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801: new post   Overture Signs MSN Korea
"The deal calls for Overture to provide paid listings through MSN Search Pane and MSN's site in Korea. The Search Pane deal lasts until December 2003; the MSN site deal expires in December 2004."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 1, 2003
802: new post   Google Content Ads At T-Online.de
Google just announced they offer Content Targeted ads on T-Online for German advertizers, starting 7 April.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Apr 1, 2003
803: new post   Teoma Provides Search Results to Mamma.com
"Mamma.com, The Mother Of All Search Engines(TM) today announced an agreement to add Ask Jeeves Inc.'s Teoma search results to its meta-search engine. "
Ask - TeomaApr 1, 2003
804: new post   Soundview Thinks MSN & Yahoo Will Go it Alone
Rumors of a big Overture/MSN deal have been in overdrive for months. The rumor mill cranked out every variation from MSN buying Overture, MSN going exclusively Overture, to MSN severing relations. Noted investment firm Soundview got in on the action today saying that MSN will likely build their own in-house PPC advertising solution. You can count on us to have it first when something official crops up.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 2, 2003
805: new post   Google and Microsoft Part 2
Fresh follow ups to the original story broke by WebmasterWorld last July.
Google News ArchiveApr 2, 2003
806: new post   MS Denies SoundView Sound Bite on Overture
"Microsoft and MSN are completely committed to our relationship with Overture," said Bob Visse, director of marketing for MSN. "We have no intention of developing our own paid-search platform."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 3, 2003
807: new post   Google Amazon Agree to Multi-Year Pact
Google News ArchiveApr 3, 2003
808: new post   Yahoo Tees up $750 Million in Convertible Bonds
Overture stock - which took a beating earlier in the week on rumors of MSN dropping them - have jumped 7% in morning trading on news that Yahoo has put $750 million in convertible bonds in to the same-as-cash pipeline.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 4, 2003
809: new post   DMOZ and Affiliate Links
"The one line email from the editor said; "Sorry, we don't list affiliate sites."
DirectoriesApr 4, 2003
810: new post   Last Call for PubConference Boston - On verge of a SELLOUT
We've got very little room left - if you are coming, don't wait till next week - it may be full.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterApr 4, 2003
811: new post   Overture Gator Sign Deal
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 5, 2003
812: new post   Overture Signs on With Gator
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 5, 2003
813: new post   Google News now Accepting Press Releases
"...because someone has to make decisions about what's acceptable - that's a human choice."
Google News ArchiveApr 6, 2003
814: new post   Yahoo To Launch Revamped Search Engine
Yahoo previews new engine.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 7, 2003
815: new post   Yahoo Does Tour of New Features
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 7, 2003
816: new post   AP Says Yahoo Retains Google Probably Until Years End
"Yahoo plans to incorporate Inktomi's tools in to its search engine by year's end."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 8, 2003
817: new post   Google to Open Office in Seattle
"...opening a local sales office and is advertising to hire sales associates..."
Google News ArchiveApr 8, 2003
818: new post   Chinese Websites Form Anti-Google Alliance
"China Search Alliance was initiated by China.com, a news portal of central government- backed China Internet Information Center (CIIC), and was officially set up last September together with local government-backed news portals."
Asia and Pacific RegionApr 8, 2003
819: new post   Independent Search Engine Relevance Test
Inktomi outperformed 4 other search engines in an independent search engine relevance test commissioned by Inktomi.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesApr 9, 2003
820: new post   Happy Birthday AskJeeves
"Ask Jeeves officially launched on April 7, and sold an initial public offering of shares in July 1999."
Ask - TeomaApr 9, 2003
821: new post   Most Competitive Single Keywords on Google
(Update anxiety diversion) It is always difficult to define "competitive search", but we try any way.
Google News ArchiveApr 9, 2003
822: new post   Blocking WebPage Monitoring Services
Most of these services are unwelcome bandwidth sponges. Lets call them out, identify them, and block them together.
Search Engine Spider and User Agent IdentificationApr 9, 2003
823: new post   The End of an Era: SearchEngineWatch Launches Redesigned Site
The long time standard bearer for low key high impact quality content site designs that work, has just put it's first ever redesign online.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesApr 9, 2003
824: new post   The Advertising Value of a Backlink
"It depends on many factors. How many outbound links? Is it a site that is within the same niche? Are the ads really straight links, or are they running an ad tracking system? If PR didn't exist, would this be a site your client would want to advertise on?"
Google News ArchiveApr 10, 2003
825: new post   An Open Letter to TheRegister.co.uk
TheRegister is great because they have tech reporters that actually have a clue about most of this stuff. However, this last week, they've missed the mark."
Google News ArchiveApr 10, 2003
826: new post   Harvard Report Critical of Google Adult Filters
"If a choice has to made between pleasing Harvard Law School or a Dad surfing with his 5 year old daughter, I would strongly recommend siding with Dad!"
Google News ArchiveApr 11, 2003
827: new post   Update Cassandra : The Google Monthly Update is Underway
We started naming them like they do hurricanes because they tend to over shadow all other news on the web. Last month was the Boston update, and this months chosen name voted on by moderators and admins is : Cassandra.
Google News ArchiveApr 11, 2003
828: new post   Yahoo Beta Period Over
The week of beta testing is over and the new look Yahoo is live.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Apr 11, 2003
829: new post   Beta WebmasterWorld In CSS
One possible future of the site.
CSSApr 11, 2003
830: new post   Overture March Suggestion Figures Online
The highly popular Overture Keyword Suggestion utility has been updated with March search figures.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 12, 2003
831: new post   Google Revenue to Soar to $750 million This Year.
"...revenue will soar from less than $300 million in 2002 to $750 million or more this year, with gross profit margins of 30 percent..."
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesApr 13, 2003
832: new post   Overture to Open European HQ in Dublin
"Overture is set to open a center in Dublin that will create 200 jobs..."
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsApr 14, 2003
833: new post   Framed! Pros and Cons Thereof
"Why is there such a strong sentiment against frames?"
HTMLApr 15, 2003
834: new post   Deepbot is in the House
Googles monthly full crawl is under way.
Google News ArchiveApr 16, 2003
835: new post   Web News Cashes In
"...the New York Times went from a $7.5 million loss on its Internet site in 2001 to an $8 million profit in 2002..."
EcommerceApr 16, 2003
836: new post   A dynamic site in 2 minutes
PHP Server Side ScriptingApr 17, 2003
837: new post   End of Google Premium Ads
We have been tracking sporadic reports over the last few weeks that Google premium ads are going to be phased out soon. This is the latest installment. (nothing official from Google on this yet).
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Apr 17, 2003
838: new post   End of Google Premium Ads
We have been tracking sporadic reports over the last few weeks that Google premium ads are going to be phased out soon. This is the latest installment. (nothing official from Google on this yet).
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Apr 18, 2003
839: new post   Ask Jeeves unveils new search
"...is set to unveil "Smart Search," which includes new features to essentially provide the most relevant responses for queries."
Ask - TeomaApr 21, 2003
840: new post   Converting TIF to JPEG while preserving 300dpi resolution
"How can I convert a TIF image, that I created by scanning in a photo, to a JPEG image while keeping the resolution at 300dpi?"
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Apr 21, 2003
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