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721: new post   Overture Buys FAST
Overture to Acquire Web Search Unit of Fast Search & Transfer
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comFeb 25, 2003
722: new post   Yahoo, Google, AskJeeves, and Overture.
And then there were 4.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesFeb 25, 2003
723: new post   Google Challenges "Google" (TM) as a Verb.
Google News ArchiveFeb 26, 2003
724: new post   Google Puts AdWords on Blog Content
Google rolls out Content-Targeted Advertising on blogs and other content sites
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Feb 27, 2003
725: new post   Images Downloaded for Print Purposes
What are the current accepted standards for printed images?
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Mar 1, 2003
726: new post   DMOZ: Getting More Editors
"We all know that DMOZ needs more editors. At the same time, at least some are turned down because of possible conflicts of interest in their desired category. "
DirectoriesMar 1, 2003
727: new post   Real World AdWords Click Through Numbers
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Mar 2, 2003
728: new post   Successful Flash Sites : Myth or Fact?
We are scouring the net to see if there is there such a thing as a successful site done primarily in Flash.
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Mar 2, 2003
729: new post   The Google Ad Network
Heated discussion in the subscribers forum on AdWords popping up everywhere - it has many old schoolers nervous.
WebmasterWorld SupportersMar 2, 2003
730: new post   AllTheWeb Rolls Out New Homepage Design
AlltheWeb, recently acquired by Overture, has done a major redesign of their homepage.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comMar 4, 2003
731: new post   Google Says Update Within 48hrs
While speaking today, Daniel Dulitz of Google said the update will happen within 48 hrs and that is as specific as he will get. left to right: Daniel Dulitz (Google), Jonathan Glick (Altavista), Paul Gardi (Ask Jeeves/ Teoma), Vish Makhijani (Inktomi), Steve Gemignani (Looksmart/Wisenut), Tim Mayer (Fast/AllTheWeb). At the podium - Chris Sherman of Search Day fame. Photo by WebmasterWorld.com - all rights reserved.
Google News ArchiveMar 6, 2003
732: new post   Brace Yourself - Google Update Imminent
Obviously the most anticipated update in the history of Google watching. The last week has seen over 10,000 message posted in our Google forum about the impending monthly update. For the first time we can remember, Google gives a bit of heads up about the update.
Google News ArchiveMar 6, 2003
733: new post   Mass Traffic Alert - WebmasterWorld Experiencing Awesome Growth Pains
Apologies for the occasional slowness and random site errors. We are reeling from Alexa daily traffic rankings in the top 200 sites on the web - WebmasterWorld is experiencing the heaviest traffic in its history. We are addressing the issues as best we can. Thank you for your paitience and loyalty. Also thanks to Westhost for taking care of us.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterMar 6, 2003
734: new post   Google, Distorting the Shape of the Web
"I had a reciprocal link exchange that I requested of a complementary site turned down because my Google page rank was not high enough according to an e-mail reply from the other site. "
Google News ArchiveMar 7, 2003
735: new post   Update Fever! February / March 2003 Google Update finally arrives
The long awaited, eagerly anticipated February, 2003 Google update finally arrives in March. The early returns say that the pre-update jitters were unwarranted.
Google News ArchiveMar 7, 2003
736: new post   Google Updated Algo Discussion
"...discussion of changes that you are observing with the new algo in this update."
Google News ArchiveMar 7, 2003
737: new post   Google Gives Good News About Expired Domains
"..we've also put more of a focus on algorithmic improvements for spam issues. One resulting improvement with this index is better handling of expired domains..."
Google News ArchiveMar 8, 2003
738: new post   Keyword Density 2003
No, your eyes do not deceive you - it really is 2003, and we are still having that density discussion.
Google News ArchiveMar 8, 2003
739: new post   Importance of Inbound Anchor Text
"The cache states "These terms only appear in links pointing to this page:". "
Google News ArchiveMar 8, 2003
740: new post   http://hack.hotbot.com
Hotbot is having a page design contest. The perplexing thing is that they are calling it a "hacking contest". Hello!?
