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841: new post   Help PDF File Creation
Putting up PDF's for downloading.
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Apr 21, 2003
842: new post   Overture Closes Fast Acquisition
"...it completed its $70 million cash purchase of the Web- search unit of Norway-based Fast Search & Transfer..."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 22, 2003
843: new post   Google Acquires Applied Semantics
Strengthening it's Content Targeted Advertising Programs
Google News ArchiveApr 23, 2003
844: new post   Home Brew Building a DB Category System
Building a db based permission system.
Perl Server Side CGI ScriptingApr 26, 2003
845: new post   What is the Best Bet in Digital Cameras Today?
"I am in the market for a digital camera. 5 MP cameras are now on the market..."
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Apr 27, 2003
846: new post   Detection Of Hidden Stuff
"For those who get to the pubconference and talk about this new hidden text algo..."
Google News ArchiveApr 28, 2003
847: new post   One-Way Linking
Link Building ForumApr 29, 2003
848: new post   Improving Conversion Rates
Tidbits from the field.
AffiliatesApr 30, 2003
849: new post   Google Finds a Good Analyst
Google has, "...hired respected former CSFB analyst Lise Buyer"
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesApr 30, 2003
850: new post   Overture To Close for Maintenance for 18 hours on Friday
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingMay 1, 2003
851: new post   Overture April Search Figures Online
Overtures April keyword data is online at the Overture keyword suggestion tool.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingMay 4, 2003
852: new post   Update Warm Up Exercises
We have seen over 1000 messages the last week in multiple threads trying to figure out what Google is up to on www-sj. Here we are a week later and the fact is, we still don't know.
Google News ArchiveMay 5, 2003
853: new post   Update Dominic: Google Monthly Index Refresh
There are some obvious changes afoot in the Google update process. Starts and false starts galore, but now that the index is moving across the servers, it is clear time to call it an update!
Google News ArchiveMay 5, 2003
854: new post   Polish directories and search engines 2003
A brushed up look at Polish directories and search engines
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMay 6, 2003
855: new post   CSS Beveled Button Effect
How to make beveled buttons out of plain text.
CSSMay 10, 2003
856: new post   CGI Scalability
"...when it comes to scalability, what is the best approach? Should one keep the code on each page to the absolute minimum for that page to function? A complex dynamic site might have several thousand lines of code. It would seem a waste of resources to reload all of this with each call to the server."
Perl Server Side CGI ScriptingMay 11, 2003
857: new post   Big Sites Clueless in Codeville
Why is validation so neglected?
HTMLMay 12, 2003
858: new post   Google News UK
Google adds news specific to the UK. A web without borders seems like a distant dream as nationalism is endorsed one site at a time.
Google News ArchiveMay 13, 2003
859: new post   Overture Slashes 100 Altavista Positions
"The company said it expected the cuts, which will occur in areas such as sales and finance, to yield approximately $7 million in annual savings."
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsMay 13, 2003
860: new post   Google Serves 80%+ of Searches on Web Today
According to figures released by One Stat (a counter service), Google serves 55% of the searches on the web. When you throw in those serviced via Yahoo and AOL, the figure jumps to 80%.
Google News ArchiveMay 14, 2003
861: new post   Most used search engines in the Netherlands
2003 statistics on dutch search engine referals
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMay 14, 2003
862: new post   Adwords UK to charge VAT
Google Ads (Was AdWords)May 23, 2003
863: new post   Using the HTML 4 Acronym Tag
"I deal with a large portion of industrial type web sites and there are a lot of acronyms flying around. I was looking for a way to assist accessibility users with determining what the acronym stood for."
HTMLMay 24, 2003
864: new post   Ask Jeeves UK chooses Google's AdWords
It seems like Ask Jeeves UK has decided to go with Google's AdWords programme.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMay 24, 2003
865: new post   Duplicates and the Challenges Search Engines Face
"There have been loads of threads on how search engines, specifically Google, try to detect duplicates or near duplicates."
SEM Research TopicsMay 24, 2003
866: new post   Importing Flat File into mySQL
"I'm trying to import a file called products.dat into mySQL. I can get it into Excel, but I keep having a problem with extra quotation marks being inserted into the fields."
Perl Server Side CGI ScriptingMay 24, 2003
867: new post   Ecommerce Sales Up 26% In First Quarter.
Ecomm sales increases continue to amaze and out pace bricks and mortar by double digits.
EcommerceMay 24, 2003
868: new post   FAST Signs Distribution Agreement With Ferramentas De Busca
Fast enters Brazilian market.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comMay 24, 2003
869: new post   Northern Light Might Shine Again
"We are working on bringing back the Northern Light Web search engine."
Alternative Search EnginesMay 27, 2003
870: new post   Yahoo On Promotion Blitz
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)May 27, 2003
871: new post   Google 301 Index Glitches
"...I came across a 301 link that was cached as content of the site pointing to it."
Google News ArchiveMay 27, 2003
872: new post   Google shows links as backlinks well beyond 101K and 100 links
Google News ArchiveMay 27, 2003
873: new post   JavaScript JumpStart #1 - form validation
Learn basic Javascript syntax to start validating forms.
JavaScript and AJAXMay 28, 2003
874: new post   Microsoft Settles With AOL - AOL Locks in to IE for 7 Years
"In conjunction with the $750 million settlement, the two companies announced a seven-year licensing agreement that allows AOL Time Warner to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser in its flagship Internet service provider service."
HTMLMay 30, 2003
875: new post   Australia Opens Pandora Archive
"The National Library of Australia has been spidering sites that have consented to have their content archived in a local version of the Wayback Machine. The requirement for Australia-relevant content is important."
Asia and Pacific RegionMay 30, 2003
876: new post   There Is No Spam
"Do not try and bend the spam. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesMay 31, 2003
877: new post   Google is now my #2
AllTheWeb makes a few converts.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJune 2, 2003
878: new post   AdWords tracking
Various techniques to track AdWords advertising.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)June 2, 2003
879: new post   Writing an Efficient SQL Query
Perl Server Side CGI ScriptingJune 2, 2003
880: new post   Adwords Powerposting
"Power Posting is an AdWords account tool to better control a campaign. Power Posting lets you specify additional information for individual keywords or phrases within an ad group."
Google Ads (Was AdWords)June 2, 2003
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