't name names, but after a few drinks I was able to get a few 'hints' regarding links. So, for what they're worth, here's some of what I was able to get from them..."
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 6, 2006
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