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81: new post   Where to now for Google?
"...What should it do to ensure it retains its current position? What should it do to move forward from here? "
0Jan 14, 2002
82: new post   Yahoo Just the FAQ´s...
A round up of recent info and traditional questions about the ´hoo.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Jan 14, 2002
83: new post   Researching the Ideal SEO Hub
When theory becomes reality: "...I saw patterns of these hub-like sites linked to domains that were riding high in the SERPs..."
SEM Research TopicsJan 22, 2002
84: new post   AOL to buy Redhat
Washington Post is reporting that AOL is in negotiations to purchase Red Hat.
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsJan 23, 2002
85: new post   Yahoo and NL Team Up - Part 2
"...designed to expand on a previous agreement with search technology provider Northern Light Technology, which has sold its premium search business and some other assets to enterprise software company Divine.."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Jan 23, 2002
86: new post   Keyword suggestions - Google style.
A minor new feature on Google, lets bad typers know the problem word.
0Jan 25, 2002
87: new post   How important is the Robots.txt file now?
"Am I missing out on a lot of traffic by not having a robots.txt file? Or is that a thing of the past?"
Search Engine Spider and User Agent IdentificationJan 25, 2002
88: new post   Submission Programs : 8 Tracks in an MP3 World
"Having submission software is like having an 8-track player." ... "people really start to understand this because there are online submission services out there still pushing the auto submission snake oil."
Deprecated - Search Engine SubmissionJan 25, 2002
89: new post   Google Catalogs. Graphic Based Text Matching
"...Well there you have it. Living breathing proof that they CAN read text in graphics."
0Jan 28, 2002
90: new post   Search Engines are Doomed.
"It seems to come as a shock to many reporters when they realize that the search engines have transformed from encyclopedic listings of sites (white pages), to paid advertising (yellow pages)."
Webmaster GeneralJan 28, 2002
91: new post   New Digital Camera - New Jpeg Problems
"...is there some other compression utility that can strip away all the useless info about the camera that is now stored within the jpg file?"
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Jan 30, 2002
92: new post   *nix New User Intros
The number of converts continues to grow and so does the need for basic information about *nix.
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsJan 30, 2002
93: new post   PPC Scene in Europe.
"...Overture is entering Germany, France and UK through a partnership with regional AOL´s. A while ago we reported that Espotting was entering UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Italy through regional Yahoo´s."
Deprecated - European Search EnginesJan 30, 2002
94: new post   Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone
The classic - most read thread on webmasterworld.
Google News ArchiveFeb 3, 2002
95: new post   Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone
26 steps to a successful site within 12 months through Google alone.
0Feb 3, 2002
96: new post   Direct Hit To Close Later in 2002
SearchEngineWatch.com is reporting that you should, "Say your goodbyes to the Direct Hit search engine. Direct Hit is no longer the favored child of parent company Ask Jeeves, now that the company´s new baby, Teoma, is growing up."
Ask - TeomaFeb 6, 2002
97: new post   A Brief History of SEO
From blind luck to leading edge algo crackers, we have run the gambit and back (please note: This is *not* a eulogy).
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesFeb 6, 2002
98: new post   Chmod and Setting Permissions
"When implementing scripts on *nix hosts the question that invariably comes up is how the numerical designation often given in instructions matches permissions."
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsFeb 7, 2002
99: new post   Personalized Results: Exploring The Future Of Google
"...last year Google acquired a company, Outride,Inc., who researched heavily into personalizing data."
SEM Research TopicsFeb 13, 2002
100: new post   Kanoodle Goes Google
Did we say the accolades just keep coming? PayPerClick specialist Kanoodle is now rounding out their results with Google fills.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingFeb 14, 2002
101: new post   The Pro´s and Con´s of PDF Content Delivery
On another thread some side comments were made about not liking PDF files. On the other hand, there are some definite advantages. At tax time those IRS forms in PDF sure are handy compared to schlepping to the nearest physical supply.
HTMLFeb 16, 2002
102: new post   Teoma Adds URL Submission
According to random reports, starting on Friday the 15th, Teoma will accept submissions. It appears to be a pay-for-play type setup at $30usd/$18usd per url.
Ask - TeomaFeb 16, 2002
103: new post   Lets get ready to Rumble! Jakob Nielson vs. Joshua Davis
It´s the classic face off of style vs substance. Usability vs style.
HTMLFeb 18, 2002
104: new post   Google´s PPC Program Goes Live
"...combines all the features of AdWords with cost-per-click (CPC) pricing."
0Feb 20, 2002
105: new post   Altavista Zaps Email - CMGI Gets New CEO
"CMGI said Tuesday that it has appointed George McMillan as its new chief executive officer, replacing David Wetherell."
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsFeb 20, 2002
106: new post   German keyword suggestion tool is up
Overture adds a German lanugage edition of the classic Overture tool.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesFeb 20, 2002
107: new post   What to charge for services
Like most of you, I have a niche practice and much of what I do is something I've done many times before.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesFeb 25, 2002
108: new post   The New Lycos Pay for Spidering Program
Lycos has turned on a pay-for-spidering program serviced by AllTheWeb
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comFeb 25, 2002
109: new post   Recommended Reading List
White and research papers related to the creation of Google.
SEM Research TopicsFeb 26, 2002
110: new post   Search Engines and Webmaster Relations
"It is an ongoing saga, only known by those that are either on the side of the search engines or the side of the search engine optimization professionals."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesFeb 26, 2002
111: new post   Site Search - how to make it a total asset
"For many people having a Site Search box on the page seems like a given, but there are pitfalls that have caused me to remove it in several past cases."
HTMLFeb 28, 2002
112: new post   Google Loves Weblogs
"...blogs are already having a massive impact on the lives of almost all web users. This is due to a quirk in the way the world´s most popular search engine works."
0Feb 28, 2002
113: new post   Font Sizes
A general webmaster survey on font sizes.
HTMLFeb 28, 2002
114: new post   New Inktomi Website and New Content Guidelines
For the first time that we can remember, Inktomi has posted a detailed set of content Guidelines and a FAQ for content inclusion. They have also updated their homepage and site template.
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsFeb 28, 2002
115: new post   London 2002 Members Conference
"I´ll be in London in early October, who´s up for a pint? I´m bringing friends!"
WebmasterWorld Community CenterFeb 28, 2002
116: new post   Chez Google
A French transcript of recent chat with Google reps.
0Feb 28, 2002
117: new post   CSS Hot Linking
"Another site is linking directly to our CSS file from their site..."
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesMar 1, 2002
118: new post   Affiliate Programs - The Crack Cocaine of the Internet
"The idea of making money online is very alluring if not addictive and where there is an addiction there are abusers. "
EcommerceMar 1, 2002
119: new post   Espotting heading to Italy and Spain Q3 2002
"In Q3 2002 Espotting opens offices in Italy and Spain."
Deprecated - European Search EnginesMar 2, 2002
120: new post   BBC Portal - nudge nudge - say no more!
"...the BBC is going to move beyond its current role as a news and programming resource to become the UK´s gateway to the web."
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMar 5, 2002
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