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681: new post   Overture Q4 Results: Revenue Up 97%
"Overture reported fourth quarter 2002 revenue of $199.6 million, a 97 percent increase from revenue of $101.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2001, and a 16 percent sequential increase over revenue of $172.7 million in the third quarter of 2002. "
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingFeb 7, 2003
682: new post   Getting in as a Featured Site on MSN
"It's done on a fixed cpc basis with a 50k minimum buy. The listing are shown in the order of total advertising spent across the MSN network..."
DirectoriesFeb 7, 2003
683: new post   Glitch at MSN Drops Looksmart Results
Apparently random glitches at MSN have resulted in the dropping of Looksmart directory listings at times.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingFeb 7, 2003
684: new post   Sales Tax Pact Between Several States and Ecom Firms
"Some of the nation's largest retailers this week started voluntarily collecting taxes on all of their online sales."
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesFeb 7, 2003
685: new post   Prescription Medicine Ads Pulled on UK Search Engines
Scattered reports coming in that several search engines in the UK are dropping ads for prescription medications. (story breaker - extended homepage run)
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsFeb 7, 2003
686: new post   Using Website for Collateral
Does your banker know the value of your .com?
Webmaster GeneralFeb 8, 2003
687: new post   Log Analysis on the Desktop
"I've a need to analyze extended log files (2 years worth) and would like to do it on my local machine. "
Website Analytics - Tracking and LoggingFeb 8, 2003
688: new post   Fixed Side Menus with CSS
"...emulating frames with CSS fixed property."
CSSFeb 8, 2003
689: new post   What do I Charge My Clients For?
"I am now being approched by businesses who would like me to work on their websites as an independent worker. So where do I start to count how much I charge."
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesFeb 8, 2003
690: new post   New Look To The W3C Section on CSS
The main W3C Cascading Style Sheets page at the W3C has been updated. The old page was noteable in that there were few -- if any -- browsers that could properly render it as designed.
CSSFeb 10, 2003
691: new post   Importance of the ODP to Search Engines
Who can name a major SE that doesn't use the Dmoz data?
DirectoriesFeb 10, 2003
692: new post   Lycos Europe - Reports Profit Q4 2002.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comFeb 10, 2003
693: new post   Affiliate Programs, Liabilities and Insurance
What are the liabilities of joining an affiliate program? Is it worth getting liability or errors and omissions issurance?
AffiliatesFeb 10, 2003
694: new post   Statmarket Survey: Random Surfing A Dying Sport
"...over 64 percent of Internet users arrived at sites by direct navigation."
Webmaster GeneralFeb 10, 2003
695: new post   Googlebot: Deepbot and Freshbot FAQ
A guide to Google's deep and fresh crawlers.
Google News ArchiveFeb 10, 2003
696: new post   Above the Fold vs Scrolling
Wichita State University studies are showing, that above-the-fold aint what it used to be.
HTMLFeb 11, 2003
697: new post   PubConference IV WebmasterWorld's Member Conference
WebmasterWorld's member Internet marketing and affiliate conference IV.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterFeb 11, 2003
698: new post   Emulating Frames - A working example
Well tested solution to emulating frames with CSS
CSSFeb 12, 2003
699: new post   New Beta from MSN Search
MSN launches beta search site.
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 13, 2003
700: new post   CSS Crash Course - Part 3
In this edition: How to apply colors to page elements, Applying background colors to elements, Using background images, and Shorthand notation for background properties
CSSFeb 14, 2003
701: new post   Young Adults To Traditional Media: Access Denied
While the nightly national news has transformed itself into People Magazine, young adults have been turning it off in record numbers.
Webmaster GeneralFeb 15, 2003
702: new post   Googlebot Deepbot and Freshbot FAQ
Ansers to many common questions about Googles Freshbot and Deeep crawler bots.
Google News ArchiveFeb 15, 2003
703: new post   PPCs in Korea
The Pay-Per-Click market in Korea.
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 15, 2003
704: new post   The "Bold, Yet Ethereal" Client
Clients from Hell - What makes a bad client? Can they be reformed?
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesFeb 15, 2003
705: new post   AltaVista - Small Screen Search Option
A new small screen search option at Altavista works well for side panels and pda sized screens.
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsFeb 15, 2003
706: new post   Google Buys Pyra Makers of Blogger
Google is reported to have purchased Pyra - makers of the Blogger software.
Google News ArchiveFeb 16, 2003
707: new post   Overture Buys Altavista
Overture is to buy Alta Vista for $140 million.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingFeb 19, 2003
708: new post   Kleinberg Says "Word Burst" From WebLogs Define Hot Topics
"...a new approach to sorting information that relies on scanning documents for abrupt "bursts" in the usage of particular words may help."
SEM Research TopicsFeb 19, 2003
709: new post   CSS Frequently Asked Questions
"Now that the CSS Forum is fully established ..."
CSSFeb 19, 2003
710: new post   Northern Light Exploring Options
"...has hired Broadview International LLC as an advisor to assist Divine in exploring strategic options, which could include the sale of assets or possibly a filing under Chapter 11...."
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 20, 2003
711: new post   Alexa Site Review Issues
The Alexa site open review system has led to more than one webmaster waking up to a negative review left by their competition.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesFeb 20, 2003
712: new post   Followup: Prescription Medicine Ads Pulled in UK
As reported first on WebmasterWorld two weeks ago, mainstream reports confirm that MSN has pulled all ads for prescription medicine in the UK.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsFeb 20, 2003
713: new post   Making Style Sheets Work in NN4
How to make the best of NN4 inability to render CSS correctly.
CSSFeb 20, 2003
714: new post   MSN Renews Inktomi Search Agreement through 2005
According to the Inktomi q4 filing, Microsoft has renewed its search agreement with Inktomi through 2005: "In February 2003, Microsoft extended its agreement with us [Inktomi] to provide Web search services through December, 2005."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesFeb 21, 2003
715: new post   Writing Copy - A Simple Guide
Noted article writer and content guru DigitalGhost shares some of his content generation tips and tricks in the subscribers section.
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 22, 2003
716: new post   Favourite Non Main Stream Search Engine
General survey on the second and third teir of search engines.
Alternative Search EnginesFeb 23, 2003
717: new post   How does a typical drop-shipping arrangement work?
"Can dealing with multiple drop-shippers for a single site become an organisational nightmare?"
EcommerceFeb 23, 2003
718: new post   Scanning 35mm Slides for Web Use
"..it is possible to get really good scans from 35mm slides using anything other than a drum scanner?"
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Feb 23, 2003
719: new post   PPC In China
Are there any PPC engines in China?
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 24, 2003
720: new post   Keyword or Brandable Domain Name
It's a staple topic of optimization - to go keyword domain or not to go keyword domain?
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesFeb 24, 2003
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