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921: new post   Regular expressions
A starter to help make sense of regular expressions and get over the beginning confusion when dealing with them.
PHP Server Side ScriptingJune 25, 2003
922: new post   Google Toolbar 2.0
"...includes pop-up killing, auto form-filling, and some other fun things."
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsJune 25, 2003
923: new post   Crash Course In Google Adwords
Google Ads (Was AdWords)June 25, 2003
924: new post   Warnings on Automated Search Engine Queries ReSurface
"You may hear of a Web site being banned by Google, but normally it takes some form of spamming on the person's Web site for that to happen, not simply running WebPosition's Reporter."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 27, 2003
925: new post   Ugly Sites Sell
"Monkey see big yellow button. Monkey press big yellow button. Monkey get banana". (-rc jordan)
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 27, 2003
926: new post   Is Yahoo holding a trump card?
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)June 27, 2003
927: new post   How to cancel your AdWords account
Google Ads (Was AdWords)June 28, 2003
928: new post   Update Esmeralda Summary
Google News ArchiveJune 30, 2003
929: new post   Last Chance to Get IE6
Today is the last opportunity that Windows users will have to download IE6 before it is discontinued. That's right, today is the last day for IE as a unique standalone product.
HTMLJune 30, 2003
930: new post   Whew! Court Rules in Favor of Bloggers, Forums, and Email Lists
Bloggers, Email Lists, and Forums Less Likely to be Sued
Webmaster GeneralJune 30, 2003
931: new post   Jakob : Why Google Makes People Leave Your Site Faster
A bit of biting-the-hand-that-feeds from Nielsen on Information Foraging and why Google helps people to leave your site faster than ever before.
Google News ArchiveJune 30, 2003
932: new post   Google News in German
"Google News is now also available in German..."
Google News ArchiveJune 30, 2003
933: new post   Where do you go for inspiration?
So where do you start, when you're ready to design a new site? How do you keep things fresh and exciting, without reinventing the wheel? How do you design a new site to make it both (a) familiar and usable to your audience, and (b) more than just a rehash of something that was inadequate to begin with?
Webmaster GeneralJuly 2, 2003
934: new post   Overture Content Match
"Overture have announced they will doing content match (similar to the Google Adwords stufF... "
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJuly 3, 2003
935: new post   Possible changes at Freeserve
"Overture followed by ATW results. "
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJuly 3, 2003
936: new post   Fuzzy Is Good
"...trend lately and the log data is supporting it. Extremely focused websites aren't doing as well in comparison to those "fuzzy" websites."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 3, 2003
937: new post   Zipf's Law : Serious Traffic and ROI
"...site traffic follows Zipf's law. So for the web in general or for any particular keyword, the top site will always get more pageviews than the next in line. But Zipf's law affects us in many other ways."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 3, 2003
938: new post   Adwords being shown for Mispellings
Google Ads (Was AdWords)July 4, 2003
939: new post   Adwords Begins Matching Mispellings
If you have widget your adword shows up for wdget or wedget.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)July 6, 2003
940: new post   When to Start Throwing In Free Shipping?
Where is the break even price point on shipping?
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 6, 2003
941: new post   Getting a UK site listed in UK searches
Getting sites listed in the UK SERPs.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsJuly 7, 2003
942: new post   Jargon Intimidates Buyers.
"If people think technology is too complex, they simply won't buy it..."
Content, Writing and CopyrightJuly 8, 2003
943: new post   Sprinks Content Advertising signs MSNBC.com
"Sprinks Content ads will appear on MSNBC, although MSN has rather tight relations with Overture."
Pay Per Click EnginesJuly 8, 2003
944: new post   MSN Extends Deal with Overture
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJuly 8, 2003
945: new post   Frontline SEO : Hyphen vs Underscore
One of the oldest running debates in the history of SEO.
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 9, 2003
946: new post   Article on Google Caching
"...Google is making copies of all the Web sites they index and they're not asking permission," said Fred Lohman, an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "From a strict copyright standpoint, it violates copyright."
Google News ArchiveJuly 10, 2003
947: new post   MP3.com to be Shut Down
"Cash strapped French media giant Vivendi Universal has closed the European arm of MP3.com, the online music site that it bought for GBP 265m two years ago."
FooJuly 10, 2003
948: new post   What's your Traffic like this Summer?
Webmaster GeneralJuly 10, 2003
949: new post   GooglePlex on the Move
GooglePlex moves into new bigger offices.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJuly 11, 2003
950: new post   WebmasterWorld Mom and Pop Success Stories
"Today I just received a check. This check marks the very first month in my life I've made more this month than I have at my job I've been working at for nearly 19 years. "
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 11, 2003
951: new post   Yahoo! to Acquire Overture
Yahoo! Inc and Overture Services today announced they have signed a definitive agreement under which Yahoo! will acquire Overture.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJuly 14, 2003
952: new post   GooglePlex on the Move - Google SubLets New Buildings
Google is moving its Mountain View headquarters about a half mile away to a four-building complex being vacated by SGI.
Google News ArchiveJuly 14, 2003
953: new post   Yahoo! Hooking up with Oracle
One day after its blockbuster purchase bid for paid search provider Overture, Tuesday sought to improve its portal productivity suite by hooking up with Oracle to use its application server to deliver content to more people.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)July 15, 2003
954: new post   AOL Axes Gecko Team, Dumps Netscape
"It has been learned through public and private sources that AOL has axed the Gecko team in a mass firing and are dismantling Netscape (they've even pulled the logos off the buildings)."
HTMLJuly 16, 2003
955: new post   On The Page vs Off The Page Optimization
"Anyone with a few hundred bucks and ambition can still "hit the Google lottery" on any given month. It will not be this way forever. Instead of taking advantage of the ridiculous amount of money to be made, many decide to whine and moan while others take in $50k per month in affiliate commission."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJuly 16, 2003
956: new post   Dynamic AdWords Titles
Creating AdWords that include the search terms.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)July 20, 2003
957: new post   Explaining Screen Resolution To Clients
"...[a client was] shocked to see that their site which neatly occupies a 800 x 600 screen looks smaller at 1024 or 768 or above."
HTMLJuly 21, 2003
958: new post   GoogleBot Behavorial differences between crawlerxx and crawlxx
Google News ArchiveJuly 21, 2003
959: new post   Reminiscing: the good old pre-Google internet days
FooJuly 22, 2003
960: new post   AdSense Temporarily Changes Shape of Ad Inventory
Smart ad money is betting AdSense is at its pinnacle right now and like all other ad networks will slowly fade within a year. However, while the initial gold rush is on, many advertisers are feeling put out by overpriced Ad inventory.
Google AdSenseJuly 22, 2003
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