Alternative Search EnginesMar 8, 2003
741: new post   Surfers Getting Even More Annoyed by Ads
"American consumers are annoyed over the proliferation of advertising all around, but they're getting especially fed up with the barrage of online ads, a new research study finds."
AffiliatesMar 8, 2003
742: new post   Judges rule that COPA restricts free speech.
"It's clear that the law would make it a crime to communicate a whole range of information to adults,"
Webmaster GeneralMar 8, 2003
743: new post   Google Toolbar Updated v1.70
Appears to cure widely reported problem of random pr values.
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsMar 9, 2003
744: new post   The Whole Web Notices When Google Goes Down
Google was offline for just a few minutes, but it seems like the entire web noticed.
Google News ArchiveMar 9, 2003
745: new post   Google Wins DK Domain Back
Google wins in a rather heated legal proceeding for the rights to google.dk.
Google News ArchiveMar 10, 2003
746: new post   Google Powers Disney - Including Go.com
Alternative Search EnginesMar 10, 2003
747: new post   SES Boston : Credibility
"This was a very different kind of SEM/SEO conference."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesMar 10, 2003
748: new post   Google Update History
Lots of requests for the url...
Google News ArchiveMar 10, 2003
749: new post   WiseNut Out on Full Web Crawl
Most have not seen WiseNuts bot (Now part of LookSmart) in awhile.
Alternative Search EnginesMar 10, 2003
750: new post   Disney Shopping Infoseek
"The head of Walt Disney Co.'s Internet unit said Monday the company has been in discussions to sell the Web search technology it acquired in two boom-era deals valued at more than $2 billion."
Alternative Search EnginesMar 11, 2003
751: new post   GoogleBot Out Crawling
The big GoogleBot has been out of it's cage for about 48 hours in full crawl mode.
Google News ArchiveMar 11, 2003
752: new post   Yahoo Board Member Michael Moritz Resigns
Moritz - a partner in Sequoia Capital - one of the most influential investors in internet history, is leaving the Yahoo board of directors. Moritz put together several high flying internet vc deals including the orginal startup capital for both Yahoo and most recently Google.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Mar 12, 2003
753: new post   DealTime buying Epinions
DealTime, which quietly purchased Shopping.com from CMGI last year, has acquired Epinions for stock.
Webmaster GeneralMar 12, 2003
754: new post   WebmasterWorld Enters Alexa Top 500 (scratch that - Now Top 400!)
Forged in the fires of the search engine wars, tempered by the collective experience of a world wide membership, and fueled by a proactive industry outreach program, WebmasterWorld enters the Alexa Top 500 sites on the web today. (erm - as of March 17th, now in the Top 400!)
WebmasterWorld Community CenterMar 13, 2003
755: new post   BBC Websites Face Closing
"Some of the BBC's websites are likely to close as the corporation cuts back on its online investment, BBC new media director Ashley Highfield admitted today."
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsMar 13, 2003
756: new post   Bold Text, H1, and H2.....
What's the status of style tags in html in relation to optimization?
Google News ArchiveMar 13, 2003
757: new post   Mozilla 1.3 Released
Includes a few new features, fixes for performance, standards compliance and site compatibility.
HTMLMar 14, 2003
758: new post   Mamma.com Reaches Profitability
Intasys Corporation, parent of Mamma.com announced it reached profitability in 2002.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingMar 14, 2003
759: new post   The Decreasing Value of PageRank as an Optimization Metric
Last year, PageRank was the end-all-be-all of optimization and promotion metrics.
Google News ArchiveMar 14, 2003
760: new post   Rumor Mill: NY Post Floats Story of Yahoo Buying Espotting
fwiw: the New York Post ran a story today that Yahoo is to buy Espotting. Espotting says it is a cute story, but not true.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Mar 14, 2003
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