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881: new post   Google Report Card
"As Users, how do other people rate Google?"
Google News ArchiveJune 2, 2003
882: new post   Infoseek Japan and Lycos Japan to Merge
Lycos Japan and Infoseek Japan have announced they will combine their portals into one portal. The question is will this be a good move for the japanese Market?
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 4, 2003
883: new post   Put your robots.txt on a diet
Three easy ways to reduce bloat in robots.txt
Website Technology IssuesJune 4, 2003
884: new post   Palm will buy Handspring
Smartphone, Wireless, and Mobile TechnologiesJune 4, 2003
885: new post   The WebmasterWorld Icon-a-Thon!
"...only chances you'll see here on WebmasterWorld to strut your stuff..."
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design June 4, 2003
886: new post   Dropped Sites Start to Return to Google Index
Many sites and pages that dropped out of the Google index during update Dominic last month are starting to reappear.
Google News ArchiveJune 5, 2003
887: new post   Google Adwords and Lycos
Google Ads (Was AdWords)June 6, 2003
888: new post   What are the best products that stop email spam
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 8, 2003
889: new post   Competitors copying ad titles and text.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)June 8, 2003
890: new post   Ego Surfing - Who's #1?
One of the old standbys in the blogging community is ranking well for your first name.
Google News ArchiveJune 9, 2003
891: new post   Referral Drops - Comes Around for Bite #2
One of the oldest SEO tricks in the books fell out of favor a couple years ago. Log file referral dropping comes back for another go round.
Google News ArchiveJune 9, 2003
892: new post   JavaScript JumpStart #2 - form validation
Learn how to use Javascript to validate form elements.
JavaScript and AJAXJune 9, 2003
893: new post   Pure CSS Popups - IE6 Bug
Eric Meyers Pure CSS Pop Up Menus have an IE Bug, this thread tackles some solutions
CSSJune 9, 2003
894: new post   JavaScript Form Validation Tutorial
Useful code for an everyday task.
HTMLJune 10, 2003
895: new post   Damage Control Through SEO
"...story went out on the wire and appeared everywhere. After some time, it went away in most places, but Google has it archived and it shows up as the number 3 listing... "
Google News ArchiveJune 10, 2003
896: new post   New EU Law Applies Vat to Internet Sales
"On July 1, a new EU directive goes into effect requiring all Internet firms to account for value added tax, or VAT, on "digital sales."
EcommerceJune 10, 2003
897: new post   JavaScript Jumpstart #3 - dHTML menus
Cross-browser DHTML menus.
JavaScript and AJAXJune 10, 2003
898: new post   The Google Gap - The Web According to Google
Business week online article: "Call it the Google Gap -- the difference between the growing perception that the site is omniscient and the fact that it isn't. " Googles Response: "I see a gap, but it's a gap in doing research before assuming that something's a penalty."
Google News ArchiveJune 10, 2003
899: new post   Questions for GoogleGuy - Part 2 - The Answers
Google News ArchiveJune 12, 2003
900: new post   Making your Site Accessibile
"10 tips and techniques for making your site accessible"
HTMLJune 12, 2003
901: new post   Pondering a New Search Engine
What is really involved in running your own SE?
Alternative Search EnginesJune 13, 2003
902: new post   Effective Listing a Single Product Site
"My problem is that the site only sells 1 product. I can write 1 page of killer content, but thats about it. I want to make the site very simple to use and only about 3 pages. "
Content, Writing and CopyrightJune 13, 2003
903: new post   Put Your robots.txt on a Diet
"I started looking for ways to reduce the size of this file without losing any of its functionality. I found three methods which, used together, can achieve a significant size reduction in robots.txt, making the file faster to load, and easier to maintain and keep organized."
Website Technology IssuesJune 13, 2003
904: new post   Adwords on Alexa
Adwords is popping up on Alexa SERPs.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)June 14, 2003
905: new post   MS Stops Future Development of IE for Mac
Apple Software and TechnologyJune 14, 2003
906: new post   More Water Cooler Talk about a Google IPO
Well summer is here in the northern half of the planet and tech news is at its yearly low point. That means it's time to go to the "someday" file and trot out the "when will Google IPO" stories.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJune 14, 2003
907: new post   Google June 2003 : Update Esmeralda
Confirmed new index: GoogleGuy: " Let me go find that button. Was it the red one or the blue one?"
Google News ArchiveJune 15, 2003
908: new post   Speeding up Page Download Times
"...looking for tips on how to possibly get it to load a little faster."
HTMLJune 16, 2003
909: new post   British Telecom Teams up with Yahoo!
"The new venture, called BT Yahoo! Broadband, replaces BT's Openworld brand and promises to take on rivals such as AOL and Freeserve."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)June 16, 2003
910: new post   FAST Buys Altavista's Enterprise Search Business
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJune 17, 2003
911: new post   Email Form vs Email Address - Are you Missing Quality Contacts?
"...This is done mainly to curb email Spam. But have you given it a thought, that many third party link hunters simply ignore the form?"
Link Building ForumJune 17, 2003
912: new post   Google vs eBay
Everyone is aware that Google has been tip-toeing in to traditional portal space in the last few years. It is a bit of a reach, but Google and Ebay as competitors?
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesJune 17, 2003
913: new post   dynamically inserting "keyword" in "title"
Google Ads (Was AdWords)June 17, 2003
914: new post   Microsoft Confirms MSN Bot In the Wild
Exclusive: "MSNBOT is a prototype Web crawler robot developed by MSN Search (http://search.msn.com ). The robot is a software program that traverses the Web pages on a site, downloads the documents for indexing, and follows the hyperlinks that are referenced."
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsJune 17, 2003
915: new post   Google AdSense launched today
Google AdSenseJune 18, 2003
916: new post   Google Update Watching - The New Webmaster Sport
"So: if you're really into Google-watching as a sport, I would check in once a day to see what data centers have been switched, and maybe to run 2-3 searches. Browse a little while, and then come back the next day." ...
Google News ArchiveJune 18, 2003
917: new post   My Site has been Targeted by Spyware...et al
"We have a sacrificial machine in my office that we use to detect all of this stuff for our own site. We've installed every piece of sleazeware, scumware, spyware, and traffic-heisting-ware that we can find, and we routinely (at least once a day) surf for a few minutes with that machine to see what is popping up where."
WebmasterWorld SupportersJune 18, 2003
918: new post   Espotting Merges with FindWhat
FindWhat is reporting that it has merged/purchased Espotting for $161 million.
Pay Per Click EnginesJune 18, 2003
919: new post   GIF Patent Expires! - Free At Last, Free At Last!
"Unisys Corporation patented this algorithm on 20th June 1983 and it expires after 20 years"
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design June 20, 2003
920: new post   Stagnant IE - "Browsers Still Matter"
"Ironically, Microsoft achieved this dominance for Internet Explorer at a time when it has let its browser stagnate to the point where it is probably the least-capable browser on the market today."
HTMLJune 24, 2003
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